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Friday, March 31, 2006

2006 College Football Odds

Saw on TrojanWire that an online sports book has just released odds on teams winning the 2006 National Championship. The Favorite? Tosu at 5-1 while the Wolverines go off at 20-1.

Among some of the other teams listed, reigning champ Texas is listed at 7-1 to repeat, ND is 6-1 and fellow Big 10er Pennsylvania State University is 25-1.

While those are are all very interesting, we here at the M Zone sat down and came up with some of our own odds for the upcoming season...

2-1: Odds of Michigan State starting the season 5-0
1-2: Odds of Michigan State finishing the season 1-6

3-1: Odds of Tennesse having a QB controversy
1-3: Odds of Steve Spurrier beating Phil Fulmer's team anyway

5-1: Odds of West Virginia living up to expectations
1-5: Odds of Morgantown being torched by students if they don't

4-1: Odds of Fresno State beating a ranked team
1-4: Odds of Fresno State losing to two WAC teams, a community college and a PeeWee squad that same season

2-1: Odds of Florida State losing a game on a missed field goal
1,000-1: Odds of Bobby Bowden actually being able to see it

2-1: Odds of Michigan starting the season ranked in the AP top 10
50-1: Odds of Michigan actually deserving it

6-1: Odds of Sooner QB Rhett Bomar being arrested for minor in possession again
1-35: Odds of all charges being dropped by local officials if he leads Oklahoma over Texas this year

7-1: Odds of Penn State repeating its 2005 success
2-1: Odds of Joe Paterno's pants being even higher than Michael Jackson's in the Thriller video

5-1: Odds Brady Quinn will win the Heisman in December
75-1: Odds Laura Quinn's engagement to AJ Hawk will last that until then

1-1: Odds of a true college football fan missing an important life event in order to watch a big game
1,000,000-1: Odds of them regretting that decision.

Damn, we can't wait for September!

Have some odds we missed? Feel free to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I will be betting against Michigan since I always lose in Vegas anyway.

UpTheHawks said...

Iowa at 38-1 (bodog.com) and 50-1 (playersonly.com)?! In the words of Mr. Rodney Dangerfield: I dont get no respect, no respect!

Oh, and a few more odds:

2-1 Chad Greenway goes in round 1 of the draft.
1-2 Chad Greenway sues NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right arms.

4-1 Abdoul Hodge is a first rounder in the draft.
1-4 The Bible is officially changed to when God said, "Let there be light", Abdoul Hodge said, "say please."

2-1 Bob Sanders makes ESPN's top 10 biggest hits of the year.
1-2 Bob Sanders kills the douche bag at ESPN that didn't make the list entirely Bob Sanders hits.

Anonymous said...

upthehawks...you used Chuck Norris stuff for Greenway and Hodge...c'mon

tc said...

Seriously hawks - didn't we just go through a whole "borrowed" material crisis not too long ago? I also assume Chad Greenway does not go hunting because hunting implies the possibility of failure. Chad Greenway goes killing, right?

On a side note - deciphering these squiggly letters is just killing me man. WTF is that a "d" or what?

Anonymous said...

5-2 OSU beats my Wolverines - again
1-1 A loss will have absolutely no effect on my desire to watch Dana the OSU video chick - again.

WickedWolverine said...

Speaking of bodog.com, which payout system do you use?

As for the odds: 3-1 Maurice Clarett will make "the news" within six months.

The King said...

I'll be in Vegas this weekend for a bechelor party and I'll probably drop some money on UM futures just for fun. Let me know if you want me to bet for you.

Also, that Notre Dame line is absurd. Yeah, they're talented, prrobably better than last year, but it's not only about that. Look at their schedule.

Collegefootballnews.com has a good peice right now about the REALISTIC lines for most teams this upcoming season...

UpTheHawks said...

Yea they are anonymous and tc. Sorry, I wasnt trying to pull a fast one. I just thought they sounded cool so I plugged in Greenway and Hodge. Someone posted that list on my friends facebook wall. So as far as credit goes?..i dunno...some guy that wrote a list on Chuck Norris, I thank you. I quoted some of your material to describe the bad assness that is Chad Greenway and Abdoul Hodge. If you wish to press charges, I can be reached at 319-EAT-SHIT. Oh damnit, I guess I should give credit there to whoever said that joke first. Cause you know, if we let people "borrow" anonymous material on a comment board on a blog site....have not the terrorists already won????

TC, you made that statement on a false premise. Chad Greenway never fails. So hunting, for Chad Greenway, does not imply the possibility of failure.

WickedWolverine, I have never used bodog. I just searched for odds and they came up. I used to be on sportingbet.com, which was a very good all around site if your into more than just sports betting. Its an English site - I'm a fan of and like betting on the other football - so I had to use wire transfers to payout. You have to have decent winnings to make the withdraws wortwhile because you get charged a fee for the wire transfer.

Anonymous said...

1-5 Odds that Colin Cowherd steals this bit and claims it for himself.

WickedWolverine said...

The King, what's your email address?

Yost said...


Email us at address on home page and I'll pass it on to him. Don't want to put his email here in comments section.

Anonymous said...

Upthehawks didn't greenway fail this past OSU-Iowa game??? So in reality your comment is both asnine and funny.

1-1 Corso picks the Domers as his national championship pick.

tayminator said...

Love the "odds"! Can't wait for CFB season too!

3-1 Former Boise State coach Dan Hawkins increases Colorado's offense points-per-game average

330-1 Buffaloes actually finish with a record that would win the Big 12 or the WAC in 2006!

Brad said...

Somehow I was expecting this response to The King from upthehawks:



upthehawks said...

Honestly I didnt get to see the osu game last season because I was studying abroad. From what I heard, that was a team meltdown. Thats a tough sell pinning all of that one on just Greenway. Frankly, osu just had the better team last year. Regardless, Greenway is still one helluva player and he will make a solid olb in the league.

Just for the record, being a fanatical supporter of Hawkeye footbal, dont take everything I say to seriously. For example, when I say the Hawkeye defense is going to decapitate Troy Smith and take his soul in next years game at Kinnick...well, you get the idea.

A few more odds:

5-1 We see the first 100 point game in college football history in next seasons Michigan-Osu game. Talk about two teams with offensive weapons.

While were on predictions, what are you Mzone guys predicting for your beloved blue next year? January bowl or else its Carrs head? Big 10 champs or bust?