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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spam U

Among the spam cluttering my inbox over the weekend was the "college" recruiting ad below:

Prices Just Reduced!!!!

http//www. I'll be damned if I'm naming these spammers. org

SPAM University Philosophy:
No Studying
No Attendance
No Exams
No High Prices

SPAM University combines superior academic standards and excellent management. SPAM University has been recognized as the leading source of online distance learning for many years. Over 40,000 students have completed our degree requirements to obtain one of the most sought-after degrees available today.

$149 - Associate Degree
$249 - Bachelor's Degree
$249 - Master's Degree
$349 - Doctorate Degree

Earn the degree that you deserve for the knowledge you already have! All degree's are awarded based on life and work experience. Quit wasting time sitting in classes relearning information you already know. Act today and get the degree that you deserve in 5 days!

Now, a couple things about this immediately struck me...

First, if you're going to pay $249, you might as well just get the Master's Degree, right? I mean, if it's the same price, why not show that you're at least smart enough to recognize a good deal. Hey, you were already smart enough to get your degree online, go the extra mile.

Second, do people a) really buy this crap then b) list these degrees on their resumes or hang these "diplomas" on their office walls? Holy shit! Can you imagine walking into, say, your accountant's office and seeing the degree from Spam U framed behind his desk!

Third, I wonder if Bill Snyder ever tried to schedule Spam U as a non-conference opponent for K-State.

Finally, is it just me, or could you insert the Tosu name into the ad and be pretty certain this is the sales pitch recruiting prospects are hearing from the Buckeyes? Only thing missing is the promise of the Escalade.

P.S. I love when I spell check here on Blogger and each time it finds the word "Buckeye" it flags it as a typo and suggests "Backwash" as a better choice. Damn, this program is more advanced than I thought.

1 comment:

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