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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Well, it appears we're replacing a coordinator...no, not that one!

Today's Ann Arbor News reports that Michigan offensive coordinator Terry Malone is leaving Uof M to take the tight ends coach position with the New Orleans Saints. The article goes on to speculate that former offensive coordinator and current special teams coach Mike DeBord will likely succeed Malone as offensive coordinator.

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Benny Friedman said...

I think this is a good thing. Malone wasn't that bad as a coordinator, but I think he became pretty predictable. DeBord had some good seasons as OC and I think getting some fresh ideas will pay off.
Unfortunately that won't be happening on defense, evidently.

Anonymous said...

Dear Benny

"Fresh ideas"?

Isn't DeBord the guy who didn't have much success at CMU and left that program in shambles? (And, as an aside, wasn't he replaced at CMU by the former head coach at GVSU - who's done a pretty good job of picking up the pieces and putting together a better team than DeBord ever had, under some very difficult circumstances?)

Unless I miss my guess, wasn't DeBord's recent return to the UM staff the result of a quick check of Lloyd's speed dial to give his unemployed best friend a job - rather than the result of a nationwide search to find the best available ST coordinator to shore up ridiculously poor special teams?

Can we possibly believe that DeBord's promotion to OC is now the result of another nationwide search to find the best guy for the job? Or is it, as I believe, Lloyd doing his best to set his best friend up for some kind of job when Lloyd is gone? The really scary part - for me - is what that next job (after Lloyd retires) could be!

Lloyalty to the program - or Lloyalty to the "inner circle"?

You be the judge.