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Monday, January 16, 2006

To our readers...

Some joker posting under the name "Anonymous" - who we believe to either be "Steve," the founder of Onepeat.com, or one of his henchmen - keeps commenting on our site. While we welcome all points of view and are loathe to delete comments even if we disagree, we start to get a little ticked when this windbag keeps putting up the same 9 page essay over and over again on our site to "prove" his point.

Thus, it has been deleted everywhere but in its original comment under our first post on this story if you care to read it. Or might we suggest you actually try the Onepeat.com website where the same thing was posted by one of the site's moderators (shocking, I know).

I hope folks take this sort of behavior into consideration when deciding whether or not to donate to his "cause." And I'm beginning to feel sorrier and sorrier for the 99.9% of decent LSU fans who are being unfairly tarred by this person claiming to speak for them.

Thanks for reading.

The M Zone Staff


Anonymous said...

>>here has never been any substantial USC argument for 2003. This essay has been worked and reworked in a dialectic between USC and LSU fans. You would think, then, with an essay as comprehensive and compelling as this one, that USC fans, who claim to be smarter than LSU fans, would have an elaborate, convincing argument.

But there is none.

Why is that? Before USC beat Oklahoma in 2004's National Championship Game, its last title was in 1978. The results from the 2003 season are out in the open for everyone to see. USC fans have had ample opportunity to disprove me or prove their own case. Yet they haven't, even though the internet brings out pride in people and their causes.

If USC had a case, it would have already been made. Simply put, 2003 USC is one of the most overrated teams in college football history, even more than 1984 BYU. USC fans who have analyzed their season in 2003 I think have realized this, and hope that the media will continue to pull the fleece over the public's eyes.<<

The reason USC fans choose not to answer this "argument" is because we dont care. 99.9% of USC fans couldnt care less about LSU. There's no history, I cant remember them ever playing, they are located across the country, their games are broadcast maybe twice a year in LA on CBS, and its usually when the Trojans are playing anyway. We just dont care. It doesnt matter what you think to us. We have our National Championship, USC, the NCAA, Pac-10, BCS, and the National Media and 119 coaches all recognize USC as co-national champions. Why would we care what a small number of LSU fans think? It has NO bearing on the fact that USC won, is recognized as one, and owns a National Championship trophy, one from 2003, and 2 from 2004.

To all LSU Fans: Enjoy your national championship. I speak for most USC fans, like myself, when I congradulate you for winning a National Championship in 2003. That team was a very fun team to watch, and I enjoyed following LSU, OU, USC, UM, and OSU that year. In hindsight, 2003 may have been the best thing to ever happen to college football.

My question to you is, why do you care that USC won a share of the National Championship trophy? You have your crystal football, enjoy it. The NCAA, AP, Coaches, BCS, USC, LSU, all recognize LSU as National Champions. Why does the fact that USC won the AP National Championship bother you so much?

If you guys deem the AP irrelivent, than their poll shouldnt matter right? Well if their poll doesnt matter, than why are you making such a fuss about the result of the "insignificant" poll?

No ones trying to take away from LSUs national Championship.

Again, Congradulations, and I hope we can meet on the field some day. That would make one heck of a home-and-home.

Daniel Barkin.

Anonymous said...

true daniel,
but i think what this LSU fan and some of the others are trying to get across is their frustration (and rightfully so) of ESPN and ABC's misleading PR campaign of USC's majestic 3-peat, with no mention whatsoever of LSU's 03' BCS national championship. Some people HAVE seem to forgotten and it was LSU playing the BCS #1 OU team, that they beat soundly for the championship. USC beat us the great team we had that year, but truth be told, we were #4 and had a two loss record. I can see why they are annoyed with it, and LSU/USC would make a great game. Take care guys.

Anonymous said...

I just think it's funny that a guy who says "reworked in a dialectic between USC and LSU fans" is concerned about whether USC has come up with an elaborate, convincing argument.

Interesting note being that over at the Tigerdroppings blog, a pretty good portion of people there state they're pretty embarassed by all this. http://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/messagetopic.asp?p=1672577

Anonymous said...

good link. But this proves what every lsu fan on this blog has said thus far, save one or two of them, about them being completely opposed and embarrassed about this. They think it's an embarrassment to their program and are equally mad at mr. one-peat and his ridiculous campaign as many USC fans are. I've never been a fan of lsu or the sec, but after interacting with several of their fans on this blog, I'm happy to continue our discussions in the future and welcome them back whenever.