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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vince Young - The Legend Grows

UPDATE: For those who aren't familiar with this picture's origins, this is not a slam on Vince but a reference to the WTC Waldo urban legend from a few years ago, who then was pictured everywhere (ala Vince today).


CapBuck said...

WTF does Vince Young have to do with Sept. 11? I love the humor on this site, even as a Buckeyes fan (great jabs on the Christmas gift-list, btw), but if this is 9/11 related its just plain sick.

CapBuck said...

Ok so this pic got circulated around the net a couple years ago? If that's the case, maybe this isn't so sick...and I just need to edumacate myself some more. My bad if my call was horrendesly premature, and I don't care if I can't spell horrendesly.

Yost said...


Yeah, it was a big urban legend right after 9/11. The pic was the one below with some dude who was "allegedly" on the tower when the plane hit and his buddy's camera was found in the rubble. All bs. You can find the original if you Google WTC Waldo.

Became a joke with people inserting him everywhere. We thought the same w/ VY now achieving god-like status in wake of Rose.

The King said...

Are you saying that Vince Young was somehow involved in the planning of the WTC attacks?

Because if so, that's awful. You should be ashamed.

He almost certainly had nothing to do with it.

Yost said...

Quit trying to stir up trouble, smart ass. Some folks may not get the tongue-in-cheek nature of your post.

capBuck said...


Thanks for the follow up. As promised, I extend my apology.

Regards and Peace,

Jeremie Vore

Yost said...

No apology nec, Cap. Appreciate all the comments.

steve said...

Not funny, not funny at all. As a NY native, that's terrible. Shameful...

Yost said...

Sorry you felt that way, Steve. Obviously it was not meant to be disrespectful. It was only meant to be a play on the ubiquity of VY these days (just as the original guy in this photo started turning up everywhere a few years ago).

In addition, if you read this site regularly, you'll see it's taking the stuff we already had w/ Vince below to the absurd. That's all.

skeetskeet said...

Loeffler, this shilling for corporate America will not stand. Beyond this line, YOU DO NOT, also, dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Bring Back Loeffler, please.