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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday TOC

Back to the grindstone. On this fine Monday, scroll down to find:

* Will the M Zone/Cowherd dispute come to a close today?
* Benny gives us another reason why Lloyd's job is safe
* Too Strange Not to Post: From Whine Maker to Wine Maker

UDATE 1:15pm ET: Props to Colin Cowherd. He was very cool about everything today. We sincerely appreciate his shout out and this issue is now resolved. We'll post a little wrap up when we get a chance to put stuff up but (and I know this is a shock to all who read us) we actually have to get some paying work done today.


Burrito Eater said...

Yippee! Looks like Colin gave you a shout out today! That's why I am here and I am guessing you'll have lots of traffic today! Good site by the way!

Anonymous said...

I am a UM fan and listen to Cowherd all the time on XM Satellite radio and he's outstanding. He has a passion for college FB and loves the Pac 10. He hates the Big 10 and Michigan. He also sucks up to ND.

Colin went out of his way today to compliment your website and said he'd overreacted to criticism of him for using your piece without permission. He gave the url to your website several times. He apologized profusely and did it at the same time in the program that he ran your article last week.

Casey S said...

Damn, sucks that I missed it. From what people are writing, he must have gotten reamed by his higher-ups over this. Still, awesome that he sucked it up in the end.

Anonymous said...

It was quite an apology. I guess someone read Cowhere the riot act.

Anonymous said...

i put this on the original topic and i am going to put it here. and no, this is not colin. you guys are merely a bunch of whiners. you write on a web page that ends in "blogspot.com" for crying out loud. everyone knows that means you aren't good enough to be considered for a legitimate writing gig. if anything, you should be thanking colin. your site will probably get a 1000% increase in traffic just because he mentioned your name on air. [insert nasal whine here] "dang you, colin! i am on blogspot.com! you owe me an apology! i sit alone in my bed with my laptop all day coming up with material for my blog!"

blogging is to journalism what fingerpainting is to art. and just so you all don't go all hissy fit on me, i am paraphrasing keith richards with that comment.

Anonymous said...

Your comment was stupid the first time and didn't improve after paraphrasing a drug-addled living cadaver whom no one should mistake for a philosopher.

The point remains that Cowherd appropriated the "fingerpainting" and tried to pass it off as his "art." Since, as you aptly note, he *does* get paid to produce his own art, that's doubly a no-no.

In short, read more, think more, and post less.

Thanks in advance,

Wangs said...

Anon 11:40 -

You miss the points:

Yost is an amateur funny man. Cowherd is a professional who used Yost's stuff to get laughs. All Yost wanted was some credit. Cowherd, for whatever reason, stepped up to the plate today and gave Yost's blog credit. I'm pretty confident, Cowherd would not have done that if he didn't think it was the right thing to do.

Finally - we do not sit in our beds alone all day writing on laptops. We sit in our parents basements all night and all day, writing on desktops.

But, um, you are correct about us being alone in bed.

Yost said...

Thanks, DG.

And Anon, yes, you're right. We're just a couple of guys on laptaps sitting in our bedrooms all day. Darn, you nailed us.

And nice to see someone who thinks so little of a free blog spends enough time on one to read it then takes the time to reply. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40 -

"everyone knows that means you aren't good enough to be considered for a legitimate writing gig."

Your comment is illegitimate. Don't ever write anything ever again... ever.

IC said...

"But, um, you are correct about us being alone in bed."

Speak for yourself, Wangs. My mom had a huge fight with her boyfriend and now she sleeps in the basement with me.

Kyle King said...

I agree that 11:40 a.m. Anonymous's posting was as much a non sequitur the second time around as it was initially.

There are many criteria by which I judge the quality of a weblog, but whether the URL contains "blogspot.com" is not one of them. (I write that as someone whose weblog used to be on Xanga and now is on SportsBlogs Nation, but whose content quality remains as good or as bad as it was before, regardless of the upgrade in presentation.)

DevilGrad made some fine points in rebuttal, but, just the same, I'd appreciate it if the animadversions on Keith Richards could be kept out of it. (Just as most Beatles fans ultimately either side with John or with Paul, most Stones fans ultimately either side with Mick or with Keith . . . and I stand squarely in Keith's camp.)

As for the actual issue at hand, it sounds like Colin Cowherd handled matters properly on his show today, The M Zone crew reacted graciously, and the blogosphere's credibility was enhanced by the experience.

Nice work, guys. Congratulations.

Yost said...

Thanks for everything, K2.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Thanks to you too. You, and many other bloggers, were responsible for Cowherd's statements today.

And, wait a minute, Keith Richards knows what blogs are?