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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fire Amaker. Hire Amaker.

It's no secret that Lloyd Carr has struggled in recent years against one of Michigan's biggest rivals, Notre Dame. He's lost two in a row to the Irish, three out of four, and four out of six. It's one of the stats that Carr's detractors mention when saying the time has come for Lloyd to step down.

I'm not one of those detractors. But after watching Michigan beat Notre Dame last night in the NIT, an idea came to me. Maybe the Wolverines should fire Tommy Amaker as basketball coach, and hire him as football coach. He's 3-0 against Notre Dame. That's as many wins as Lloyd has against the Irish - in seven tries.

This might be the answer for the fans who want to sack Carr due to his record in the big games. So I checked Amaker's record against the two biggest football programs other than Michigan in the Big Ten, Penn State and Tosu. Sure enough, Amaker's a perfect 9-0 against PSU. That's even better than Lloyd's 7-2 mark. Against Tosu, Tommy is only 3-6, but that's not all that much worse than Lloyd's 6-5 record.

I think I'm on to something here. OK, now we have to check Amaker's record against the football lightweights. It's bad enough to lose to ND or Tosu, but we can't let the program sink too far. Against Illinois he's 1-9, while Lloyd is 7-1. Versus the Hoosiers Amaker's a painful 0-8, Carr is 9-0.

So I've solved nothing. At least as far as football goes. After looking at those records, it might be evident that Michigan does need a new basketball coach. But if the Wolverines keep Amaker around, maybe he can make an appearance on the sideline in South Bend on September 16.

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