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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Carl Bialik at GelfMagazine.com is reporting Colin Cowherd will credit the M Zone for our Collegiate Wonderlic material on his next show which airs Monday 10am-1pm ET. Bialik talked to an ESPN spokesman Friday who also said the email responses Cowherd sent in reply to those who complained were "innapropriate and we spoke to Colin about them, and he admits he overreacted."

As we've said all along, that's all we ever asked for. If that does indeed happen, we consider this matter closed and we can go back to doing what we do best: uh...ummm...let us get back to you on that one.

Check back Monday for updates.


Casey S said...

All I can say is right on. I hope he does issue the apology (which I'm sure his producers will make sure he does). He turned this into an issue when there shouldn't have been one. Add a notch for on the belt for the sports bloggers of the world after this.

Anonymous said...

I hope he mentions onepeat.com again. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Will ESPN also retract its statements calling USC the champion in 2003, the repeat champions in 2004 and 2005, and possible 3-peat champions in 2005?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the little guy getting to kick some ass.

WIL 66 said...

congrats guys....the voice of the fan has paid off....glad this issue is (about to be)resolved so that all you guys can get back to more important things like the co-ed showdown and poking fun at onepete.

Anonymous said...

Let's say we start this all over again it was fun.

Anonymous said...

Sweet...Anybody else want some? Let's go...You can't stop the interweb fanatics, you can only hope to contain them...Oh,and Mr. Cowherd, you are a camel's taint, and you deserve exactly what you got.

Anonymous said...

"Sweet...Anybody else want some? Let's go...You can't stop the interweb fanatics, you can only hope to contain them...Oh,and Mr. Cowherd, you are a camel's taint, and you deserve exactly what you got."

Just shut the hell up. Damn you act like you want him to give you oral is that it. I know that is how you boyfriend apologizes. The only camel you will ever see is your mother's camel.

kleph said...

I think the M Zone has really done the right thing here. They produce a formidable amount of copy solely for the entertainment of their readers. Although they don't reap a great financial gain the fact remains, they produce it.

There is a feeling that the internet is a free zone to be pilfered for information to use in your own work at random. But this is wrong. Using material without proper attribution from an internet site is just as wrong as taking information from a national publication, say ESPN The Magazine, for example.

I don't know a thing about Cowherd and I could really care less. The important issue here is that a representative of a major media outlet not only saw fit to simply take this material without questioning the source but then also seem genuinely shocked when held accountable.

I appreciate the M Zone for taking the stance they have and showing the class they have in pursuing the issue. This isn't about getting a particular individual, its about getting the proper credit they deserve as the author of this material and they have been very clear they were only concerned in the latter.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so naive. Colin will give you credit for the material, but I can guarantee he will rip you for being the whiners that you are. This will just be more ammo for him in his war against Michigan football.

The funny part is, had you guys sent a normal e-mail and not one filled with smartass comments, he probably would have just mentioned where he got it from. Very stand-up of you.

It should come to no surprise that you write on a blogger hosted website. Seriously, you should thank Colin Cowherd for starting this mess and getting your (read: Blogger's) website hits.


Yost said...


I love how you imply it's "our fault" in this situation. Maybe, just maybe, the flip side is if the material hadn't been jacked in the first place with no credit, this never would have been a problem.

One shouldn't have to a) hopefully find out someone is using their material then b) go begging for an apology b/c the person using it got caught w/ their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

I know, I know, he didn't know where it came from as it was sent by a listener. Assuming you believe that (and it sounds like you do) a) that's not how it was presented on the air that day and b) the alleged mystery listener got no credit either.

On the air he said - quote - "We went on the Internet this morning and we found the Wonderlic test."

The implicatin was that Cowherd was going to read/ask questions from THE (as he says, "the") actual Wonderlic test, then the initial twist comes when he reads a comedic version (ours) of that test. Draw your own conclusion from that (which you obviously have).

