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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog Co-ed Showdown: Ashley vs. Bent Over Buckeye

In what could be the closest contest yet in our BCS, #7 seed Ashley, the Internet sensation/Cal State Fullerton softball player, takes on our #10 seed, the anonymous "Bent Over Buckeye" from the only "Fuck Michigan" picture we've ever approved of here at the M Zone.

Today's clash took an unexpected twist when Ashley's MySpace page, which according to TheHaterNation was the most popular non-porn destination on the Internet, was either removed by MySpace or deleted by Ashley. However, being quite resourceful here at the M Zone (at least when it comes to attractive co-eds), we were able to dig up the cached page on Google which we provide here.

After such shocking news right before such an important showdown, we almost replaced Ashley. However, the tournament committee decided to treat such recent developments as an injury and let her play on. Thus, take this and all information into consideration when casting your vote.



Ashley - Cal State Fullerton
B.O.B. - Tosu

Claim to Fame:

Ashley - Most popular non-porn website (although judging from the pics, that might not be far behind)
B.O.B. - Uh, speaking of "behind"...

Fashion Statement:

Ashley - softball uni by day/taking photos with her big breasted fellow bleach-blonde friend by night
B.O.B. - Red thong, Buckeye literature on her ass


Ashley - 5'11, athletic build
B.O.B. - That ass


Ashley - (from her MySpace page) "I am a very caring, happy person who does not enjoy drama or mean people...So please do not judge me by my looks bc I am alot more than a tall blonde! I have a brain, and I love having good QUALITY conversations with QUALITY people."
B.O.B. - (from her ass) "Fuck Michigan"

Dream Date:

Ashley - (from her MySpace page) "My dream date would be riding horses through the country, pitching a tent at night and falling asleep underneath the stars!"
Ed. Note: This was the point when Benny vomited all over his keyboard.
B.O.B. - (from her ass) Fucking Michigan

Impressed us by:

Ashley - Playing Division I college softball
B.O.B. - Being able to write "Fuck Michigan" on her own ass

Disappointed us when:

Ashley - Her MySpace page was removed (probably by "mean people")
B.O.B. - Only showed her tail end. Could be dealing with a "Butter Face" here, folks.

In Her Future:

Ashley - Reality TV
B.O.B. - Throwing beer on Michigan fans in Columbus this fall

M Zone Line:

Before the controversy surrounding her MySpace account, Ashley was a 8-10 point favorite. But with that now removed, we're calling this one a "pick 'em."

To vote, leave a comment and/or CLICK HERE TO TAKE POLL

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