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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Colin CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst Responds

Well, thought folks might like to see how Colin CowherdItSomewhereElseFirst responded to our email. I noticed he didn't credit "whoever" he claims sent it to him yesterday, either.

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:35 AM
From: ESPN Colin Cowherd Show
To: michiganzone at adelphia dot net
Subject: RE: From the M Zone
Size: 2 KB


-----Original Message-----
From: michiganzone[at]adelphia(.) [michiganzone[at]adelphia" .?net
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:31 AM
To: ESPN Colin Cowherd Show
Subject: From the M Zone

Loved the Wonderlic bit you did yesterday. Liked it better when we
wrote it and posted it on our site site March 1st.


Not cool.

Yost and the M Zone gang


As so many of you have pointed out, interesting how on the show he says they found it on the Internet that day yet in his response, he claims it was sent to him.

Another M Zone reader got the following response to his email. I have edited out his personal info.

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2006 1:18 PM
From: BK
To: michiganzone(at)adelphia -.- net
Subject: my email and response
Size: 4 KB

Well here's a copy of the email I sent and the response I received from this guy who seems to believe it's more important to rip on me than address the real issue:

yea..losing a lot of sleep.
it was sent to us.....we had no idea...we don't troll message boards all day

From: BK [mailto:BK]
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 12:57 PM
To: ESPN Colin Cowherd ShowSubject: Unscrupulous

I can't believe you used material from the MZone without giving the source. Very unethical. The material from this website is excellent and definitely deserved a reference on your show. You should be ashamed.

Here is yet another, personal info edited out:

--- Forwarded Message ---
Date: [Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:37:07 -0500]
From: ESPN Colin Cowherd Show
To: REMOVED (at) yahoo
Subject: RE: Hack...

We had no idea...it was sent to us...but since the e-mails to us..have
been so immature..it will assure we never give michigan credit for it

-----Original Message-----
From: REMOVED at yahoo [REMOVEDyahoo]
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 12:29 PM
To: ESPN Colin Cowherd Show
Subject: Hack...

I previously had a little respect for Colin Cowherd's show, as I listen
from time to time and am usually somewhat entertained. But after the
stunt you pulled on Wednesday's show, I will never listen again--NOTHING
is worse than someone who steals other's material/writings/etc. because
they are too unoriginal to come up with their own.

I am referring to the faux Wonderlic test questions you asked on air, in
which EIGHT of the questions were ripped off verbatim from

You should be straight-up ashamed of yourself. I hope your bosses hear
about this, and I hope they reprimand you severely. Doing something
like this completely destroys any credibility you once had--if I listen
to something else that's entertaining on your show, how do I know that
you didn't rip that off from someone else as well?

This was a total douchebag thing that you did, and you really should
feel like shit. I doubt you do, though, and that's why I hope someone
powerful who actually cares will get wind of this news and punish you.

Do You Yahoo!?
Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

Ironic thing about that last email, the reader who emailed Colin said in the forward to us that he's an Iowa fan! Good thing he didn't say that or maybe Iowa folks would cease to get any credit, too.

Finally, one of our readers pointed out that writing to Colin was a waste of time and, after getting these emails, I guess he's right.

He suggested emailing George Soloman, ESPN's Ombudsman, using the link below:



WIL 66 said...

Its cool Yost...Does is surprise you that some "journalistic" prick would have anything more to say than F*** YOU...I dont give a S***. I didn't expect anything less from the assholes at ESPN radio. However, the world will adjust itself to make order eventually....just keep up the good work bud....this blog is the reason i can stay awake while working or studying....as always ROLL TIDE.

WIL 66 said...

btw...this is what I sent to the Ombudsman...hope it helps.

