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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Father of the Year

In the latest edition of Too Redneck Not To Post, we bring you the story of 31 year old Chris Killion. Last weekend, ol' Chris decided to hit a strip club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now, on its own, nothing wrong with that. As you can probably tell from some of our posts, we have no moral qualms about such entertainment choices. The problem arose for Chris - and our opinion of him - when his toddler son wandered into the club shortly thereafter looking for dear old dad. Turns out, before going inside, Chris told his son to wait in the car and that if he left it, "monsters would eat him."

Killion was arrested after the club manager called police when he saw the 3 to 4 year old boy enter the establishment. Police say this marks the first time a strip club manager has ever displayed something resembling ethical conduct.

In a related story, school officials in Tempe have already offered Killion's son a full-ride to ASU and given his dad tenure.


Kirbdaddy said...

looks like the poor kid pissed himself when he saw the "monsters"!!!

IC said...

I have to say, that though the "monsters would eat him" warning is an appalling piece of parenting, I still laughed out when I read it.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I'd think a lot more highly of this guy if he had just taken his son in with him. The kid is just a toddler, he'll look around at all the topless women and think he's in some sort of an all you can eat buffet.

It's disappointing that leaving a young child alone in a car 20 feet from a four lane road when it's raining and only 45 degrees out only warrants a charge of "encouraging a minor child to be in need of supervision." What the hell kind of wussy crime is that?


The "monsters would eat him" reminded me of the "floating head of death" Far Side comic and made me laugh, too.