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Friday, March 17, 2006

Cheaters never prosper...unless you're talking about Ohio State

Good article in the Chicago Sun-Times pointing out how cheating and playing "the game" of cheating has helped build the Ohio State athletic department into the powerful program that it is today.

Memo to Buckeye fans: Yeah, yeah, we know. Just leave all your "sour grape" comments in the comment section.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

I'm wondering what sort of "benefits" boosters gave Dana the beer-bonging Ohio State video chick.

Anonymous said...

suck it up and get better Michigan Athletics...then you won't have to continually look for excuses like this one.

(from one wolverine fan who is just getting tired of looking at the mountain top, from the valley below!)

Go Bucks! said...

Hey, if you can fire a coach who cheated to hire a much better coach who wouldn't cheat, why not??

Jeremie said...

My comments on his article:

First, he accuses the NCAA of handing down some 'negligible' recruiting penalties; but giving up two scholarships is a pretty big penalty when you only get 13 to begin with. You're talking about putting a two-deep roster plus one on scholarship next year. Thats a pretty shallow bench.

Second, the guy scoffs at the punishment of 'taking down a Final Four' banner. However, I think if you ask Mr. Weber of UM how he and the four other Fab ballers felt about taking down the Final Four banners at [insert name of UM's bball arena here], then I think we'd all have a little more respect for what those banners mean to the fans, the schools and most importantly, the players who sweated their butts off to get those banners. Now, I think the banner needs to come down at OSU, I'm just saying its a bigger deal that this guy makes it out to be.

Finally, this guy makes a rhetorical leap that I can't get on board with. He never explicitly says it, but he implicity argues throughout his writing that OSU as an insitution participated in cheating to build a program. I agree that wrongdoings happened, and I want them corrected. For the record, I'm surprised the penalty is so light and I could stomach more, if thats what it takes for justice to be done. But the newswriter paints this picture where OSU 'wrote the book' on how to build a program off of cheating. What he's implicitly stating is that OSU planned on cheating, then fired the cheaters and 'self-penalized,' all the while intending to 'get rich' off this grand plan. Thats just too much of a conspiracy theory for me to buy.

And for all of you who argue that the punishment is too light: consider that there are many out there who think that OSU lost the national championship this year by suspending Troy Smith for two games. And before you flame that statement, consider that I also think the punishment is too light; I just like to remind people of that when they complain about 'negligible' recruiting penalties and 'silly' banner-removals.

Anyway, my two cents. Gotta watch KU (my college bball team: perhaps that explains why I could give a crap about what Jim OBrien and his thugs did at OSU bball).

Kirbdaddy said...

"Dana" is probably part of the benefit package!!!

Jeremie said...

Now that would be some serious cheating.