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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blogger's Guide to College Football

I recently discovered the genius of Blogger as I was writing something about Ohio State for the M Zone. Spellchecking my column before posting it, Google's Blogger program flagged the word "Buckeyes" as a typo. Now, while any U-M fan could have told you this, what put a smile on my face was one of the suggestions for the "correct" word Blogger thought I must have been trying to spell. According to Blogger, what I clearly meant when I had typed the unknown term "Buckeyes" was the word "Backwash." Of course. Tosu Backwash. Has a certain...ring, doesn't it?

I thought this might be just an aberration until, writing about the latest sex scandal at Arizona State, Blogger flagged "ASU" as a typo. And its suggestion for the correct spelling of what I must've meant? "Ass."

Well, as far as I was concerned, Blogger was two for two. So I got to thinking - What were Blogger's other opinions on the college football landscape? Thus, I plugged in some words and here's what Blogger had to say about each. And I swear, not one of the below is made up. All came from Blogger. I feel compelled to mention it because, well, you're not going to believe some of these.

Blogger's Guide to College Football

* FSU - "Fox" Apparently Blogger is following our M Zone Blog Co-ed Showdown and is throwing its support behind FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger
* Bowden - "Beaten" But, while Blogger realizes how hot the girls in Tallahassee are, it too is familar with Bobby's struggles over the last couple of years
* Paterno - "Veteran" It seems everybody knows how long JoePa's been around
* Bama - "Bum" Don't flame us, take it up with Google
* Domer - "Downer" Maybe the Blogger spellcheck program code was written during Bob Davie's tenure
* MU - "Moo" Mizzou, we warned you about going with MU instead of your proper UM
* Sooners - "Sinners" The Switzer years still tarnish the school's reputation in the eyes of Blogger
* Vols - "Boils" or "Fouls" Hey, as I said, Blogger speaks, I just share the info, folks. With regards to "fouls," maybe Blogger is simply saying it's following the Fulmer Cup on EDSBS
* LSU - "Lug," "Loss," "Lose" Yes, it appears everyone has a comment about Onepeat.com
* Corso - "Coors" Some of his picks and comments do make one wonder what he's drinking
* Clarett - "Cleared" and "Colorado" We assume Blogger somehow knows Maurice's attorney is really good and is saying his off-the-field style harkens back to the "glory" days in Boulder from the early 90s.

Well, that's it. A sampling of Blogger's Guide to College Football. Oh, and when I typed in one final word and spellchecked it, this is what Blogger had to say:

* Yost - "Handsome stud" Ok, maybe it didn't exactly say that. But I'm sure the guys at Google are working to fix that minor bug in the program.


Eric S. said...

Well, as a Buckeye/"backwash", I was a little disappointed in how the blogger made up words...until I kept reading.

My favorites:

Paterno = "veteran." - Really, it actually said that? That's...amazing...

Corso = Coors...at least Google knows something's up.

Clarett - now, I laugh at everything you guys say about that assclown, because he deserves (most of) what he's getting. Alright, all of it. But as a fun reference to "Colorado", that 3rd round pick that was wasted on him in the NFL draft was by, you guessed it, the Broncos of Denver Colorado.

It kills me to say this, but I love your blog. It's just great. Thanks for providing me with WAY too much time to waste instead of doing homework.

Yost said...


Thanks for reading. We really appreciate it.

Glad you enjoy it. It's comments like yours that keep us doing this (cuz it sure as hell isn't the cash).