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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Alabama vs. Auburn Fans

Not too long ago, we put up an innocuous little post about Auburn's "multiple" mascots and forgot about it. Little did we know what kind of hornets nest we were stirring up.

That post has generated the most comments ever for one entry here on the M Zone. Man, and we thought there was bad blood between M/OSU. Reading the comments under that post would make Palestinians and Israelis shake their heads and go, "Wow, those folks really hate each other."

Glad we could provide a Cyber Iron Bowl for you fans. Which gave us an idea...

If you notice above, we have the first ever M Zone BCS -- Blog Co-ed Showdown -- match-up going on. And from your comments under the Auburn mascot post, each of your school's fans claim their side has the prettier co-eds. So, in an effort to settle the dispute (and see hot SEC girls), if we get pictures of Auburn and Alabama co-eds (which either have something with a recent date or "M Zone" visible so we know they're a) real students and b) recent pictures), we will host the 2006 M Zone Alabama/Auburn version of our BCS - Blog Co-ed Showdown.

That's what we do, folks. We give like that.

Please note: As much as it pains me to say this, no nudity in the pictures.


peter said...

where are the pics of the fine ladies of Alabama & Auburn? Although I am a Bama fan, I married a hottie from Auburn.

Yost said...

We're trying, Peter. We're trying.

Clark McDuff said...

That Tiger Eagle thing sounds like something they hunt in Auburn.....hillbillies. Cow College....their battle cry should be Moooo. ROLL TIDE.

billy bob bammer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, a cow college. I see...
A note for the bammers: You had a lucky season, congrats. I'm honestly glad that Crodie "London" Broyle was able to keep his tender knees from buckling this year(Note last year when he tore his acl for running out of bounds). We on the Plains were tired of hearing how many times you would have beat us if only Brodie would have been healthy. As you can see, Brodie's first start in the Iron Bowl resulted in a Brodie sandwich about 11 times. You will always have the "Bear".

KP/War Damn Eagle!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we will always have Coach Bryant, which by the way was little shug's daddy, Bryant had a record of 13-5 against your greatest coach ever, now go get back to picking that cotton boy!

WAH said...

To those folks who like to call us a "Cow College". So are Penn State, Cornell, Florida, Georgia, and many other fine institutions. My Grandfather was Penn St.(33'), my father was Penn St. 62', We moved to Atlanta in 78. My dad said that Auburn had the feel of Penn St. All Bama makes are lawyers and we all know what they are good for. From someone with northern roots and loving the south, redneck is not a geographical definition, but a state of mind. Just as many up there, as there are down here. WDE class of 89'!

Anonymous said...

I am an engineer, and I graduated from Bama. You on the other hand are an idiot.

What does an Auburn grad say to an Alabama grad?

Do you want fries with that sir?

Screw You Auburn!!!!! and GO TO HELL!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

By the way Barn pukes. How is Wayne Hall and his endowment fund? How about Rev Chette? How's the former coaches hush fund coming along?

Michigan fans,

There are three things that are certain in life.

Death, Taxes, and Barn fans being asshole.

Once again: Screw you Auburn!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is funny! lol

joevick1 said...

Hey Bamers, after you're finished making out with your sisters and kicking your dogs, visit this website:


be patient, it may take a while to load, especially since you probably don't have a high speed connection in your single wide home on wheels.

Anonymous said...

Hey dickhead, maybe you should learn to spell "Bammer" before you come over to talk shit. I see that your Barn education is really paying off.

Congrats on having the worst basketball team in the SEC for the second straight year.

Anonymous said...

it just pains these auburn fans.ok michigan fans here's how it is:i dont care how good auburn says they are,they will ALWAYS be second fiddle in the heart of dixie.0-11 or 11-0 bama has the most followed and most covered team in the state,while auburn doesnt.yes,auburn has had the upper hand recently,but they will always be the little brother who couldnt tag along.get some winning tradition(more than a sec title)auburn,and maybe we can make a argument.ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

Anonymous said...

They have had some recent success against us. Funny how reduced scholarships will do that to you. The playing field is becoming more and more level by the day. Fear the thumb? LOL, we will stick that thumb up your ass.

Anonymous said...