This came to my attention not too long ago and it really upsets me how it was handled. The Herd decides to use a bit on their show that was actually made up in the a Michigan Fan Blog. It was a great bit, but the originators should have received credit for it. Then when these guys email the show directly...they are basically told to get over it, he is not going to credit their work. Sir, this is full out plagarism. This internet is a protected place too and all he had to do was use 2 seconds of air time to credit those guys. If this is how ESPN likes to operate...using their fan's work without citation...then I may no longer consider myself a viewer of your network. ESPN should be bigger than this...I for one hope that this simple problem can be fixed. All it takes is a little credit and a little credibility.

Ryno said...

**Just sent to Colin. Hopefully he does the right thing in this instance.**


Mr. Cowherd,

I was that guy.

The guy who makes a little too much effort to listen to your show and plan his lunch break around it. The guy who brags about your show to his buddies from college and asks them to try to stream over the Internet it at work. The guy who tells everyone that you're THE radio personality who really "gets it" when it comes to the passion and intensity of college football. I was 100% in your corner, the #1 listener of "The Herd."

I can't say that anymore. I don' know why you decided to rip comedic material off a college football blog without giving credit but to say it's left a sour taste in my mouth would be an understatement. Please do the right thing in this instance and send the guys who run "The M Zone" an e-mail with an apology. I know you're probably too proud to give them any of your on-air time and that's fine. But do the right thing and at least let them know that you're sorry for your mistake.

I'm sure that they'll appreciate it and it's the right thing to do.

Ryan L.
Miami University, Class of 05

Anonymous said...

Funny, the email response says the bit was sent to them.

However, Cowherd clearly states at the start of his bit that "we went on the internet this morning, and we found a Wunderlic test".

Well, which story you going with you arrogant prick?

Samari said...

Copyright infringement is serious business. You guys put together an orginal work and published it and now have the right to say how it is distributed and who can distribute it. If you have a lawyer friend you could have him draft a CnD and send it to ESPN legal, that'd be a sure way to get some managers panties in a knot.

IANAL, but I am fairly familiar with copyrights and the internet.

Anonymous said...


you guys make fun of LSU fans for trying to right the media's slight of LSU's 2003 season.

you call them crybabies and refuse to give credit where it is due, just like this guy.

how's the shoe feel when it's on the other foot?


IC said...

Cowherd's stealing our bit was bad. His immature and smug response makes it worse.

I just sent the following to George "ESPN Ombudsman" Solomon:

Mr. Solomon:

I know that you have received other messages regarding ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd lifting a satiric piece created by the Michigan Zone (MZone) blog: "The M Zone Wonderlic Test" http://michiganzone.blogspot.com/2006/03/m-zone-wonderlic-test.html

I am adding my voice to this protest. In addition to this clear example of on-air plagarism, Cowherd's arrogant response to emails expressing disapproval of his action is indicative of a significant problem for ESPN; specifically an unethical absence of professionalism that reflects very poorly on the ESPN brand.

I read and enjoy your reports regularly. I am hopeful that you will investigate this situation and report on it soon, as it is exactly the kind of issue the ESPN Ombudsman should expose.

eddie, eddie said...

Steve or onepeat or anonymous or moron(whatever you choose to go by)

I ask you, why do you think that plagerism by a radio personality is the same as a network not mentioning a one loss split championship from 3 seasons ago?

Anonymous said...

Not the same. The media ignoring to give credit to the legitimate and meritorious champion of 2003 is far worse than some no name on a no name radio show talking about nothing from a no name website.

IC said...

Actually, I think a billboard may be in order: it could seek to settle whether ESPN radio plagarist Colin Cowherd or pathetic onepeat loser deserves to be the sole reicpient of the 2006 Most Obnoxious Prick trophy.

Kirbdaddy said...

I've never listened to this guy before and now I certainly will not unless he issues an apology to you, Yost. What a fucking douchebag!!!

As for the crybaby Onepeat defenders on here, giving their two cents, get over yourselves. You shared a title in '03, get over it. USC would have handed your ass to you, be glad they didn't or you wouldn't have that co-championship to brag about.

