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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ben vs. Matt: Battle of the Drunk QBs

Pro or college? For football fans on each side, the debate is endless. But we're not talking about the game. Hell no. We're talking about something much more important: partying quarterbacks. Ben vs. Matt. Leinart vs. Roethlisberger.

Welcome to the first ever...

M Zone Battle of the Drunk QBs

Last week, the good folks at Deadspin.com posted multiple pictures of an apparently drunk Ben Roethlisberger in which, sporting a "Drink Like a Champion Today" t-shirt, the Steeler QB was living it up with some lady friends.

Of course, viewing these pictures smade us think we'd seen them before. They looked...familiar. Then we remembered SC QB Matt Leinart who had his own set of "Drunk star QB all over hot chicks" photos which we had previously posted:

So, pro or college? Who's the bigger partier? And who hangs with the cuter ladies? It's time to finally settle the score. Here. Now. In the M Zone.

Leinart-Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger-Leinart.

Let's get it on!

The categories are as follows:

1) Who is more wasted?

2) Who is with the hotter girls?

Make sure to view all the pictures at the links above before making your decision. Do not take your responsibility lightly, folks.

Leave a comment to vote or VOTE HERE.


IC said...

Ben is drunker, but Matt is with the hotter girl (unless you count "The Grenade" as being with Matt, in which case the Hot Girl category is a draw.)

Yost said...


You raise a potential bombshell of a complication in this whole poll.

Well done.

enotswhat said...

how are you gonna leave out Eli??

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I’m going to have to give this one to Ben on both counts with a bit of explanation.

The Drinking:

Matt is clearly looking a little bleary eyed and flushed, clear indications of being drunk. The thing is he doesn’t look like he’s having an especially great time and there’s nothing in photos that even show him drinking alcohol. It could be that he’s just tired and jet-lagged (these photos were taken in New York).

Ben, on the other hand, is wearing a shirt that announces his goal of inebriation and is shown carrying—not just a glass, but—an entire bottle of liquor, which he generously shares with his new special friends. Ben is clearly enjoying himself and looks like a fellow who’s an experienced drinker and knows how to drink heavily while not ending up passed out or kneeling before the commode.

Score one for Ben.

The Ladies:

Matt is with the hottest chick in any of the photos, but there is the issue of the none too happy blonde in the background. There are two possible explanations for this. One, Matt—his sights firmly fixed on the hottie—is simply ignoring her and she’s pissed about it. Two, Matt let her know up front that he’s not that in to her, but she can tag along if she’ll perform some girl on girl action on her friend for his entertainment (hey, you have to find something to fill up and shorten that refractory period). Although Matt gets points for the hottest chick here, he also loses some for not effectively juggling multiple women.

Although none of Ben’s lady friends are as hot as Matt’s, he’s with three and all three are nothing but smiles. This lack of envy, disappointment, and cattiness leads me to believe that Ben has let them know that there’s plenty of Ben to go around and that all three are going to have a very enjoyable evening. And, even though Ben is going for quantity here, these women are all attractive enough to indicate he hasn’t abandoned quality either. So, Ben can not only get multiple sufficiently hot women at the same time, he does it in a way that none feels left out and all are happy and satisfied.

Score another one—or in this case another three—for Ben.

This seems to highlight the difference between the college game and the pro game. Sure, Matt can parlay his good looks and celebrity athlete status into hooking up with hot women, but probably still needs to pace himself on the alcohol consumption and hasn’t yet mastered the groups sex aspect of the game. Ben, on the other hand, seems to be channeling Babe Ruth by effortlessly mixing serious drinking and multiple women into nights of hedonistic pleasure that leaves everyone happy. Also, I wouldn’t doubt if he polished off a 72 ounce sirloin and a couple of baked potatoes just before the photos were taken.

Yost said...

LOL, BPD! As always, your analysis is spot on.

Yost said...


Wow! Thanks for the pic! Hadn't seen that.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

It should be noted that watching girl on girl action isn't the only way to rest up. University of Miami players favor watching their roommates and several guys from down the hall take their turns while they recuperate.

NFL Adam said...

I would say both are struggling with the chicks. Espeically if rumors of Mike McMahon tagging Cara from RW/RR Challenge are true.

WIL 66 said...

I'm gonna have to say that Ben is definately the drunker of the two....as for the girls...that's just to hard of a call b/c I know I wouldn't kick either out of bed

Casey S said...

Is it me, or are the women strikingly similar?

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