For all you folks outside Alabama who are observing this for the first time, there is a pattern you will observe. Since it is spring, and Alabama "won" the A-day game, the Bammers are starting to crawl from under rocks, proclaiming some Freshmen QB as the next Namath, figuring that the all-SEC team will simply be a copy of the bammer depth chart, and pulling the underpinning off their trailers so they can put the wheels back on in September to travel to games (is they can keep the repo men at bay.) This idiocy will rise to a fever pitch until November 18 when Auburn goes to Tubberville-Denney Stadium and, for the fifth year in a row, treats Alabama like boys do their sisters in Tuscaloosa county. The bammers will then enjoy a second rate bowl, and be overjoyed if Auburn loses on New Years Day in a real game. The bammers will then crawl in their caves, rejoicing in the past, and looking for the next Namath.

Anonymous said...

Hey jackoff,

I live in a 6000 sq ft house in Greystone in Shelby County, and I am a Bama alum.
I wouldn't talk bad about Bama's A-Day game, because at last count we had 40,000 show up for a glorified scrimmage, and you Barn goat fuckers only had about 16,000 to show up in the "Lovliest Little Shithole on the Plains". Try again little brother.

Anonymous said...

And the difference between you and most bama fans is the "Alum" part. And 16K is pretty good for an A-day game that you only have 10K tickets for. thats 6K people that showed up to just hang out!! ALSO, there are 25K people in Auburn on any given day because of school...Bama Alum == good for society...90% of Bama fans aren't alums...90% of bama fans are TRASH.

Its been 1613 Days since you've beaten us....

Anonymous said...

Wow! A 6000 square foot house! Another bama 'alum' living with his parents, no doubt. The fact of the matter is this:

Bama fans are stuck in a time warp. They are still in 1979 and have the college football world by the balls! Kids will turn down a scholorship offer from other universities to walk on at Bammer!

The truth is that the college football world has passed them by, and their arrogance will not allow them to admit that they are now '2nd fiddle' in the state to The School Down The Road, and will be from now on. War Damn Eagle!

Anonymous said...

You Auburn pieces of crap really amaze me. First of all, let me set the record straight. I am an engineer, and have not lived with my parents in over 20 years. Secondly, the Barner claim that all of their fans are alums is absurd. That is probably the dumbest arguement I have ever heard.

Bu bu bu bu bu bu but our fans are all alums.

Sir, you are a dumbass. Plain and simple.

You also say the college football world has passed us by. Let me ask you a question. If the college football world has passed us by, then how come we get much more respect than Auburn???? Huh????? That's what I though. Finished in the top ten (higher that Auburn I might add), won our bowl game. We had an SI cover (where you guys did not, even during the best run you ever had two years ago lol). On national TV every week instead of the 11AM Jefferson Pilot game that Auburn fans are used to. The fact of the matter is that you guys have put your team on a pedastal. The only problem is that nobody outside of Lee County can see it. Now go back to Trailer U. and think about that one Barner.

bamafan86 said...

lets get some insight from another storied program,michigan.michigan fans?do you think college football has passed alabama by?my guess is no.somebody in budapest knows the name alabama,but ive had people ask me''auburn,they are in michigan right?''they are confused with auburn hills.which shows how much auburn is followed outside of auburn-opelika area.ROLL TIDE ROLL

Boomer Bear said...

Why is everyone who talks so much trash insist on psoting anon? I would think if you have an opinion you should have the testicular fortitude to own up to them and post your name or sign-in. Anyone can insult someone and hide behind the "anon" label. Michigan fans, can you please back me up on this? If ND-Mich fans talk trash for the most part they own up to it. And by the way, in the south do you use trailers to mark the endzones or the boundries? And since everyone is related does it really matter which of the schools you went to?

06-07 National Champions -Notre Dame!


Anonymous said...

Odds are 8 to 1 a female wins the Heisman trophy before auburn ever wins a national championship

Anonymous said...

and odds are that an elephent will fly and you will fuck every single girl in the world before bama beats as you call it that "cow college". Bama fans are all fags and you know it. So go fuck your dad bama fans.

Anonymous said...

this is so funnnnny. it's just a football game. why doesn't auburn secede from the state of alabama or something and declare themselves national champions.

Anonymous said...