Anonymous said...

LSU was a 5 point Vegas favorite. LSU was better.

Michigan Fan Zone is a bunch of crybabies.

Anonymous said...

Look how similar CC's email response was to the one ESPN sent onepeat.com

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: L, F @espn.com>
Date: Mar 2, 2006 10:09 AM
Subject: Get a life
To: mail@onepeat.com

Y'all need to get a life. USC won the AP National Championship in 2003, therefore it does count as a National Championship, even if it is only part of one. Stop acting like the red-headed stepchild who doesn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy. Also even though you are trying to do the right thing by donating the money to a Katrina fund, shouldn't all you energy be placed there? Why put up all these billboards ragging on "one of the best teams of all time" when you could put up a billboard directly asking people to help out with the Katrina fund? GET A LIFE!!!!


F. L.
Studio Production, ESPN

Mich Fan Zone = hypocritical crybabies.

Kirbdaddy said...

Hmmm, was this supposed 5 pt Vegas line based on playing at a neutral site (and no, the Superdome would NOT be a neutral site for LSU just as the Rose Bowl would not be a neutral site for USC). Home team gets 7 pts for playing at home, so a 5 pt spread for LSU in the Superdome would be a 9 pt spread in favor of USC at the Rose Bowl.

You were Co-Champions, just like Michigan in '97, so get over it.

Anonymous said...

nope, that's on a neutral field, so your guesswork is wasted work. LSU was obviously the better team. Anyone who watched both teams knew that.

kleph said...

We were sent it? That's his defense? Unbelievable.

As a journalist, I find this staggeringly rehensible. I am sure ESPN has plenty of interns ready and able to do a ten-second internet search and find the origin of the information. Not even making the effort and then lambasting the authors of the work as "whiners" is simply, flabbergasting.

And this is an important issue beyond simple fan bitching. By writing something and printing it on your blog, you own it. For someone else to take it and then pretend it was their own work is called plagarism. I'm pretty sure whatever school you attended had a journalism 101 class that explained why this is what we would call "bad."

Anonymous said...

I am just curious as to why the e-mail address coming from CC is the wrong one. htheeherd@espnradio.com is not his e-mail address. its just theheard@espnradio.com How do we know that this isnt a fake e-mail

jonathantu said...

you're all missing the point. not only is colin cowherd into stealing other people's material, the guys writes in ALL CAPS and doesn't know how to fucking use ellipses.

what. the. fuck? i'm not asking for william safire or anything, but why not just reply with


seriously: what the fuck? someone ought to upperdeck that guy's office.

fight on yost!

ps - way to not make yourselves look like asses, lsu fans. seriously. you should all go to paris because you guys design the best asshats i've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Your whole point is irrelevant LoSUr. Point spreads have nothing to do with who the better team is. Spreads are made and adjusted to encourage the highest amount of betting possible. That is why they change throughout the week - if Vegas isn't getting enough action with that spread, they alter it to encourage more betting.

And last I checked, plagiarism is illegal and a punishable offense. Don't think the same can be said about crowning a football national champion that differs from one fan base's opinion.

Yost said...


My blog email gets forwarded from my MZone account to my personal. For whatever reason, sometimes, even though it's sent to other, it's get to personal first.

So I cut and pasted, taking out my personal info. But now that it has arrived in M Zone mailbox, I put that up only making it so MZone email isn't hyperlinked.

Thanks for everyone's comments.

Anonymous said...

1. LSU wins national championship according to the rules everyone agreed to.

2. ESPN and other media fail to give LSU due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls LSU babies.


1. Michigan Fan Zone writes decent article.

2. ESPN fails to give Michigan Fan Zone due credit.

3. When confronted about it, ESPN calls Michigan Fan Zone whiners.

ny1995 said...

One follow-up comment.
A lot of people are saying they've seen it other places, not credited, so it's entirely possible that whatever Cowherd saw didn't have the attribution and that's why he didn't give credit.

