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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here Comes the Bride

As reported previously on the M Zone, Laura Quinn, sister of Notre Dame quaterback, Brady Quinn, recently became engaged to former Tosu All-American and future NFL millionaire, A. J. Hawk.

And in an M Zone exclusive, we have obtained the first picture of Quinn's Vera Wang-designed wedding dress.

Yeah, while we understood the homage to her brother at the Fiesta Bowl this year, we're creeped out by the split loyalties on the wedding dress, too.


Max Power said...

As an OSU fan, I think a dress of hundred dollar bills waoulda been better....it just works on so many levels...

Max Power said...

Holy crap! Where's the edit button?
"dress made of sewn together hundred dollar bills"

Wow, I need coffee...

knuckles said...

If those two have kids, we're looking at the start of de-evolution. They might as well wear fur togas and carry wooden clubs to school.

Yost said...


Eddie, Eddie said...

You guys do know that AJ Hawk is banging the sister of the Notre Dame quarterback, right?

In related news, Jerome Bettis is from Detroit - where the Super Bowl was this year!

Yost said...

Uh, Eddie, her engagement just happened this week, brutha. That's the new part.

IC said...

Yost, don't expect a reply from Eddiex2 anytime soon. He'll be spending most of the afternoon and evening at an autograph session featuring Tom Skladany and Jim Karsatos at the Centerville TGI Fridays.

BTW, E2, the only thing more tired than stories about the Jerome Bettis-Detorit connection are jokes about the Jerome Bettis-Detroit connection.

Anonymous said...

and 'BTWs' about the Bettis-Detroit connection.

and 'knuckles' entry should truly end.........'clubs to the school that repeatedly pounds our beloved maize and gold *whimper*

Eddie, Eddie said...

Jerome Bettis is from Detroit?

eddie, eddie said...

I am such a stupid cocksucker.