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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cowherd Gives M Zone Credit, Issue Resolved

Yesterday on his show, ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd gave the M Zone full credit for the Wonderlic bit he read on the air last Wednesday. He took responsibility for the episode and was very classy. As such, case closed.

Of course, there is good news and bad news to this controversy being behind us...

GOOD NEWS: It's over
BAD NEWS: We actually have to come up with new shit now

GOOD NEWS: Online traffic way up
BAD NEWS: Bosses know something really fishy was going on last few days at "work"

GOOD NEWS: All the great new readers
BAD NEWS: Handful of crazy, crazy, CRAZY folks that have access to computers (Please, get help)

GOOD NEWS: So cool to get hundreds of emails
BAD NEWS: Sucked ass trying to respond to them all

GOOD NEWS: Support from all the other guys who have blogs and websites
BAD NEWS: No chicks (probably because we still use the term "chicks")

GOOD NEWS: Hearing our blog mentioned on a nationally syndicated radio show
BAD NEWS: Still, no chicks

Finally, I know it might be hard for folks to believe, but we here at the M Zone sincerely wish Mr. Cowherd continued success on his show and with his career.

And in case you missed it, here is the clip from yesterday's show (full show available here):

this is an audio post - click to play


Becky said...

Oh, fellas, you can count on having at least one chick. (Who, oddly enough, after 4 years in Ann Arbor that included Women's Studies classes, still calls herself a chick...)

Glad you now have the opportunity to get back to providing the funny.

hookem said...

mzone owns cowturd like Vince owns Michigan!

MaizeAndBlueInValpo said...

It's nice to know that i'm not the only one proud to be a chick.

Anonymous said...

Interesting pic.... not very well endowed is he.....

Wangs said...

Becky and Maizeandblueinvalpo -

I am so glad that you found our little blog. And that you come back to it despite the, um, less than perfect women's studies perspective we may have on some issues. It's not that we don't love women - and want to study them - it's just that we're guys which means that oftentimes, we're idiots. Through no fault of our own of course. There's only so much evolving that simple creatures like us could accomplish over the last few million years. We appreciate your patience.

I know I speak for everyone involved in this blog - the more chicks the better. We definitely need more female voices on this blog. Yost tries his best to fill that void and it comes pretty naturally to him, but there's still something missing.

So, please keep coming back and sharing whatever good advice you may have with us. We desperately need it, as you can tell.

Feminist said...

Becky is one hot chick...

BaggyPantsDevil said...

LOL! Is this some sort of proof that feminists are really lesbians?

Not that there's anything not completely hot about that.

Sorry, as Wangs stated above, evolution has yet to catch up with me.

Anonymous said...

Thought you guys might find this article interesting. It is from Volokh.com, a fairly well-known libertarian legal blog. It touches upon the issue of citation of blogs.

If there even is a permalink, I didn't know how to reference it, so I have reproduced the entirety of the post below. The first comment regarding this article (the comments are not reproduced below) discussed your interaction with Cowherd.

[Jim Lindgren, March 27, 2006 at 6:53pm] 4 Trackbacks / Possibly More Trackbacks

The Associated Press says it doesn't credit blogs, but it does.--

In an odd story at HuffPost (tip to Instapundit), Larisa Alexandrovna says that two weeks of work on a story she wrote for an online news service was ripped off by the Associated Press. The story involved changes in security clearance standards that might affect gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals. She complained to the AP:

We contacted an AP senior editor and ombudsmen both and both admitted to having had the article passed on to them, and both stated that they viewed us as a blog and because we were a blog, they did not need to credit us. . . . [W]we made a point of tape recording the AP apparatchiks admitting to taking our work and using it without attribution, stating "we do not credit blogs".

But it gets stranger: According to Alexandrovna, AP didn't just take her work, they misattributed the work to other people. Even if there were some legitimate reason for AP's policy, that would not justify misleading readers. The AP wrote:

"Lesbian and gay advocacy groups recently found the change in an 18-page document distributed by National security adviser Stephen Hadley on Dec. 29, without public notice." Yes, the groups had found it in my article, which they gave to the AP.

But the strangeness doesn't stop there. The AP does credit bloggers.

I did a search of the last 7 days of AP headlines and stories and got 52 hits for the word "blog." One might also search for "blogger."

Although most of these stories did not credit blogs, some did. The first AP story I skimmed discussed several bloggers and included this statement, which sounded like credit:

A self-described Iraqi blogger translated one of the documents for the American blog pajamasmedia.com - a Sept. 15, 2001, memo from the Iraqi intelligence service that reported about an Afghan source who had been told that a group from Osama bin Laden and the Taliban had visited Iraq.

Or consider this AP story:

Blogger Glenn Reynolds of instapundit.com predicted Summers' fall would help conservatives pass bills monitoring academic freedom - including one currently under consideration in South Dakota's legislature.

AP was apparently referring to this post at Instapundit:

MORE ON SOUTH DAKOTA'S intellectual diversity legislation. I'm guessing that the publicity over the Larry Summers affair will give this sort of thing a boost.

Unless I'm missing something, it appears that AP does sometimes credit things that they read on blogs and then quote or paraphrase.

I find this story triply strange.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Just some thoughts on Colin Cowherd’s acknowledgement and apology. I haven’t listened to it yet, but from what I gather based on the comments here, it was fairly thorough and Cowherd was gracious and a good sport about it. It was the right and honest thing to do. So, yes, Colin Cowherd and ESPN do deserve credit for eventually doing the right thing and for admitting making some mistakes.