Baloney. It wouldn't have taken more than 2 minutes work for someone on Cowherd's staff to find out who wrote the piece. As a test, I typed (Clarett Wonderlic) into google and guess what the first hit was?

The fact is that no one there thought it was important to find out who wrote it and to give them credit. That's the problem. It *is* important.

Yost said...

Agree, NY.

And here's the thing, as someone else pointed out: He claims in his email, someone sent it to him (of course that "someone" got no credit either). But on the air he says, "We found this on the Internet today."

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like he should be best pals with Jack Thompson.

Martin said...

I propose a few Wonderlic questions for Colin Cowherd.

1. When you read an interesting column in a newspaper you should:
a) add it to the list of accomplishments on your resume
b) sent it to your Mom to show her just how smart you are
c) re-type it and shop it around to various publications
d) fire off an angry letter to the editor claiming that you thought of everything in the column first

2) When you get caught stealing something you should:
a) go with the Palmiero defense; "Let me start by telling you this: I have never stolen anything, period."
b) go with the teenager defense; "I didn't steal it, somebody sent it to me, I have no idea where it came from!"
c) go with the Bonds defense; attempt to tarnish the reputation of your accusers, claiming that they have a hidden "agenda"
d) call your accusers whiners who need to "get over it" and generally behave like a jerk

Anonymous said...

Please sue him and ESPN. This is atrocious plagiarism and should be dealt with.

I am not asking you to try to file a frivolous lawsuit as a get-rich-quick scheme... but this sort of copyright infringement needs to be stopped, and it won't stop unless ESPN fears financial consequences.

It's simple, set up a paypal donation window for legal fees, hire an attorney, and then when/if you win/settle donate all the profits (after you cover any further legal expense) to hurricane katrina relief or some other worthy charity (or pocket it and use it to build a life-size replica of each member of the 1997 national championship team in your backyard, who cares)...

Either way, this behaviour will never be deterred unless there are financial consequences for ESPN. I am certain you could rally the blogging community to your side. This is much more than an MZone issue, or a Michigan sports issue, or a college football issue, or a sports blogging issue... this is an issue for everyone who posts original content on the internet.

hit them back where it hurts... the wallet.

Anonymous said...

yost and gang - take from this a couple of facts:

-from now on, when cowherd hears the word 'wonderlic' he'll forever remember the past day or so.

-he may, i repeat, MAY think for a few moments before claiming something is 'his' when it truly isn't

-he, more than likely, ventured to this site (wether he stole your comic genious directly from you, or saw it somewhere else) and, wether he'd admit or not was confronted with a horrible truth - 'i'm not funny, these guys are, and i wish i was'.

the little battles won are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

It is wrong that they did not credit you. The real issue here is....


GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!

sarah said...

I'm an LSU fan, but these onepeat.com guys seem like f*cking losers. Who cares that one of the jokes was at your expense? The real issue is that some radio j@ckass who's employed by ESPN decided to steal material from someone's blog, and when people called him out on it, he acted like a d0uchnozzle.
Go jerk off into your autographed Mauck and/or Clayton jerseys and pray at your Saban shrine, and leave us fans who don't dwell on the past alone.
geaux tigers

jonathantu said...

sarah, are you married to the easter bunny and do you happen to be the sister of santa claus? because otherwise it's hard to believe you actually exist. good on ya, though.

fight on to non-idiotic lsu fans!

also, i'm kinda disappointed that the fark headline for this subject didn't have a "duke sucks" at the end. while i like duke whatever happened to tradition? that's like not having a cowboy neal option.

Ian C. said...

What unbelievable arrogance. He won't admit to a mistake and give credit where it's due because of "whining"?

He'd be bitching from the top of the ESPN Radio tower if someone did the same thing with his material, claiming he was a "journalist" (rather than a phone jockey), and decrying the lack of ethics by bloggers.