Having said all that, maybe I am naive but I actually think Cowherd will man up Monday and do the right thing. I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt here. To do otherwise would a) make him look worse and b) doesn't serve any purpose. So I (naively maybe) think he'll be cool and that will be the end of it, at least as far as we're concerned.

Finally, you imply that because we use this free Blogger site we're somehow just a bunch of "nerds" living in our parents' basements. Such conclusions are fine by us.

However, I guess then we should draw an even worse conclusion about you since you not only read Blogger hosted websites but feel the need to respond to them.

ferenc said...

This will just be more ammo for him in his war against Michigan football. Dear Lord! Colin Cowherd has a war against Michigan football?!?!? The program is doomed! DOOMED!!!!

BaggyPantsDevil said...


Unless Colin Cowherd is a mobile quarterback who's still eligible to play, I don't Michigan football has anything to worry about.

WIL 66 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WIL 66 said...

lol bpd...or unless he is allowed to control the clock during Michigan's games in the 4th quarter.

Make the logo bigger said...

ESPN legal must have called Cowherd.



www.burntorangenation.com said...

It's almost disappointing at this point, isn't it? To be perfectly honest, I was kind of hoping Colin would be such an immature prick about it that he got admonished by ESPN.

Regardless, I'm happy to hear that you'll be getting credited for good work you did.

Keep it up.

Burnt Orange Nation

BaggyPantsDevil said...


I agree with you. I do not interpret the statement of "We went on the Internet this morning and we found the Wonderlic test." as meaning "We're about to do a comedy routine inviolving the Wonderlic test that we pulled from the internet."

To me, the finding the Wonderlic on the internet is part of the comedy and was not intended as an indication of the actual source for the material.

Oh well.

How's it feel to write stuff so good professional broadcasters use it?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

LOL! Wil66, I just knew there was another position that hurts Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I will be happy to see Michigan get some positive pub on Colin's show. After all, positive pub is good... even at Michigan. You guys do a nice job and I enjoy reading your stuff, and glad that you might even get some credit for your work.... errrr thoughts!

An Old Buckeye

Anonymous said...

Didn't you said he sucks, now your happy he stole your material. I think you actually liked him not metioning you guys to get all this attention?

Yost said...

Yeah, you busted us, Anon. This was all some great master plan of ours.

surrounded in columbus said...


as to the implication you all planned this for publicity, w/out a doubt this is one of the cleverest plans to come out of michigan since last september when LLoyd told the press that an early loss could be a "blessing".

you guys do a great job w/ this blog. it's funny, fresh, and unlike most fan sites, it's as tough on our side as it is on the others (anyone doubting that is welcome to come back thru the posts of last october/november). it's one thing for someone to use your material, it's quite another to pretend it's theirs.

one note- i'm in s carolina w/ the family for spring break. got paired up w/ a clem(p)son fan for golf. started talking football and he had heard/read about the "colin cowturd" incident. this story has a lot of legs and none of its been good for espn.

now if we could only mount this sort of grass roots effort for a new coach.....

Brotherhood said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

do you plan to feature the audio clip? i'll be earning $$$ tomorrow and couldn't bear to miss the thing!

Anonymous said...

I for one am upset about this whole situation-I was hoping that Cowherd would simply base his entire show on reading your material verbatim as that is the only way the show would be listenable. Unfortunately, thanks to you guys whining so much listeners have no hope of that happening and he will return to incessantly ripping Vince Young, laughing at his own jokes(along with the CompASS), and making a variety of borderline racist comments.

Wangs said...

"This will just be more ammo for [Cowherd] in his war against Michigan football."

WAIT A MINUTE. Yost, has Cowherd heen stealing my material? I've been calling for Lloyd's canning for years. This is the first I've ever heard of Cowherd. I think maybe he's been swipping my thoughtfull well-reasoned commentary all this time.

After having seen his picture and the fact that no one ever heard of him until we raised his profile on this blog, I think Baggy Pants Devil hit it right on the head - if he's not a mobile quarterback - we have nothin' to worry about from this guy.