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Friday, February 03, 2006

Reflections on Signing Day

I hate when I do this, though I do it every year: I suspend my better judgement by giddily anticipating and then excitedly reading about the outcome of "Signing Day"–when guys who just a few years ago had their mommies drive them to practice determine the quality of my autumn Saturdays for the next four years.

I know, I know. The ratings of these classes are extremely subjective and there is more than ample evidence that the top classes do not necessarily follow with top teams. That noted, here are a few articles recapping Michigan's 2006 football recruiting class, as well as some information on the classes of other teams around the country (please note: USC is ranked significantly higher than LSU and Auburn's class is considered just a tad better than Alabama's. Let the melees begin.)

Quick notes on Michigan's class, ranked #9 (second in Big Ten behind #6 PSU and ahead of #10 tOSU) by Scout.com:
* Michigan is #3 overall in total number of "Five Star" recruits (#1 in Big Ten)
* Michigan is #4 overall in average star ranking (also #1 in Big Ten)

The reason Michigan is #9 in overall rank despite these lofty places in important categories is because we signed only 19 recruits (could become 20 if a highly-touted d-lineman qualifies academically.) No other team in the top ten had fewer than 24 signings and none in the top 25 other than Michigan had fewer than 20. Apparently, this relatively low number of recruits was by design, the result of fewer scholarship players leaving this year and more projected to leave in the next year or two.

I already have two personal favorites from this recruiting class. One is Quentin Patilla, who attends the same high school from which I graduated. The other is linebacker Cobrani Mixon. If he's good, he has a chance to go down as the all-time greatest name in Michigan football history. As much as Keith Jackson's skills have obviously deteriorated, wouldn't it be great to hear him say, "Whoa, lemme tell you about Cobrani Mixon! He charged in on that blitz and gave a how-do-you-do to the Trojan quarterback!"? This would of course be followed by Dan Fouts gently informing Keith that Mixon actually tackled the Oregon tailback.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you getting back to actual football. I was beginning to get worried.

surrounded in columbus said...

Grammer Man,
w/ all the hype, it's hard not to get caught up. i liken it to the start of spring training when pitchers and catchers report (in an earlier life i was quite the baseball fan). it's a sign of the things to come and the promise of the future. hard not to anticipate.

i like the obvious focus they made on o-line, d-line, and LB's. after several years of churning out nfl DBs while we get blown off the ball on D and can't open running lanes on O, Carr & Co seem to have caught on they need better talent in those positions. let's hope these kids pan out.

CapBuck said...


"A sign of the things to come and the promise of the future."

A rather astute theological observation. The proletptic inbreaking of the coming eschatological kingdom, wait, I think its time to play Halo2 gotta go.

Yost said...


Worry not. But it's a LONG offseason. And filling January-August every day with strictly college football, well...

surrounded in columbus said...

i was pretty sure i knew what "proleptic" meant, but admit i had to look up "eschatological".

seriously- do you have Halo2 at the office? and here i thought i was getting away w/ something playing minesweeper.

as for your post in the other comment line (o-zone vs. this blog), i agree w/ you completely. there is a time & place for things and being aware of your audience should dictate your approach.

Capbuck said...

Well I do say its a rare day that I get to excercise my theological vocabulary.

And yes, I do have Halo2 at the office. If, or course, you consider my living room to be the office. You could consider the living room to be the office, since I am a grad student and most of my homework gets done in the living room.

Since the seminary is on a 4 day week, I never have classes on Friday. Today I write this at 2:50pm in my pajama pants, shirt and a bathrobe. My day has consisted of Halo2, Doom3, trolling blogs and taking care of my toddler son. All while my wife is off at work making a living to support my graduate education. Its a rough life, but, well, I've gotta do it you see.

surrounded in columbus said...

you are my new hero.

CapBuck said...

I do have to do most of the housework and cooking...but its a small price to pay for all the video-game goodness.