Having a bunch of radio affiliates (none in metro Detroit, by the way) doesn't cover up total hackery. And that's what Cowherd exposed himself as with this stuff.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested in getting ESPN to get off their plagarizing duff and do something, I don't think emailing the ombudsman will do it. Contacting the companies who advertise on cowherd's show however, will likely get you some rightly-deserved justice.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The people who should be really angry about this are his employers at ESPN.

Tomorrow, he'll draw a paycheck from them and for what?

Finding something on the internet and reading it on the air like he thought it up. And about three weeks late at that.

Maybe I'm just a hater because I wish I had a job where all I had to do was get on the air and regurgitate what someone else wrote while pretending I thought it up myself.

Say hello to the Worldwide Leader in Laziness.

And, yeah, let's be total pricks to sports fans. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The upside of this is that it's just more evidence that if one wants insightful, funny, and original commentary on sports it's best to go straight to the blogs.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the blurb on deadspin about how Cowherd ripped off a blog for one of his bits, I instantly knew which bit it was before coming here to read the details. It was out of character for him, primarily because it was funny.

Also, I would like to echo the above sentiment that it is very frustrating to see a functional illiterate like Cowherd gain such fame.


Anonymous said...

Here's my question, and excuse me if it's already been asked. If they were sent it...why didn't he credit whoever sent it to him? What an arrogant douchenozzle.

IC said...

At least some good has come of this Cowherd debacle...two posters have referenced the underrated Adam Carolla insult term, "douchenozzle."

aNDy said...

Your boy Colin does have the ability to issue apologies, however sarcastic they may be:

"• Circumstantial Evidence- Vince Young was impressive at his personal workout yesterday. Big deal, says Colin. He controlled all the circumstances. And Colin apologizes for inaccurate reporting -- Young actually got a 15 on his Wonderlic test, not 16."
(From his ESPN Radio site)

No luck for the MZone after getting ripped off though.

Anonymous said...

A little taste of their own medicine here for the MZone. LOL. Next time, don't criticize LSU for wanting others to recognize what is rightfully theirs.

jonathantu said...

"A little taste of their own medicine here for the MZone. LOL. Next time, don't criticize LSU for wanting others to recognize what is rightfully theirs."

why would anyone, including mzone, want others to not recognize lsu's rightfully claimed throne of "All That is Bitter, Inane, Myopic and Bitter. Did We Mention Bitter?"

we clearly recognize that as rightfully yours, dude. now go deep fry yourself and don't come back until you're covered in ketchup and mustard and served with curly fries.

fuck. now i seriously want a corndog. fuck.

Anonymous said...

The Tiger fans' persistent inability to distinguish between plagiarism and merely (arguably) poor news judgment confirms most of the stereotypes I have about the value of an LSU education.

Wangs said...


When you win your lawsuit will you please buy LSU their frickin' yard sign or whatever they hell they want to shut them up.

Geaux Blue!

Anonymous said...

You just don't understand what plagiarism is. At its heart, it is failure to give another person or group credit for what they have earned or deserved. Plagiarism is a particular and specific (written) form of purloining and injustice.

The media purloined most credit of the 2003 LSU Championship football team and fans by claiming that by winning the AP title, USC was then national champions.

ESPN did the exact same thing, in a different form, to MZone.

jonathantu said...

"You just don't understand what plagiarism is. At its heart, it is failure to give another person or group credit for what they have earned or deserved. Plagiarism is a particular and specific (written) form of purloining and injustice.

The media purloined most credit of the 2003 LSU Championship football team and fans by claiming that by winning the AP title, USC was then national champions.

ESPN did the exact same thing, in a different form, to MZone."

wrong. "purloining" is a synonym of theft, not plagiarism. theft is the deprivation of someone else's property. that's why illegally downloading music isn't theft - it's copyright infringement.

this isn't theft or deprivation or purloining or anything else along those lines. this is copyright infringement.

