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Saturday, February 25, 2006

M ZONE WEEKEND SPECIAL: What Sports is All About

UPDATE: This link no longer works and was taken down here because CBS News made YouTube remove it so they could have it on their website complete with Wal-Mart ads in order to make money off this autistic kid. More on this when I get a chance to write something up.

We here at the M Zone don't normally post on weekends outside the college football season. But this story was something we had to share. It shows why sports can be so uplifting.

If you haven't heard already about Jason McElwain, you should. He's an autistic Greece, N.Y. high school student who served as the basketball team's manager but was allowed to suit up for the final game last week, then got into the game and then...

Why ruin it with words? Watch the video. You won't be disappointed. Hell, Wangs is still bawling like a baby.


The King said...

OK Dude. Let's examine the facts:

1) I'm drunk.
2) I like to be the asshole who makes fun of retarded people in sports, despite the fact that my uncle is a multiple time Gold Medal winner in the Special Olympics. Yeah, I'm that big of a dick.
3) I hate feel good stories.

But seriously. That shit made me cry more than EIGHT BELOW did. Radio can suck that kid's balls.

Jeremie said...

Ok lets review the facts:

I too am drunk (just ask wholesome goodness)

I am not as mean as Kings (hey, he said it).

This made my wife and I both bawl-and go hug our 14 month kid even though he's been asleep for two hours.


Yost said...

Totally agree, gentlemen. I've been telling people all day about it. Amazing.

Sean said...

I saw this yesterday and just saw the video earlier today, these are the types of stories you'd like to see more of in sports.

It's just truly amazing. I would bet this becomes a movie in a few years.

surrounded in columbus said...

i admit my first reaction was very similar to everyone else's- very emotional. however, does it make me a bad person if my second reaction was to think "damn- i wish WE could rain 3's like that in the last 4 minutes of a game???"

Wholesome Goodness said...

Dang it! Why didn't anyone tell me not to watch that in a public place. Now I gotta explain myself to five people.

Anonymous said...

If General George Patton saw me now he'd slap me.

Yost said...

LOL! Hip reference, Anon.

MyHeroZero said...

Okay, if this actually got to you MEN, I don't feel like such a dweeb for having tears streaming down my face right now.

I suppose this is all the more touching to me, as I have two borderline-autistic nephews. I often wonder what their lives are going to be like, especially their school years, where other children can be so cruel.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the way his team and community rallied around him. Okay, maybe people don't suck as much as I thought they did. Well, yeah.. they probably do, but just not ALL the time.

Yost said...


I think that's one of the reasons it touched me so much, too: because kids, especially of that age, can be so cruel. And to see him carried off the court on their shoulders at the end was one of the best sports moments I've witnessed in a long time.

Thanks for your comments.

Yost said...

We know, we know, Anon. But there was simply no way to work semi-clad ASU cheerleaders into the piece.

And we swear we didn't outsource and have somone else do this story for us.

Anonymous said...

alright - this is WAY above you guys! M-Zone staff back to work!

clemsontiger said...

As a jackass who makes retarded jokes when I've been drinking (or not drinking) as the case may be, that is one of the best "feel good" stories I've ever seen. I was so choked up about it and immediately felt bad about making jokes about tards. I know I'm going to hell for making and laughing at those kinds of jokes but apparently many of you will be joining me. Who's tending bar is my question? Great story. Ever better is that it immediately made me feel like complete shit.I am a changed man. No more "mentally challenged" jokes out of me ever again.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Stuff like this makes me weepy, too.

This kid scored 20 points in the final four minutes of the game, why isn't he playing--and starting--all the time?

SteveRyan said...

I can't come up with a word or series of words that do this story justice.