Hey bama fans, STOP LIVING IN THE PAST. bear bryant is DEAD...GET OVER IT! Who gives a flying fuck about your 12 National Championships? Ya'll haven't come close to one in 14 years since your last one. Auburn has had 2 undefeated seasons since your last championship ('93, '04) and not to mention we've been stompin' your ass for the last 4 years (5 after Saturday). bama fans are always going to dwell on something that happened years ago and nobody gives a crap except other bama fans. So to all you bama fans from everybody: SHUT THE HELL UP!! NOBODY CARES!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!

Bend over Bama...here comes the thumb!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a Bama fan and I will be pulling for "The Thumb" this year. It is time for Shula to say bye-bye to Bama and the powers that be will not get rid of him until he commits some atrocity. So, for the first and, I hope last time ever, I will be pulling for the cow college in the Iron Bowl. RTR. By the way, my boyfriend is an Auburn fan and he has already told me about the backlash I am going to get from the Bama fans. Don't waste your breath; SHULA NEEDS TO GO!!!

Anonymous said...

As an Alabama student, I find this whole mess dreadfully embarrassing. Not the losing part, no, I'm talking about all the mud slinging between Alabama and Auburn fans.

I particularly love how both parties insist on making redneck jokes. Cuz, like, y'all? Both teams? Located in the state Alabama. Pot, kettle, etc. See also: References to either side being drunks.

It isn't quite as good as the whole "living in the past" counterpoint. Guys? Yes, you would have to live in the past to celebrate any victories, because as soon as the timer hits "00:00" the game is over. In the past, even.

And don't get me wrong, it isn't like both teams are innocent. No, both teams do things that are so asinine they should be mocked and ridiculed for. Examples includes the Tide's 2006 season and Auburn's National Championship Ring debacle.

I actually hope most of the posters here aren't students, because, like, yikes. I have a lot of friends who attend Auburn, and I've met a lot of people down there. They're generally good people. Certainly not the sheep humpers or morons or rednecks (well, not any more so than the kids in Tuscaloosa) that the overzealous Bama fans like to claim them to be.

I mean, if you guys really validate yourselves by which team wins, that's... great. Really. But, uh, could you affiliate yourselves with different teams? Cuz, like, its embarrassing for both schools.

auburnstudent06 said...

First of all, let me state one thing both Alabama and Auburn fans can agree on...SEC football is the best, hands down.

Alabama does have the history. You guys have your legit 6 National Championships, even if the Bear did cheat to get them. He didn't get caught, so more power to you. You also had a good year 2 years ago. Lucky, but good.

Now, on to my problems with Alabama fans...quit trying to act like you are the best team in the world. Don't try to act like you are the best in the west. If UAB hadn't been down this year, I would tell you to not try to act like you are second-best in AL (you got lucky that they sucked this year). It is time to admit that Auburn has passed you by for the time being, not to say that Rich Rodriguez won't bring you back to being competitive. The days that most Alabama fans brag about but weren't alive for are over. You are yesterday's news. Sit back and enjoy Auburn's run for a while. Enjoy 6-6 while you can, it will turn to a losing season really quick.

By the way, Auburn and Alabama both have unbelievable looking girls. Alabama girls are the ones you look for to have a fun night. Auburn girls are the ones you want to spend the rest of your life with.

One last thing, when was the last time you beat us in Tuscaloosa?

War Eagle!

Electrical Engineer
Class of '06
(never spent a day in a barn)

Anonymous said...

We all know them Bama fans love a Rod.... Now they can scream it without being outed.

Kevin said...

Fuck Bama. Bunch of damned hill billy sister fuckers.

MAX said...

Go to hell Awbarn

cow college where sociology degrees are handed out like candy


this is the myspace profile of the a one of the bama twins

Auburn Andrew said...

No funnier concept than "Bamer Engineer"... I've been to your little piss ant college over there in West Vance and I must say its just as much of a "cow college" as Auburn.

Name one thing that Alabama is better than Auburn at since the mid 90's (that matters and no, gymnastics doesn't matter)... Not football... Not academics (Auburn has been the highest ranked school in the state for the last 11 years, we have better engineering, architecture, pharmacy, veterinary and even business.)...Not anything.

Go back to your crappy little school that is the embarrassment of Alabama and continue your cheatin' losin' ways.