Casey S said...

As posted on my Blog, http://scfootball.blogspot.com :

On March 22nd, Colin Cowherd aired a piece on his ESPN radio show, The Herd about the wonderlic test. He claimed that he went onto the internet and found a wonderlic test and asked if some of his callers could answer a few of the questions.

That's all fine and dandy, except the material he read from was plagarized from one of my favorite stops on the blog scene, The M Zone. Yost and crew are known for their outrageous bits comedic commentary on everything from the Onepeat billboard to the "F*** Michigan" ass. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, visit the blog) Their piece on the Vince Young Wonderlic test was truly one of the funniest bits I've read in a long time.

Now it seems that National radio show hacks... err... hosts... believe they have the right to plagarize material from blogs as they please while giving no credit whatsoever to the authors of said material.

Well, the word is out; the backlash has begun. And dare I say, Cowherd is not going to hear the end of this one. Already, the scandal has been posted on EDSBS.com, Romenesko’s journalism blog Poynter Online, and Fark.com. There has also been an online "Fire Cowherd" petition setup, with an astounding 13,927 signatures signed in two days.

I seems as though Colin Cowherd could care less about ethical journalism, as is portrayed by his email response to The "M" Zone Today:

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2006 10:35 AM
From: ESPN Colin Cowherd Show
To: michiganzone at adelphia dot net
Subject: RE: From the M Zone
Size: 2 KB


I encourage all of you to visit The "M" Zone and all other links in this post and let this hack and ESPN know what you think.

Colin Cowherd's email address is: theherd@espnradio.com. Feel free to drop him a line.

jonathantu said...

wow, just saw the latest cowherd email responses yost posted. at least he stopped writing in caps...

y'know, it's pretty obvious what's happening here. his first response is the one he went with, which was self righteous indignation that someone would call him names and tell him he's wrong. but then it must've sunk in somewhere along the line that, "hey, they're pretty angry. and it appears as if i've committed one of the gravest sins in journalism. soooo not good..."

that's probably when he testicles shrank and un-descended themselves. he's gotta know that he has his hands full, and that's probably why he's as his useless, flippant and ellipses challenged as he is in those response emails. when confronted by two full bores of soon-to-be-humialted-and/or-canned, i guess one natural instinct is to be a dick.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you guys know, I'm a UCLA fan, and, frankly, I can't stand Michigan, but you guys are completely in the right here, and I've written the ESPN ombudsman to that effect. You guys have way more support than you can imagine. Keep up the good work.

Wangs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Howdy folks,

Have you ever received a joke via email, and then you forwarded it on to someone else?

Do you stop and try to figure out where the joke originally came from?

When I see a joke in Maxim, and few months later someone emails me the same joke, I don't have a conniption and write a letter to Maxim.

People send stuff via email all over the internet without giving credit.

Now with you folks posting the ESPN radio broadcast you are violating US copyright law, and I hope ESPN comes after you and owns this website in the future.

This happened in the past year with a local radio station. They took a popular hip hop song, converted the lyrics to mention a college football player.

The song gets posted on blogs, chat rooms, etc. Another local station receives the song via email, plays it, and the producing station freaks out. Threats of a Lawsuit, words, and vicious commercials are exchanged.

The bottom line, it was not malicious, it happened via email.

Get off your high horses, worry about spring practices and another national championship, or us West Coasters who you can't beat on the road (see UDUB and Oregon) will start refering to you folks as Desperate Michigan Housewives.

I will be writing the ESPN omsbudsman in support of "CC".


Casey S said...

Would you look at that, Colin Cowherd now posting anonymous comments in support of himself. What a hack.

jonathantu said...

