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Thursday, January 26, 2006

When Cheerleaders Go Bad

This is the first in an occasional series looking at the folks behind the players in college athletics.

Get to Know: Courtney Cox (no, not that one)

We've been talking about cheerleaders a lot on this site lately, namely the SC Song Girl who cheered for the wrong team. But there is another cheerleader who gets around way more than the Photoshopped SC girl ever did. She showed up in my inbox about two months ago. But when her pictures were submitted to us for the M Zone All-Hotness Team, we thought it was time to "expose" her story...at least the parts we can show on a sometimes R-rated - but never X-rated - website.

Now, you may already know the tawdry tale of former (very former now) ASU cheerleader Courtney Cox (the blonde above). And yes, her real name is Courtney Cox which she changed so as not to be confused with the more famous actress (a great irony when you read about her new profession).

Better known professionally now as "Courtney Simpson," it seems Miss Cox decided to try her hand (among other things) as an "actress" in adult XXX videos. And, in one of one of the first starring roles in Double Dutch, she wore her ASU uniform while "performing" (below).

Needless to say, the folks at Arizona State were not amused. Especially since ASU cheerleaders are required to sign a pledge stating, "I know that I am part of a team representing ASU and will therefore always try to present myself in the best interest of the university."

Now, we at the M Zone are pretty, pretty, pretty sure that starring in said adult video wearing your team uniform (believe us when we say those were about the ONLY pictures we could show) would most likely not present the university in the best light (well, at least to some people).

But miss Cox was undeterred, adding such noteworthy titles to her resume like 2-on-1 #22, Oral Antics and the simply titled Vault of Whores (which to our surprise, had nothing to do with the Tri Delt house).

Well, hope you enjoyed this look at someone outside the limelight of college athletics. We know we did. And needless to say, unlike the SC cheerleader, we won't be Photoshopping Courtney into any of our pictures.

If you'd like to see more of Courtney "Simpson," she's quite popular on the Internet. And if you'd like to hire her for your next corporate video shoot, be sure to check out her "resume page" on LADirectModels.com (sorry, we're not putting up the link but it's, uh, "informative" and DEFINITELY NOT FOR WORK).


Benny Friedman said...

I don't understand. How could she possibly think that changing her name from Cox would help her in her future industry?

Yost said...


Don't get that either. Like I said, guess she didn't want the "professional confusion" w/ the former FRIENDS star.

M82 said...

"...most likely NOT present the university in the best light..."?

I'm sure several thousand high school male... uh, "matriculators", have now added ASU to the top of their college application list. In fact, I'm thinking of taking up some (WAY) post-graduate studies myself.

Gimme an "F"...!


Ben said...

Could we get the damn all-hotness team up already?!

CapBuck said...

Dang you Yost.

When I got to my work study job (at the seminary) yesterday and tried to pull up your site, it was blocked by the school's site. Reason? "Active links to pornographic material."

I thought, surely, this must be a mistake.

I thought, surely, if I just go tell the network administrator a mistake has been made, she will add the site back to the list.

I thought, surely, this adminstrator (who is also my Old Testament proff) will listen to me.

Then she SAID, surely, you can explain THIS post?


Anonymous said...

notice on the 'double dutch' cover the 'ASU' is transposed backwards as 'USA' -- sure there was some definite thoughts that something may come out about this. okay, now i have to wipe the nose print off my computer screen, excuse me.

Casey S said...

Saying she was popular on the internet was an understatement. I decided to do a quick search and found the raunchiest pics. Not just raunchy, but REALLY raunchy. I feel sorry for her family.

Anonymous said...

As an alumni of ASU, I am so proud! Time and time again, the administration tries its hardest to build a solid academic reputation, but a few classy students at ASU refuse to allow it. Go Sun Devils!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more college cheerleader follow young Courtneys path!

Anonymous said...


Her parents must be verrrrry proud.
NOT WORK FRIENDLY unless your work condones nipple clamps, riding crops, and vibrators.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I finally got around to checking out her agency's site and I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed with Courtney now. She doesn't seem willing to do a whole lot compared to most porn starlets. I loved the "matrix" at the site that allows a producer to get the right actress in the right roles. "The double anal scene here is crucial for plot development." I'm still not sure what G/G/A is, though, girl-girl-animal?

Anonymous said...

If you want to check out Double Dutch for yourself and do not want to go to the hassle of going to the video store and praying you do not see your pastor, you can buy or rent it here:


Definately NOT SAFE FOR WORK but a great way to buy or rent that sort of stuff through the mail.

Anonymous said...

She started a trend. Former CSU cheerleading captain Ashley Myers (aka porn star Ava Miller) did much the same thing, sans the uniform. What is it with these cheer-chicks?

Anonymous said...

She recently did a scene for a movie called "a good source of iron 6"... in which she held a martini glass and allowed 21 strange men to ejaculate into it... then drinking it down and gargling it before swallowing. Very nasty stuff. ;)

danazftball said...

I actually like this girl! Found some new info on her...looks like Wikipedia has been updated. Check it out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtney_Simpson

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