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Saturday, February 18, 2006

M Zone BCS - Blog Co-ed Showdown

In the first match-up of our M Zone BCS (Blog Co-ed Showdown), ASU cheerleader-turned-porno-star Courtney Simpson used her whole can of whoop ass (as well as showing her ass) in a lopsided victory over "Stacy," the confused USC Song girl. Today's clash, on paper, appears to be just as one-sided as the M Zone presents the next round of its inaugural BCS - Blog Co-ed Showdown:

OSU Video Chick (watch here) vs. Kimberly, a Hooters waitress/former ETSU cheerleader

Scouting Report


Kimberly - ETSU
OSU Video Chick - Tosu

Claim to Fame:

Kimberly - Kicked off ETSU cheerleading squad for working at Hooters
OSUVC - Made us reconsider our hatred of Tosu by squeezing her Hooters

School Cheer:

Kimberly - Give me an E! Give me a T! Give me a S! Give me a U! What's it spell? ETSU! What's that stand for? East...Tennessee...State...University! Gooooooo E-T-S...Zzzzzzzzz
OSUVC - Fuck Michigan!

Fashion Statement:

Kimberly - Ripped jeans
OSUVC - Removing her jeans

Favorite Saying:

Kimberly - Would you like to try our wings?
OSUVC - Would you like to feel my things?

Impressed Us When:

Kimberly - Stood up to say ETSU was wrong
OSUVC - Danced and showed us her thong

Disappointed Us When:

Kimberly - Capitalized on notoriety now cheering for semi-pro team
OSUVC - Never moved her hands the whole video! &^%@!

Thing You'll Never Forget About Her:

Kimberly - How backwards the ETSU cheerleading coach is
OSUVC - That song. That damn song! We can't get it out of our heads!


Kimberly - Hotel and Restaurant Management
OSUVC - Interpretive Dance

Vegas Line:

OSUVC opened giving 38 but after all the action was going her way, Vegas oddsmakers stopped taking any more bets on this match-up when OSUVC got to be favored by 1063.

So who's it gonna be? Leave your comments and/or VOTE HERE


Ben said...

This is a ridiculous.

You're pitting the Pittsburg Steelers against a 4-year-old girl's tea party in a head-butting contest.

You guys are better than this.

Benny Friedman said...

Ben, we realize this was our version of Duke vs. Mt. St. Mary's. But you never know until the votes are counted.

Yost said...

Let's be honest, Benny, the votes are "counted" -- both of them -- as soon as folks watch the video.

Anonymous said...

I have always hated OSU ... until now!

DanDierdorf said...

Is this the same Buckeye chick that is getting nailed from behind in that picture from a previous post? Makes you think.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

OK, I’m going to go totally against the grain here and vote for Kimberly.

First, let me say, yeah the Ohio State Recruiting Video Chick is hot. I’d hit it. And, since she’s a Buckeye, I’d hit it hard, as in a grudge-fuck, which would certainly be enjoyable. But, I’d probably wish she wasn’t such an insufferable bitch afterwards.

Now, for me Kimberly’s appeal lies in the following:

1. Was a cheerleader, cheerleaders are flexible, and—as Courtney has so ably demonstrated—that flexibility is very, very useful.

2. Works at Hooters so she’s willing to walk around underdressed AND can be really friendly, too. I think this is the real key to the appeal of Hooters. It’s not the wings (in spite of the claims of every American male). It’s not the short shorts or tight tank tops (as adult oriented entertainment Hooters is way tame). It’s that these attractive, young women are friendly and flirty and will talk to you all for a tip that’s merely about three times what it would be at a regular place. I’m as afflicted with the Madonna/Whore Syndrome as the next guy and I think Hooters Girls do a great job perfectly balancing there in the middle of those two extremes.

3. This is the big one, Kimberly’s penchant for the ripped jeans. These are just OMG! hot. Just seeing a bit of knee or thigh peaking through those frayed holes takes me right back to the 1980’s when I was learning how to French Kiss and finally having sex with an actual girl. I can almost taste the cherry flavored Chapstick.