"The bottom line, it was not malicious, it happened via email."

he says that they "found it on the internet." then he goes on to make a complete asshat of himself by not crediting the writers, mocking them and then, worst of all, writing in all caps.


who does that? retards, that's who. and he changed some small details around. did he do this to "make it his own" or were those details already changed? who knows. i do know that if chuck norris were here, he'd potato sack cowherd.

the fact that he used the material without bothering to research, cite or acknowledge the creators is bad. being a complete dick about it afterwards is worse.

also i hear he likes little boys.

IC said...

"Desperate Michigan Housewives."

Well played, MBS. Clever and a sharp, finger-on-the-pulse-of- America cultural reference. Did you get that from Maxim?

IC said...

We may need to start a Worst Insult BCS.

The first matchup:
"Meatchicken" vs. "Desperate Michigan Housewives".

Anonymous said...

I suggest you consult the Oxford English Dictionary, not dictionary.com, to see the relationship between purloining and plagiarism. Take a look at the etymology.

Michigan crying over this is the same as LSU fans crying over the press giving USC credit that was due to LSU.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it's hilarious the way he..writes back and..doesn't know how to use an elipse?

This guy..is a bigger idiot than I thought

Sam Mac said...

aigqHey M-Zone- very late on this and I am a huge UW guy, but what a freaking insult. Cowherd is a joke. Keep posting and get more people to email ESPN. Great site.

Anonymous said...

my favourite part about all of this is how detractors have made mzone become "Michigan". this is good. an instituion with a multi-billion dollar endowment demands respect! btw, i really like tOSU's ass. fantastique.

Anonymous said...

I've read these same jokes on several pages over the last week or so. I believe that you guys originally wrote them, but after they have been copied all over the public internet without any effort on your part (how you're supposed to do it I don't know) to protect your intellectual property they become public domain and can be used freely.

To prove your not hypocrites find out who else did not give you credit and put them on your site. Or do you think it won't get that much traffic on your blog.

Yost said...


Believe it or not, when we do see something out there, we email the person and say, hey, that's ours. But, as you even say, it's almost impossible to find out each and every one.

Fact is, the only reason we found out about this is from a reader.

Anonymous said...

So, if no one sent this to you, you would have did nothing. If you want me to tell you who else has been stealilng from you let me know?

Anonymous said...

Not even making the effort and then lambasting the authors of the work as "whiners" is simply, flabbergasting.

lol I love how this guy claims to be a journalist and can't use commoas correctly- 'simply' interrupts the flow of the sentance and should have commas either on both sides or on neither side. What he wrote puts 'flabbergasting' as some kind of weird preposotional phrase.

Konrad said...

Yost --
Just thought you should know you even got a Minnesota alum like me to email the Cowherd show and the ESPN Ombudsman, and I'll be posting about this, too, when I'm a little less asleep.

Keep up the fine work, don't let the bastards grind you down, and all that.

Anonymous said...

is it any wonder when reading the reactions on fanboards such as this that "journalistic pricks" think most of you guys are a bunch of stupid bastards.

jonathantu said...

you know what's a wonder? writing shit like that behind an anonymous barrier.

jonathantu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
motown represent said...

LSU/USC ≠ Cowherd stealing Mzone's material

NON SEQUITUR. You've just flunked Intro to Logic.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this will actually be a useful anonymous...

In previous George Solomon articles, it almost seems as if ESPN can't even reign in their radio personalities. For further information, go to http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=solomon_george&id=2272113 ; the part in question is near the top. Cowherd was already warned last year about his tendencies, and it could almost be the same as this. Cowherd reported that Eddie Guerrero died as a result of steroids without bothering to fact-check.

Of course, plagiarism is much worse but if he'd learned his lesson from the last time he was called out (by his own boss, according to the article) to actually fact-check then he wouldn't be in this mess. I know that others on this website (especially the original writers) have said that an apology from Cowherd plus attribution of the piece in question to this site is enough, but between Cowherd's flippant reply and his past history of playing fast and loose I now hope that he either gets reassigned or completely removed. Someone so irresponsible with what he broadcasts will end up costing ESPN in the long run, whether it's a copyright issue like this or a libel/slander issue or the vast number of other paths that Cowherd could end up costing ESPN both money and credibility.