But, I want to offer one last final perspective on this. I’m going to be something of a dissenter here and a take a view of this that differs from Yost’s. First, Yost is obviously an extremely gracious and decent human being as evidenced by 1) allowing me to post here and 2) being so magnanimous about Cowherd’s acknowledgement. I, however, am a darker, harsher man with a somewhat dimmer view of humanity.

Sure, Cowherd’s acknowledgement was pretty much what it should have been, but seriously, what else was he going to do? The instant bloggers and sports fans from all over the internet started e-mailing ESPN and making posts about this incident on their blogs, The M Zone was victorious. Cowherd and ESPN pretty much had two options, refuse to issue any acknowledgement and continue to look like complete jackasses or issue an acknowledgement and try and salvage the situation. They chose the option most beneficial to them. Cowherd needed the apology far more than anyone in The M Zone did.

So, before everyone starts falling all over themselves praising Cowherd for doing the right thing—which he certainly did—I want to point out a couple of things. Before Cowherd and ESPN realized the strength of bloggers, his response was rude and dismissive. It was only when he truly realized what he was dealing with that an apology came. There are a couple of terms used to describe someone who deals harshly with those he feels are weaker than he is but is overly deferential to those who are stronger, they are bully and coward.

The mark of a truly decent human being, someone with genuine class, is that they treat everyone with courtesy and respect even though they don’t have to and even though they can get away with treating them otherwise. It should be obvious that Yost is just such a man. I hope that Colin Cowherd has learned that lesson from all this and I also hope he’s able to learn something from Yost’s example.

The people who supported the M Zone on this are far too numerous for me to list here, but I want to say that this is a vindication for each and every one of you. You all have a voice and a strength that simply cannot be ignored. So congratulations to all of you, you have my deepest respect and gratitude. The best thing about this—to me anyway—isn’t Cowherd’s apology, it’s the sense of unity and accomplishment I feel with all the other bloggers—including those who simply read and comment on blogs—in forcing a fairly powerful corporation and a semi-celebrity into doing what’s right.

Yost said...

8:16am Anon,

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

IC said...


You make several excellent points in your comments.

I completly agree with your assessment of Cowherd as a person and your analysis (noted by The King yesterday) of the motivation that led to his on-air mea culpa yesterday.

Like you I was enormously impressed and encouraged by the support MZone received from so many people. This community of "Davids" successfully insisted on accountability for an arrogant individual and corporate goliath.

Becky said...

Lots of valid points here, but I'm going to have to most strongly back those of feminist. And, you know, thanks and stuff.

Anonymous said...

More ESPN Radio controversy today (not as bad as the Herd situation, but this one directly speaks to Michigan fans everywhere!

During "Mike and Mike in the Morning," a Buckeye fan tried to sabotage a Michigan fan's chances in the "Marriage Madness" contest today.

Long story short, bride-to-be/contestant Lauren Perry is a Michigan fan. Buckeye Fan says since she's from Ohio, people should go all out to vote for her opponent.

So, Michigan fan, get your voices heard! 'Til 6pm tonight, defend Lauren and fiancee Perry from the
Buckeye Hatred!

Click on the link to read about Lauren and Perry, and VOTE!


Anonymous said...

Take 2 on the website:


Anonymous said...

Hell, it doesn't register. Just go to espnradio.com and click on the Marriage Madness icon!

eddie, eddie said...

Very cool reading about the issue on salon.com Good job guys. Go Buckeyes still!

Yost said...

Thanks, E2. Always appreciate your comments.

M82 said...

Say what you want about the guy, but he wrote a hell of a book.


P.S. Heads up: If you go to Amazon, don't be confused like I was - he wrote it under a psuedonym, "Harper Lee".

MaizeAndBlueInValpo said...


Thanks for the warm welcome. After being maried to a Sparty for over sixteen years, I have come to accept that the male species is slow to move up the evolution ladder. I won't hold it against you. I have heard it all and done it all, so nothing you say would offend me in the least.

Wangs said...

Maizeandblueinvalpo -

Did I hear you right - you married a Sparty? I didn't think that was legal. Are you from Utah or something?

Just kidding - I'm sure he's a fine man although probably a tad annoying every five years when they happen to beat us. Of course, basketball season most be miserable for you these past 20 years or so.

Thankfully, "George Mason Commutes to a University" wiped them out in the first round this year.

No doubt your daughter could take Courtney Sims. That helps explain why we're NITchigan.

Crox said...

I personally have always found that if you want to get a reaction, reach for their wallet. I probably should have had everyone do this, but I sent my email with a twist. I mentioned that as someone who works at an advertising agency, I would be recommending to my clients that thye not advertise on ESPN Radio in the future. I said that the clients are not in the habit of supporting programing that is dishonest, and then responds to listeners by insulting them. It's just not good for business.

I sent it to the Ombudsman and John Fitzgerald, the VP of Sales. (Email can be found in their online media kit.)

Anyway, looks like the collective efforts of us online dorks have been a success. I learnded about it from EDSBS.com myself. Congrats to M Zone.

MaizeAndBlueInValpo said...


Yes , I married a Sparty. A lapse in judgement I know. We even got married on the day they played each other. Started the honeymoon off at the game. The fact that Michigan won made the day all the more special. We try to go every year to see them play. The strange thing about it is i'm the obnoxious one. He is pretty laid back when they play each other.