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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I give and give and give and this is the thanks I get?

I got my (semi? more?) annual request in the mail from Michigan to donate some money. "Making the Michigan Difference," they call it. Never mind that the check boxes they've made available are all well above anything I've ever given before. What really upset me is that there's no place for me to check the $0 box with the following reasons why I'm not giving:
  • The worst football season in 21 years
  • The weekly struggle to somehow maintain the bowl streak
  • Another loss to Tosu
  • Another loss to Notre Dame
  • Another bowl loss
  • Three home losses
  • Losing to freaking Minnesota
  • Making me choose between missing most of the 3rd quarter against Tosu and taking a leak (I held it in)
  • Playing rock music (and bad rock music at that) over the P. A. during warm-ups against Tosu
  • Another failed basketball season, no promise of a successful season next year, and not even a hint of any changes from the athletic department
Upon further inspection, I guess there's probably not enough room on the donation sheet to list ALL the reasons I'm not giving. What I do know is that better red zone offense, more aggressive fourth quarter defense, and being able to tackle Troy Smith would have led to me loosening the purse strings a bit.


Trojan Mike said...

Chin up dude! Michigan will bounce back. Look at USC- a few down years, bad coaches, but now we are fighting for national championships every year. Even our basketball team looks to be getting on the right track. Before you know it you will be wanting to hand over your whole paycheck to them!

The King said...

"Playing rock music over the PA?"

Dude what are you, like 60? Jesus. I get the other complaints, but maybe you should pull your seersucker pants back up over your bellybutton and deal, man.

Benny Friedman said...

Not many people love music more than I do. And I'm not talking about classical or easy listening. And even though I am an old fart, I still go to true rock concerts and consider my iPod my best friend.
I just don't like it at a college football game. Let the band play, even if it's another rendition of "Walking on Sunshine." When I think of college football, I think of marching band music, not AC/DC. That's more of an NFL thing.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Since buying my tickets to the Alamo Bowl, I've gotten about a dozen e-mails offering tickets to events I have absolutely no interest in attending. The last one read:

NIT Tickets now on sale!

Michigan vs. winner of UTEP/Lipscomb game

Which made me think, 'wow, that exclamation point is really inappropriate' and 'what the hell is Lipscomb?'

The King said...

BPD, you think that's bad? I took a bowl road trip several years ago where I hit 7 bowl games in 8 days, driving from Vegas to Miami, and I bought most of those tickets through the venues or the schools playing in the games. So now I get emails advertising concerts being held at the Alamodome and offers for Maryland lacrosse tickets.

I live in LA, by the way, so those things are of minimal use to me.

The King said...

And Benny, there is never a bad time for AC/DC. NEVER.

I'm going to have AC/DC playing at both my wedding and my funeral just to prove my point. Actually, aren't those the same event?!

HA HA! Be here all week.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Seven bowl games in eight days!?!?

You are indeed The King. That completely rocks, like AC/DC.

And yeah, you're definitely in university/stadium spam hell now.

Yost said...

Have to agree with The King about there never being a bad time for AC/DC. In fact, in your honor, King, I'm going to spark up iTunes right now as I work.

"For those about to rock...FIRE!"