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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tressel's World

Found this via deadspin.com and the good folks over at EDSBS:

Tressel’s World

It’s the dark underbelly of Jim Tressel’s psyche that we all—or at least us Michigan fans—knew existed. Yes folks, this is the proof that a rude, bigoted, misogynistic, hedonistic, callous soul lurks underneath that pious persona Tressel cultivates .

Check out Coach Tressel’s visit to a cancer ward: Whaaa Whaaaaa I Have Cancer

All these ugly, little cancer kids are really starting to creep me out.

Or, Coach Tressel’s foray into rap music: Drivin That Train

I'm Coach Jimmy Tressel
With a Little confessel
I smoked a huge blunt
Now I'm a big messel

Or, Coach Tressel's views on the mentally handicapped: Fucking Retards

Hey... I'm just kiding.

I only let them give me head.

Or, Coach Tressel’s Fiesta Bowl halftime report: Half-time Quickie

First of all, 21-7? I thought this guy was supposed to be an offensive genius. Did you see that sack by AJ Hawk. He stuffed him just like he stuffed his sister the night before...which was hot.

Or, Coach Tressel’s Fiesta Bowl Victory party: Spoils of Victory

Some how part of our sectional and one of Troy Smith's hookers ended up at the bottom of my pool. But that's why I have a maid.

There’s a lot, lot more. Someone is very sick and has entirely too much time on their hands.

Warning--The content of this site is simultaneously inappropriate and hilarious. If anyone catches you laughing--which is very likely--and then reads what you're laughing at, you will be shunned by decent people everywhere.



CapBuck said...

So to bring up the legal argument...how close are those guys to slander, which actually is illegal?

Geez, I thought you guys didn't like Tressel.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


What do you mean "those guys" and slander? That's Tressel's blog. You see? You see how evil he really is?

Besides, spoken or oral communication is slander, written communication is libel.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


To seriously answer you question, I think the precedent for this sort of thing was set with Hustler v. Falwell. The libel claim was rejected because it was a parody that could not have reasonably been taken to describe true events. I think that applies here also. Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled that public figures cannot recover damages based on emotional distress suffered from parodies.

Now, if this blog detailed accounts of Coach Tressel arranging for his players to receive Escalades, jobs they don’t have to show up to, and straight cash that didn’t actually happen, the blog might no longer pass the “no reasonable person would actually believe it” test. Sorry, CapBuck, I just couldn’t resist.

Of course, none if this applies here because that’s Jim Tressel’s blog.

CapBuck said...

Lol, very nice comments BBD, made me laugh.

I had once been told what the difference was between slander and libel...but long hours of reading theology and biblical commentary had reduced such knowledge to distant memories.

I did not draw the connection between the site and the concept of parody, so I just got all defensive, like you might imagine I would.

And I especially appreciate the citing of a case involving prOn. You just can't go wrong when you cite official prOn businiess, lol. Don't tell my seminary I said that.

BaggyPantsDevil said...


I was expecting a much more bitter response from the Buckeye faithful; I guess they were shoved out of the way by all the Auburn fans. And no, I can’t imagine your seminary being thrilled about the Supreme Court siding with Larry Flynt over Jerry Falwell.

And, in a recent post, Jim Tressel apparently likes Michigan fans, sort of.

BTW, special thanks to all you Michigan fans who left Coach Jimmy some love the other day. I don't care what they say, you're not all fags, at least not in my book. Wait...yes you are.

Best Vest said...

Tressel, here! Coach Jim Tressel. Glad you knuckle fucklers like my blog. I'm thinking about having poetry slam...what do you think. Here's alittle ditty I been working on. It's called Pink Wolverines.

Wolverine, you are
so gay, oh so very gay.
So Lick my asshole.

It's a haiku.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Keep on rockin', Coach.

And, for the record, haiku is about nature and needs to include a word about a season. What you posted is technically senryu, which covers the topic of human vulnerablities in a humorous manner.

Best Vest said...

Wolverines are creatures of nature.