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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hump Day in the Zone

Today, a bevy of M Zone riches. Scroll down to find:

* If Tressel were on Oprah
* Benny picks up a U-M hottie for Valentine's Day
* A2: The Sports Injury Capitol of the World
* Lloyd fills out his coaching staff

Special Note to Tosu Fans Reading the Tressel Post Below:

In order to save you the time, allow us to post your comments here for you:

"F*ck Michigan!"
"1-4, Fags!"
"Scoreboard, bitches!"

Hope that helped.


Kyle King said...

Shouldn't the "Buckeye Love Caption Contest" have been scheduled to coincide with "Hump Day in the Zone"?

As for the photograph of Benny and his "babe" . . . not cool! I'm on my lunch break, dude!

If making a Georgia lawyer nearly ralph leftover meat loaf and reheated mashed potatoes all over his desk was your goal, well, mission accomplished.

Yost said...

Yeah, maybe Benny's hottie hook-up should come with a Not Safe For Work (or Eating) label.