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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What gives with Larry Foote?

For those of you who watched the Commercial Bowl yesterday (which had a nice little football game in between it), you probably noticed all the players introducing themselves and mentioning the college they attended near the start of the game...except for Steeler Larry Foote.

Instead of mentioning the University of Michigan where he played his college ball, Larry instead mentioned his Detroit high school. Now, I know he did this earlier in the year on Monday Night Football but I was just wondering if anybody knew why? Did he have some horrible experience while he was in A2?


Ben said...

Unsure as to why he did it on Monday Night Football... but I'd venture to guess that he did it last night because the Super Bowl was in Detroit, and Pershing is his high school.

A local loyalty thing for the Detroiters.

Anonymous said...

I think he and Ty Law both have some issue with Carr. They never say Michigan. Keep in mind they tape these once and that's it for the year.

The King said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Larry Foote is a piece of total trash. We should be glad he doesn't associate himself with our alma mater.

Woodson used to pull that crap too. He did that in a Pro Bowl once; listed Harding or whatever HS in Ohio he went to. Not coincidentally, Woodson is also a pathetic douchebag.

Kyle King said...

For the record, it wasn't just Foote.

At least one player from the New Orleans area said "New Orleans, Louisiana," instead of giving his college. I presume this was as a show of solidarity with those in his home town and its environs who have suffered in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Also, M.V.P. Hines Ward said "Forest Park, Georgia," rather than "the University of Georgia." It didn't bug me (in addition to attending the same university, Ward and I attended high schools in the same county), but it struck me as odd.

Benny Friedman said...

I don't think Foote has a problem with Carr or Michigan. A bunch of guys have been saying something other than their university for a while. I think it's done to stand out from the crowd. I even remember Woodson once using his Pee Wee football team name.

Anonymous said...

A lot of players name their H.S. rather than their college or university team during those annoying ABC intros. I assume they are asked to state their name and school where they graduated. Since most of them did not graduate from college, they are just answering truthfully.

IC said...

I've heard Simeon Rice introduce himself as being from "The School of Hard Knocks."

Anonymous said...

Deshea Townsend was another that used his high school but he said "South Panola University" instead of South Panola High. He played college ball at Alabama.

Michigan Superfan Ambassador to C-Bus said...

I believe it is because they never "technically" finished their degrees at Michigan more than a problem they have with the University. Jerame Tuman is just now getting back to A2 to finish up his, but I think they list the school they last completed as opposed to the last school they attended... just a thought...