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Friday, February 10, 2006

English to Remain at Michigan

Various sources are reporting that Ron English has backed out of his deal to become the secondary coach of the Chicago Bears to remain at Michigan, where he is expected to be named the team's defensive coordinator.

Here's the link to the story on Scout.com (it's only an intro.; premium content is needed for the entire article.) Here's another link from the Chicago Bears website.


surrounded in columbus said...

a couple of other sites have picked up the story, too. if this is true and he ends up the DC- we won't have to debate whether Herrmann is really a genius or not!

BaggyPantsDevil said...

This little drama is actually getting interesting, like a soap opera, only better.

Ron agrees to commit to Lovie, a wedding is date set, elaborate preparations are made, Ron proclaims he’s the happiest he’s ever been and looking forward to sharing his life with Lovie, BUT last minute nerves get the better of him and he goes running back to his first love, Lloyd.

Fans and recently recruited defensive backs rejoice.

Mike--ever the troublemaker—tells Jim that Ron and Lloyd are back together.

Jim: “No way!”

Mike: “Way!”

Jim: “I don’t believe you, Lloyd wouldn’t do that to me, he loves me.”

Mike: “I saw them, together, out in the garden. You should have seen how Lloyd looked into Ron’s eyes.”

Jim: “That little bitch!”

Jim is hurt, angry, confused. “Does Lloyd still love me?” After a crying jag and a bottle of merlot, Jim stumbles into the night desperately looking for someone to love him just to ease the pain. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Cheesy music plays as the camera pans across a seedy motel room to show Jim, sleeping, his arms around a trans-gendered prostitute. Fade to black.

IC said...

Both the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press confirm today that English will be Michigan's defensive coordinator next year. The News speculates that Herrmann has interviewed for an assistant job with the New York Jets, though he could return to Michigan with a different role--possibly special teams coach--a spot vacated when Debord was elevated to O-coordinator.



surrounded in columbus said...

you missed your calling- writing for a cable based late night soap should have been your career!

as for the coaching changes- i would like to take back some (not all) of the criticisms i've had of Lloyd over the last few months/years. it took him a while to make these changes (years it seems), but in the end, they are pretty big. no matter what happens next season, i can't bitch Lloyd sat on his hands (again) during the off season.

i think both changes are pretty positive, too.

DeBord may have washed out as an HC, but he was a very successful OC from '97-'99 (we were 32-5 during those years). plus, the special teams have really stepped over the last two years since he took over coaching them.

likewise, everything you hear/read about English is very positive. and let's face it, w/ the defensive performances over the last 5 seasons, almost any change is bound to be positive.

in both cases, the schemes on offense and defense will be different next year, and after last season, anything different is good.