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Monday, February 13, 2006

Battle of the Drunk QBs: Female Reader Edition

For months, we here at the M Zone assumed that our readers are mostly just knuckleheaded guys like us. But a comment under our recent "Battle of the Drunk QBs" post by a female reader made us stop to consider the M Zone demo is larger than we first thought. She wrote:

"Hey! How about adding a category for us girls: Which one of the 4 quarterbacks is the hottest?"
First of all, we respect and appreciate any women hanging out with us here in the M Zone. Any ladies who follow sports, especially college football, are all right in our book.

Obviously, we didn't realize you were out there reading on a regular basis. But continue to comment and send us emails and, like ESPN adding the WNBA scores to the bottom of the sports ticker, we'll put up more posts geared your way (plus Benny thinks if we do, he might get laid. Doubtful).

So this post is for the M Zone women (and any guys who want to vote as well...not that there's anything wrong with that). Per your request, the M Zone presents...

Battle of the Drunk QBs: Female Reader Edition

See, just ask and we listen, ladies (which only works because we're not married to you or dating you).

Ladies, the categories are:

1) Which QB is the hottest?

2) Which of the girls would you hook up with? (Sorry, couldn't resist. Besides, we're guessing over 90% of our readers are guys so, you know, throw us bone here. I mean, we did put up a post for you. Christ, listen to us. We even beg for it on the Internet.)

Leave us a comment and/or VOTE HERE

PS Guys, it would be really helpful to us all if you forwarded this to some female friends. Really, that's win-win for everybody.


The King said...

Matt is clearly the hottest. What an idiotic question.

Anonymous said...

Matt is SO NOT the hottest. He is nothing but a SORE loser, claiming he doesn't get into the "Hollywood Scene" - yet funny enough....MANY of his friends are celebrities. SO glad he is gone!

The King said...

Dude, Matt is TOTALLY the hottest. YOU are the sore loser!


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Matt's nothing more than a Hollywood Pretty Boy. Ben's got that whole Wyoming sheephearder thing going on.