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Friday, February 03, 2006

Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad for Working at Hooters

Ok, this is just wrong: an East Tennessee State University cheerleader was allegedly kicked off the squad because she worked at Hooters.

Eighteen year old Kimberly Sams says the cheerleading coach, Tammy Bartow, told her she was being dismissed because being a "Hooters girl" was not in keeping with the ETSU squad's image. Uh, just what exactly is the lofty ETSU cheerleading image to begin with? No offense, but I didn't even know there was something such as "ETSU" before I read this story. Sounds like some sort of tax form: "After you fill out your 1040, if you have outside income, please fill out the ETSU report as well."

While this is obviously unfortunate for Kimberly, there is a silver lining, folks: We have another competitor for the next first round match-up in the M Zone BCS - Blog Co-ed Showdown!

Tune in next week to find out who she'll be up against.


Ben said...

That's a shame.

She looks hot, but the picture's too small to get a true read.

HomeFries94 said...

Shame is right.

Holding a legitimate, paying job is contrary to the image of ETSU?

What a crock. She should contact The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (http://www.thefire.org/) over this.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

If I were only a lawyer, I'd start up the Cheerleader Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to defending the rights of cheerleaders everywhere to work as Hooter Girls, strippers, and porn stars. The tyranical oppression of these lovely women just has to stop.

And who are these people who keep harassing them? I thought we sent the Taliban running into the Hindu Kush?

Yost said...

Preach, brutha! Preach!

surrounded in columbus said...

" not in keeping with the ETSU squad's image"???

i don't get it. just what is a "cheerleader" image if not pom poms and short skirts? have these guys seen the pics of the UT pom squad???- always looking to give you guys an excuse to post THAT again.

so hooters girls wear short shorts and a tee shirt? what part of that uniform is insconsistent w/ wearing a cheer leader out fit???

flippin' unamerican.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

It’s all so hypocritical. A football game is pretty much a display of the elemental characteristics that make the genders sexually attractive to each other. Men display the size, strength, speed, and spatial abilities (hey Unk, watch me hit this running Megaloceros with a tight spiral) that make them good hunters and warriors. The women—as cheerleaders on the sidelines—show off their youth, fitness, and ever useful flexibility.

Anonymous said...

Kind of pissed at some comments here. Kim is a real person, ya know. I'm her cousin! And I agree that a cheerleaders image is pompoms and short skirts, so working at Hooters shouldn't be a big deal. A job is a job, that simple. And f-you jerks.

Yost said...

Uh, Anon, if you look again, I think that was the point of most comments people posted: That working at Hooters is just a job and she shouldn't have been fired b/c of it.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Cousin--and I'm going to forego the strong urge to make a comment about the stereotype of cousins in Tennessee--it should be obvious that we're pretty much unanimous here in feeling that Kim's getting a raw deal.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with working at Hooters and definitely nothing wrong with being a cheerleader. As Kim's brought up in interviews, ETSU coaches and athletes go to Hooters as customers!

You got it wrong, we support her. I hope you'll pass on to Kim, that sports fans and admirers of cheerleaders everywhere are pulling for her.

Any chance you could get her to post a comment here?

Anonymous said...

Poor girl can't even afford a decent pair of jeans and they are booting her...