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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...are you f*cking kidding me?!

Ok, you know we here at the M Zone love Oregon and Duck fans. If you doubt it, check out our post of the classiest college football fans. We're on your side. However...

What in god's name is this?!

please, please, PLEASE tell us this is a Photoshopped joke pulled off by some bored Oregon State Beaver students. This...person...doesn't roam your sidelines, does he? Say it isn't so. This looks like a rejected villain from that bad BATMAN sequel, the really shitty one starring George Clooney.

Good general rule of thumb: Mascots don't have codpieces.


Anonymous said...

You dug up Roboduck. He was introduced at halftime of the USC football game in '02. Rumor was that the athletic department was tired of paying Disney for the use of Donald Duck. They introduced this thing as an experiment to see how the fans would react. The fans HATED this thing. He made a few cameo appearances at b-ball games where he would run onto the court during a break, dunk and then run off before the fans could pelt him with water bottles. He has not been seen for at least two years, maybe more. That is until you found him.

Yost said...


Whew. Thank goodness. Stumbled across him on the Internet. Laughed my ass off each time I looked at it and had to post something. Glad to hear he's long gone from your sidelines.

I didn't remember seeing him when M played at UO a few years ago but then again, my head was ringing so much from the noise of Autzen, he could have been right in front of me and I would have missed him.

Kyle King said...

Not a pleasant scroll-down experience.

Hot girl . . . hot girls . . . hot girl bent at the waist . . . Destroyer Duck?!?!

Caught me off guard with that segue.

The King said...

My new goal in life is to do whatever it takes to find this costume and use it for bizarre sexual proclivities.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Oregon provides the perfect example of the horror that can result when huge amounts of cash are combined with a complete lack of design taste.

First, there’s the repulsive football uniforms, with the “Oakley” O on the helmets and the diamond plate non-skid pattern on the jerseys and pants. Please Oregon fans, make them go away, too.

Then there’s the very creepy, and fortunately short-lived, “Roboduck.” I hope that’s simply a very ripped guy wearing that suit, although it wouldn’t surprise me if it came with sewn in serratus and abdominal muscles.

And—finally—there’s the marching band uniforms. They look like uniforms for the Oceania Army from a gay--not that there’s anything wrong with that--stage production of “George Orwell’s 1984, The Musical.”

Check them out here: http://www.oregonalumniband.com/Gallery/Gallery.asp?ShowSub=Homecoming%202005 (Pics: Pregame 01 and Pregame 02)

Jeremie said...

Geez I thought poisonous-nut head (aka hamburger head) was pushing it.

Trojan Mike said...

Mascot question:

What is a Buckeye?

Yost said...

A poisonous nut.

Jeremie said...

This is most certainly true.