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Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Day, Another ASU Sex Scandal

An Arizona State student who claims she was raped in her dorm room by a Sun Devil football player is suing the school alleging they failed to protect her.

The defendants in the suit are former ASU safety Darnel Henderson, football coach Dirk Koetter, former ASU athletic director Gene Smith, the state Board of Regents as well as other school officials. The 18 year old student filing the suit claims that Koetter and ASU officials failed to address misconduct by football players and created an environment that encouraged inappropriate behavior by athletes, including sexual harassment of women.

After police investigated the March 11, 2004 incident, the County Attorney's Office declined to file rape charges against Henderson as attorneys determined there was not a reasonable likelihood of conviction. However, Henderson was suspened from the team for "violation of the student code of conduct" and was later expelled by the University.


Jeremie said...

I won't bother pointing out that the athletic director named in the suit as 'failing to discipline' or whatever is now the athletic director at ya'lls favorite school between Dayton and Zanesville on Interstate 70. Because, you know I'd just hate to feed you material...

surrounded in columbus said...

you mean tosu's gene "i'd rather be dirty than 0-11" smith is the same gene smith? what an amazing suprise.

kudos for pointing it out.