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Friday, February 10, 2006

Blog Co-ed Showdown: And the winner is...

In a result about as predictable as the Wolverines throwing a six yard out pattern on 3rd and 10, ASU cheerleader-turned-porn-star Courtney Simpson (nee Cox) trounced "Stacy," the confused USC Song Girl, in the first early round M Zone BCS: Blog Co-ed Showdown.

After winning close to 90% of the vote, Simpson was said to have exclaimed, "yes...Yes...YES!" before squealing in fake delight and saying, "Mmm, Yost, you're so big." (Hey, he who writes the blog entry, gets to live the fantasy, folks)

When told of her lopsided defeat, predictably, Stacy cheered for Courtney.

Stay tuned for another early season match-up that should be about as competitive as K-State's non-conference schedule when the hot Ohio State video chick takes on the ETSU cheerleader/Hooters waitress.

If the favorite comes through as expected, the M Zone could be heading for a BCS clash of the titans to rival USC vs. Texas in that "other" BCS.


Dezzi13 said...

My vote is already going for the tOSU chick... as much as I regret to do it... I have to. Her video has hooked me on Juelz Santana... damn those good "recruiting" videos from tOSU

BaggyPantsDevil said...

There must be something in the water in Tempe, this recently in:

An 18-year-old male ASU student was arrested Sunday night (29 January) at Hayden Library and charged with indecent exposure and public sexual indecency. The suspect allegedly pulled his pants and underwear to his mid-thighs to masturbate while watching pornography on his laptop. When asked why he had gone to the library to view pornography and masturbate, the suspect allegedly told police, "To be honest, the Internet connection at my dorm isn't good enough."

Maybe that was his way of voting for Courtney?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Also, Kimberly Sams has found an opportunity to continue her cheerleading, with the Tennessee Raptors of the Alliance Football League (whatever the hell that is).

Her tryout went something like this (and no, I'm not making this up, it's a quote from Raptors owner Randy Ferrell):

"Members of the coaching staff went to Hooters after a team workout and I recalled the story, so we asked about her," said Ferrell on Sunday. "I asked how I could contact her and they said 'she's right over there, if you'd like to talk with her.' We did and she very enthusiastically said she would love to become a member of our squad. She loves to cheerlead and she absolutely loves football."

She's now a Jammin'Raptor Girl. Check it here: http://www.tennesseeraptors.com/

Although brand new to the Raptor organization, Kimberly is the only Jammin' Raptor Girl with a photo album. Way to cash in Randy.

Fox News has interviewed her, too.

Anonymous said...

I watched that video. She's got a niiice body, but it's a good thing her face is out of the shot for most of it.