And yes, my message to the ESPN ombudsman was sent. Though I don't think much will happen because all it seems Solomon can do is complain about ESPN's approach as opposed to actually doing anything about making them more responsible. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

My message to the ombudsman has been sent. Ohio State and Michigan are standing side-by-side on this one!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean standing behind you.

Ohio: "Were right behind you. Mmm tight firm behind, yeah we right behind you."

Michigan: "Oh, good I can feel you bought sticks to beat him down with."

Ohio: "Okay. Well someone is going going to be on his knees saying stop."

Ohio #2: "Role Play. Can I play Maurice and you can be my booster, (he winks) and give me a lift."

OldManUfer said...

Some people need to learn not to mouth off about things they clearly don't understand. The person claiming it's in the public domain couldn't be more wrong. There's no affirmative responsibility to go after infringers in order to retain copyright, maybe you're thinking of trademarks or trade secrets. The work is copyrighted the moment author creates it and stays that way until the end of the term (which depends on several factors). Maybe in an extreme case you'd have a point, but in this case, it's the infringers' duty to make sure they have the right to use the material or accept the risk. The M Zone might still be able to demonstrate authorship, register the work, and file suit if they were so inclined. That's their right as the creators.

As for the supposed hypocrisy of their actions - you said it yourself, it's impossible to stop that kind of infringement. Besides, maybe they're fine with the bit being used for personal entertainment purposes but draw the line at someone profiting off of it. Or maybe they just decided they can't make any money by suing every Joe Internet who e-mailed it to a friend. Again, that's their prerogative, not yours.

Whoever said they hope ESPN is going to come after this site for posting the clip is being ridiculous. Not only would that blow up a pretty small issue, but I find it hard to believe they could argue it wasn't fair use.

For the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that I'm not a lawyer. However, I do know something about intellectual property.

Jim Tressel said...

One would think Michigan fans would have a little sympathy for a team that wins a split national championship.

That said, I think Colin is a big pile of poo for this. It was so bad actually e-mailed him to defend Michigan fans for the first (and last) time in my life.

Anonymous said...

Go Colin!!! You are a bunch of babies and you need to get over it! The Herd is a great show and you should be lucky that he even read anything off of your lame blog.

-Herd Fan

Preston Seider said...

You gotta be kidding me with this.

How is anyone a crybaby for asking a national radio host to spend three seconds mentioning a website from which he's using their material on his show? A show where he is paid a healthy salary to entertain? It's flat-out stealing.

Anyone accusing the writers of this site of being a 'crybaby' has obviously never spent any time creating anything of their own.

And what the hell does LSU's national championship have to do with anything? Nice comparison you retards.

Anonymous said...

Collin CowTurd is arrogant. He can only dream of being as entertaining, respected or classy as the likes of Dan Patrick, Jim Rome or any other radio show host. My guess is he used to get his ass kicked on the playground everyday...by girls. And now he hides behind his microphone. Anytime a caller calls him to task he just shuts the caller down. Who can respect a guy like that? Who cares what Collin does or says. Respect is earned. If you don't like what he is about then just don't listen to his show. It's a waste of time.

As for the rest of you debating about champions, co-champions, whatever. Just stop. Unless you played in the game YOU are not either one. Keep it up and you're no different than that idiot The Turd.

Razorhog said...

Cowherd is a fuckin' prick. What more do you expect from the idiot?

A-LO said...

Every one of you whiny beaches is jealous of Cowherd, this is ridiculous. My goodness....he was great in Portland, and he is great today. Every one of you probably would jump at the chance to take his job, but you rag on ESPN radio? Please, that job is the one you ALL want, and you KNOW it...shaddup for chryst sake!