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Friday, January 27, 2006

Pulling Over the BBall Bandwagon. Who's With Me?

We rarely talk about Michigan basketball here in the M Zone (because we haven't had much of a team in a long time). But after the team's big victory over #12 ranked MSU last night (only their second win in 14 tries versus the Spartans), that might have to change.

Has the ship been righted and are the Wolverines for real this year? Or was this just a fluke?


Dezzi13 said...

If UM keeps winning games like this... you might have to change this to a Michigan Sports Forum instead of just football?

We just need to protect home court...

I'm on the wagon!!

Anonymous said...

I say this is no fluke. Michigan is playing better fundamentals than under previous coaches (Fisher, Ellerbe): much better defense which is consistant and very good FT shooting. It was obvious that the game plan last night was drive past Neitzel, who's feet look stapled to the floor on D, and get the Sparties in foul trouble. The game plan worked great and for once Michigan under dukie Tommy played a game like Duke: take and make a TON more free throws while forcing the best opposition to sit for long stretches with foul trouble. God it feels good to type this. GO BLUE! (I still hate Duke tho.)

IC said...

I'm on the wagon as well.

Last night's win may have been an upset, but it was not a fluke. We have a solid, experienced team and we definitely outworked Sparty.

Whether we're for real remains to be seen, but it was great to see a Michigan team close out a huge game with confidence and toughness. I think the football team's late-game struggles this year made this victory especially sweet.

Benny Friedman said...

I've watched about half the games this year and I'm not yet on the bandwagon. I'm driving right next to it, ready to make a Mannix-like jump, though. Last night's win was a must and it's always great to beat State. But we have to win on Saturday at home vs. Wisconsin to make a claim to the tournament, which really has to be our goal. The schedule gets really tough at the end, so we have to accumulate wins now. Plus, if we win on Saturday, we'll likely be ranked for the first time in years. And that's something the football team can't currently lay claim to.

Yost said...

First of all, I respect ANY comment that references Mannix. Wow.

And what kind of bizarro world are we living in where our bball team could be ranked but our football team isn't?

Anonymous said...

As long as you're looking for some outsourcing, why don't you follow a real Michigan winner--the Pistons!

ohmigods said...

forget football
its time for U of Mich
and their fans to support
a superior coach & team
build a new stadium
or at least upgrade to Breslin levels

Anonymous said...

Anyone who was at the game Wednesday night knows that building a new basketball arena would be pointless. Crisler was absolutely rocking. It needs some upgrades, but certainly doesn't need to be destroyed.

Benny Friedman said...

OK, now that the hoops team leads the Big Ten (which the football team never did this year) and will almost certainly be ranked, I'm on the bandwagon and I call shotgun!