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Monday, March 27, 2006

Inaction Figures

Many of our readers often call the for the firing, or at least the forced retirement, of Lloyd Carr. Though not all of the MZone staff is in favor of such a move, we all agree on one thing - it's not going to happen.

Do we have an inside source at 1000 South State Street that tells us this? Nope. We just take a look at the way the department's handled the men's basketball program, which is highlighted over at The Realests, one of our many readers with a top-notch blog.

Sure, they don't mention that Amaker started several steps back due to the Ed Martin situation, but also unseen in the cold, hard numbers is that it's easier to win at Michigan - we have the budget, the history, and the resources that Seton Hall doesn't.

So if the athletic department doesn't feel the need to make a change after seven disappointing seasons in basketball, I doubt they feel pressed to do anything to a football coach who's given them three Rose Bowls, winning seasons every year, and, of course, a national championship.


Sean said...

So true, even though we may want Lloyd out if this year is as dissapointing as 2005, it probably isn't going to happen. Bill Martin has too much respect for him to fire him. Basically, Lloyd will be gone when he wants to.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

OK, who owns the classic "Star Wars" figures?

Because they just kick ass.

Wangs said...

I think we should fire Billy "Boat" Martin, first. We need a full time athletic director who is not distracted by the Olympics or yachting around the Great Lakes. What kind of frickin' sport is yachting, anyway? Unless of course, there were cannons involved. Then i would watch!

Seriously, this guy has raised ticket prices beyond the reach of the middle class and the sports teams (other than the women's softball team last year) are not heading in the right direction.

Plus, isn't he related to Billy Martin, the dude that paid Chris Webber to suck so much in big games?

Benny Friedman said...

Wangs, I'm not a big fan of Chris Weber, but it's unfair to accuse him of not playing big in big games. The timeout thing notwithstanding, without Weber, neither of those teams makes the Final Four. He was a great player for Michigan. Of course he was also duplicitous, insincere, and morally bankrupt. But he played great in the NCAA tournament.

Dezzi13 said...

Wait... you're telling me that Chris Webber played for Michigan?? I don't recall that.

*flips through media guide*

I don't see his name mentioned anywhere in here!


The King said...

I used to live at 1007 S. State Street.

Wangs said...

Benny - in the biggest NCAA game in his life at the key moment in that game, he took a rebound, travelled, didn't hand it to Jalen, then proceeded to dribble the length of the court, into the corner, and called a time-out, which we didn't have. Would you agree: he's a choker?

"I don't see [Webber's] name mentioned anywhere in [Michigan media guid]!"

Correct, if I was Bill Martin I would've told the NCAA - Michigan will take down the banners and change our media guide one second after you give back all the money that Michigan made for the NCAA in '92 and '93. According to the NCAA investigation, Michigan didn't do anything wrong. They found nothing. It was just bad luck that Billy "Not Boat" Martin also happened to be under investigation for running the numbers games in the auto plants and then using the proceeds to buy young boy friends who happened to also be good basketball players. I'm not excusing what happened, and Michgan should be punished, and we were with probabtion and an endless NCAA/FBI investigation, but the fact remains - our team won those games and the banners (but no Big Ten Championships) - and only one player on that team was involved. And he's the guy who choked/threw the game against North Carolina.

Dezzi13 said...

I partied with "the king" at 1007 S. State.

723 Packard across from Bell's Pizza rules!

Wangs... I fully agree with you. Michigan had to take down the banners... give back the money... blah blah blah... but you don't see the NCAA complaining how 5 freshmen in a NCAA Finals game hurt them financially.... heck, that was the biggest draw!

I'm just pumped for our 2nd NIT title in 3 years, baby!!!!

IC said...

I'm with you Dezzi. Old Dominion better be ready for a beating tomorrow night!

Two more wins and we won't be hearing anyone calling us "Meatchicken"...we'll be "NITchigan."

Wangs said...

NITchigan. That's funny. And sad.

Thank goodness Billy Packer and Jim Nance aren't on the NCAA selection committee. They would've put George Mason in the NIT and we would've lost to them in the first, or second, or third round and then been really embarrassed to lose to a commuter college in Fairfax, Virginia. Much better for Spartie, NC, and UConn to have been embarrassed.

Of course, if we lose to Old Dominion, which I thought was a micro-brewery, I may call for Amaker to resign. Oh, who am I kidding?. Even if we beat the company team, I'll call for Amaker to resign.