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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday in the M Zone

Couple of goodies to tide you over for the weekend. Scroll down today to find:

* The first in a new series - The M Zone History Lesson
* Latest M Zone BCS results. No surprise here.
* Auburn sorority forced into hiding over Bear cartoons
* Heismanpundit.com says some nice things about the M Zone
* New M blog up and running

P.S. And don't forget to show us the funny for the latest M Zone Caption Contest below


wds4usc said...

I'm a USC alum and I really like your site. Classy and without the hate that infects so many others. (It seems as if the old "power elite" has this mutual respect and can discuss issues in a fair and enjoyable manner.)
I just want to note that coming back from the USC basketball game I noticed that the LSU "Onepeat" billboard was finally up near the L.A. Sports Arena. Pretty vanilla but kind of dumb. That ten grand could have been used for a scholarship. I've gotten into discussions with some LSU corndogs re the 2003 split but they won't accept reality (see my posts on the lsuoverusc blog) I now call the LSU fans the "Gang of February 30" because no matter how much you try to explain reality and no matter how many facts you provide they just cannot comprehend it. I have always pointed to the class shown by Michigan and Nebraska when they split but this is more like the Colorado-Georgia Tech split with poor sport Bill McCartney badmouthing Tech.
Anyway, great site and Go Blue and Fight On!

Yost said...

Heard that was up. And couldn't agree more about the money being better spent.

wds4usc said...

Amazing! Most of the posters on the LSU boards are embarrassed by the billboard. I guess they got what they wished for.

Yost said...

It is embarrassing. It's up and... uh, who cares? Isn't this about the 2003 season? My calendar says 2006.

MikeTheTiger said...

lsu fan here guys. Yes, a vast majority of us are embarrassed by the billboard. I don't have a problem with a split at all. What I do have a problem with is USC fans grouping a fanbase of several hundred thousand people together for what maybe a couple hundred have argued over the internet or donated to that ridiculous billboard. Point taken?

wds4usc said...

Thanks, mikethetiger. You are rational and that is much appreciated. The lsuoverusc board is getting nasty with lies and half-truths and a lot of people are getting tired of it (on both sides). The threats of violence against the uscdynasty guy were not right at all. Has LSU itself issued any comments? That might be helpful.

Also, thanks Yost for listening and letting me vent here!

MikeTheTiger said...

sorry, I've never heard of that site so I really don't know what's going on. If there was violence against one of you guys, I apologize for the trash who started it. I've visited Rivals a lot and the guys on there seem to think we're all bad. Oh well. It's college football and although we love it, there are lot of things much more important in life. Hope we can meet next year in the big game, but that might be wishful thinking given our competition. Good luck in the future. Fight On and Geaux Tigers.

wds4usc said...

Thanks again, Mike. No need to apologize as it's obvious you're a good guy. The lsuoverusc site, just to clarify, did not mention violence--that was from the New Orleans paper which reported that the uscdynasty guy and his family were threatened along with Lamar Billboard CO. in Baton Rouge. The lsuoverusc site is dedicated to "debunking" the "myth" that USC won a piece of the 2003 NC. The problem is that they ignore the comments from the schools and BCS themselves and the actions of the parties following (no injuction, LSU and the BCS recognized the AP, the AP was never de-certified and not an official part of the BCS, etc, etc.). There were lawyers on there arguing the USC position but were roundly ignored. In 2003,we were, at the time, happy for LSU but all hell broke loose later! This Michigan site has some excellent analysis as well.

Once again, thanks for being reasonable and a good guy. See ya in Phoenix!