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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blog Co-ed Showdown Results: OSU girl rolls

In a result as predictable as a Michigan 4th quarter collapse last season, the hot Ohio State video girl crushed the ex-ETSU cheerleader/Hooters waitress in the latest M Zone Blog Co-ed Showdown (BCS). The final margin of victory was roughly 83% to 17% with the 83% still unable to get that song out their heads.

We have our next BCS match-up lurking on the horizon with a contest that we hope will be closer: FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger and Brady Quinn's sister, Laura.

But in our 16 person field, I think we all are hoping for a clash of #1 vs. #2 at the end of the season: The ASU cheerleader-turned-porn star vs. the hot Ohio State video chick. That's why the M Zone BCS was created, to hopefully pit #1 vs. #2 against each other on the field (and in our imaginations).

Note: Benny has finished the draw sheet which we will post next week. Right now, we only have 6 competitors. We are accepting reader submissions if you have an idea for us so that this BCS competition may coincide with March Madness.

UPDATE: Today is not the actual vote for the BCS clash between Jenn and BQ's sis. Like ESPN trying to pump up a Thursday night battle between Louisville and Louisiana-Monroe, we're just whetting your appetite here.

And to all of you already counting out plucky little Laura Quinn, have you forgot that this is the same girl, who only two short months ago captivated a nation (and ABC's sideling coverage) during the Fiesta Bowl? How quickly you forget. Plus, wait for the official M Zone scouting report.


Kyle King said...

This one's even less close than the last one.

If you prefer Laura Quinn to Cowgirl Jenn, your favorite cowboy movie isn't "Rio Bravo," it's "Brokeback Mountain."

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Not even close. Jenn Sterger all the way. And I have a harddrive full of FSU Cowgirl pictures to prove it.

I'm not even sure our alternate male readers would go for Laura Quinn, that ND/OSU Franken-jersey is a fashion disaster.

Anonymous said...

Jenn Sterger

John Frum said...

Jenn's got this one wrapped up. In fact, any of the Cowgirls would beat Laura, the ETSU cheerleader, or the USC song girl.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell ya but #1 vs. #2 would be The Porn Cheerleader vs. Cowgirl Jenn.

Ben said...

I vote for the female out of the two.

Laura Quinn is a maaan, baby!

The King said...

You might as well have put Jenn Sterger up against a head of lettuce.

Yost said...

LOL, King!!

John Frum said...

Giving this more thought, it seems to me that you need to have both a professional category and an amateur one. It is fine to have Jenn battle it out with Laura or tOSU girl vs. ETSU.

But when you include Courtney, and experienced professional, none of the amateurs have much of a chance.

Better to include Renee Thomas (formerly) of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders vs. the other pros like Courtney.

WIL 66 said...

John glad that you pointed out that courtney is the only "professional" However with Cowgirl Jenn set to appear in photo spreads in Maxim and Playboy that would make her psuedo-professional at the least. Either way, they are in a league of their own and THAT would be a much better match up than even this most recent National Championship. Oh what i would do to see Courtney and Jenn mud wrestle.