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Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Hornfans.com Readers...

It has come to our attention that some folks on a Texas fan board think we here at the M Zone "copied" the pictures for our 1/20 post featuring the SC Song Girl throughout history from their site. Normally we would simply ignore such comments but, after checking out their site and seeing the pictures they had posted, we can certainly understand why they might believe that to be the case. However, it's not true and we wanted to set the record straight. Thus, below is an expanded version of a response first published under the comments section of the original 1/20 post.

Last week, after New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin said he wanted the hurricane-ravaged town rebuilt as a "chocolate" city, late night talk show hosts had a field day. You couldn't turn on Conan, Leno or Letterman and not see them all doing variations of the "Willy Nagin and the Chocolate Factory" joke, or bits comparing Nagin to Pat Robertson, or one-liners saying Nagin wanted New Orleans to be a chocolate Sunday with himself as the nut on top. I also saw many op-ed cartoons making the same jokes. And I bet at every comedy club across America, less famous comedians have been doing similar Nagin material as well.

But that certainly doesn't mean any of them stole the idea from the other. It was simply an easy and ripe set-up to similar variations on obvious punchlines.

The same thing happened here.

It didn't take a rocket scientist or creative genius, when thinking of inappropriate places for someone to "cheer" in famous pictures, to pick many of the same photos. In fact, that would be like saying whoever posted the photos on the Horns site ripped off putting her in the Hindenburg, Titanic, Kennedy, etc. photos from one of the many WTC WALDO guy pics which circled the Internet a few years ago.

So, whether those who made the accusations believe it or not, we had done a couple stories on the SC girl before, saw some funny pix of her on Trojanwire, put a link to that site to credit them for the first ones we saw (see below) then came up with the ones on our site on our own.

And if folks doubt that, I guess the conspiracy theory version of what happened is...what? That we saw these pictures on the Longhorn board first, but instead credited Trojanwire for a couple of them (yet were honest enough to post a link back to that site and not simply steal them, nor just change them then claim them as our own, nor even merely copy and paste them here). Then after that, the theory must be, we took the time it takes re-edit other pictures we saw on the Horn site just differently enough so that we could post them here and take credit?

Sorry, folks. No conspiracy, no thievery.

Finally, I did check out some of the pics on the Horns link that was sent our way. Very funny, especially liked the OJ one (which was one we were going to do, but didn't have time) as well as the famous Vietnam photo (hadn't thought of that one, clever).

Oh, and by the way, we also had done our own Abu Ghraib photo (now shown here) which we initially didn't post due to taste concerns (and lack of feet) as well as two more WWII pics which we had initially posted then took down (again, due to taste concerns).

Anyway, hope this clears it up. And thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your comments.


InVince-able said...

"Sorry, folks. No conspiracy, no thievery"

And no creativity on your part as well.
At least on Hornfans we have such gems as Konrad Schuman's famous pic of an East German border guard jumping the barbed wire, or the infamous "Black Power" salute at the Mexico City Olympics.
It really doesn't take too much effort if you try.

Yost said...


Oh, I'm sure had we kept making pix for weeks instead of just the one day we did, we would have some of those as well. Which was the point of my entire post: once you start working on that premise, its going to lead anybody to variations on many of the same punchlines. None of the punchlines are too creative when the premise itself is pretty hack.

Yost said...


I love that a guy using the screenname "Invince-able" is giving lectures on creativity.

Yeah, never heard that before.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The Lyndie England picture is truly tasteless…and hilarious. My tasteless comment on Abu Graib was that there’s American men who pay good money to have a women lead them around with a leash and a dog collar and these Iraqis got it for free. I imagine that a BDSM session that includes a USC Song Girl cheering along would be very pricey.

TrojanWire said...

We got those pictures in a forwarded email from one of our readers.

Then much later someone posted a comment that they came from hornsfans.com with no direct link to the material.

And even still this link you found does not appear to be active anymore?

We see photos that we took of USC cheerleaders all over the place. But we don't go on crying about theft to every site on the net. We went back to the originals and put our logo on them.