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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Tonight the Wolverine basketball team will be going for their second NIT title in the past three years (and third in the last ten years…wait, that season doesn't exist anmyore). Though it's better to win this tournament than to be knocked out early, it's still not as good as making the NCAA tournament, which Michigan hasn't done since 1998.

We at the M Zone believe this kind of ineptitude is deserving of a nickname.

Yes, we know our rivals have branded us with nicknames in the past. Tosu fans seem to love referring to us as "scUM" (the clever cousin of "Fuck Michigan") while Pennylvania State University folks are big advocates of calling U-M "Meatchicken" (uh...what?). And we're not above making fun of ourselves, especially when our once-proud hoops team is mired in mediocrity of late. Thus, we're giving ourselves a derisive nickname. When referring to Michigan basketball, if you want to mock, if you want to make fun, call us "NITchigan." It's good, it's fair and it sums up our program these days...unfortunately.

And you have a good nickname for your own team, let's hear it..


Anonymous said...

We're #65! We're #65!

tc said...

Anon - It would actually be:

We're #66! We're #66! since the loser of the play-in game is the not-so-proud owner of the #65 spot.

The King said...

The NIT can suck my balls. This was a great step forwward two years ago, now it's a sign of inexcusable stagnation.

Wangs said...

Maybe even worse.

What does it say about our junior/senior heavy team compared to, um, Mr. George Mason's team?

Next year we won't be this "good." Not sure what Billy "Boat" and Tommy's excuse will be then? All our good guys graduated, after they were injured, for four years.

Dezzi13 said...

I'm glad I'm not going to be able to watch the game tonight... it's piss poor that a team that was VERY close two years ago, went into the NIT and won... then flopped the next year (injuries aside)... and now this year. Winning everything we're supposed to win........ then losing 7 of 9 to end the season and give away our card to the dance!

Only when we pay for 5 more superstar freshmen to come will I get excited about Michigan hoops

wds4usc said...

Think about the South Carolina coach--going for two NITs in a row and THREE for him (a couple of years ago at Wake Forest). One is OK but too many more is consistent mediocrity. But I must say that if you are there you might as well win it. It's not the Big Dance but five wins over pretty good teams ain't bad.

MaizeAndBlueInValpo said...

My naeighbor who went to MSU with my husband lovingly refers to the Wolverines as Mediocregan because that is all he thinks they will ever be. Was I disappointed about last nights game and the season as a whole, yes. But i'm maize and blue through and through. If they never won another game I will would still love and support them. Hell, i've been a Chicago Bears season ticket holder for years. I have become used to disappointment. I know eventually things will turn around. Hopefully sooner rather than later.