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Friday, February 24, 2006

And the HP Blog Award goes to...

Recently, the good folks over at Heismanpundit.com handed out their HP Blog Awards and yours truly won the following...

Most Objective, Hate-Free, Easy-Going, Yet Partisan Blog - Michigan Zone - These guys skewered the Onepeat.com crowd because, well, it was the right thing to do. Not above making fun of Michigan, either. No haters here.

While we're pretty sure Buckeye fans might disagree, we appreciate it. Thanks!


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Are we certain this is an "award?"

Being objective, hate-free, and easy going sounds almost like an insult in the blogsphere.

Kyle King said...

Don't worry.

I still think The M Zone is a great weblog, despite the fact that Heismanpundit approves of it.

Ken VP said...

Who gets to do the Desmond Howard, "Heisman" pose?

You guys deserve the award, and more.

GoBucks said...

Hey, I am a Buckeye fan thru and thru and I love this sight. A friend who is a UoM fan sent me the link. I especially enjoy the reference of Tosu (I hate T as well). Anyway wouldn't mind meeting you guys late in November if you go to the game in the shoe. I hate our fans actions as well.

Jeremie said...

^^^SEE!!! There's more of them like me out there!

Yost said...


You are 100% class. If all OSU fans were like you, well, we might have to shut down this blog.

Heisman Pundit said...

The point is that you can read this site and enjoy it without having to take a shower afterwards to wash away all the maize 'n blue every time (or whatever a site's school colors are).

Which is how all blogs that are based around following a team should be (Kyle, take note).

Kyle King said...

With all due respect, Heismanpundit, you run your weblog the way you see fit and I'll run mine the way I see fit.

I can't imagine that anyone who has ever read Kyle on Football or Dawg Sports has felt the need to shower afterwards, but, if they have, they're probably Auburn fans, who could use a bath, anyway.

Anonymous said...

You do know the entire reason they gave you this pseudo award is that you bashed LSU fans in their onepeat.com crusade?

Yost said...

You say that like it's a bad thing, Anon.

But you need to do a little more homework - neither I nor we bashed LSU fans in general, just the jokers behind the onepeat.com "campaign"

I'd bet even most LSU fan think it's a stupid waste. Yeah, nice going chowder heads - you put up a billboard about the 2003 season in Feb 2006. Real nice.

Anonymous said...

Take your blinders off.

You're so opposed to the onepeat campaign because it indirectly hurts your view.

First, you like the idea of split titles. Otherwise, you have nothing from 1997, even though the rest of the CFB world knows Nebraska would have destroyed you.

Second, the AP is all you have from 97, so you want to protect the AP's credibility as much as possible.

Third, you lost to that USC team. There is more honor and respect in losing to the "national champion" -- which USC was not in 2003 -- than losing to just another top 5 team.

heismanpundit said...

Woe unto all of us who walk into the hornet's nest that is the Onepeat cult.

Their arguments can hijack an entire blog comments section. And no matter how much you school them, they just keep coming.

Woe! Woe!

And Kyle, I can say the same thing to you. You somehow always have a thing or two to say about me in people's comments section, thinking I must not read it. Just let it go and let me do my thing, if that's what you want me to do with you.

Kyle King said...

6:49 a.m. Anonymous, that simply isn't a fair criticism.

The vast majority of the weblogs that have commented on the "Onepeat" campaign are written by fans of schools (Southern Cal, L.S.U., Texas) with a dog in that fight . . . or by fans of schools (like U.C.L.A.) who have axes to grind with Southern Cal.

The M Zone fits into neither category and the assessment offered here is unbiased, regardless of whether you agree with it.

Furthermore, the split title of 1997 has nothing to do with it. Quite apart from the fact that Michigan legitimately should have won both titles (the coaches gave Tom Osborne the national title in his swansong season for the same reason the Academy gave Henry Fonda an Oscar for "On Golden Pond"), 1997 was in the pre-B.C.S. era.

The entire argument of the "Onepeat" crowd is that the B.C.S. changed everything, rendering the previous system irrelevant. I disagree with that argument, but, even if you accept it as valid, its premise presumes that the A.P. poll was legitimate and relevant prior to the institution of the B.C.S. system in 1998.

In short, if the "Onepeat" crowd was right, it wouldn't tarnish the Wolverines' pre-B.C.S. A.P. title in the slightest.

Finally, Heismanpundit, I will thank you not to presume to tell me what goes on inside my head. It's not that I think you must not read it; it's that it makes no difference to me whether you read it. I would think you would respect my approach of writing what I believe, regardless of what other people think, since you make such a point of doing so yourself.

However, you know from previous experience (e.g., my public apology to you at E.D.S.B.S.) that I do not believe in picking the splinter from my brother's eye until I have first removed the plank from my own eye.

Consider yourself henceforth ignored.

Kyle King said...

One other quick point, Anonymous:

In 2003, Southern Cal ended the regular season ranked No. 1 in both the A.P. and coaches' polls. It was not until after the bowl games that the coaches' poll (due to its contractual obligation with the B.C.S.) moved the Trojans down to No. 2.

So Michigan lost that Rose Bowl to the No. 1 team in the country, regardless of the poll you're using.