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Saturday, January 07, 2006

On Tap Today in the Zone

The M Zone staff has done another excellent job of convincing our wives/bosses/girlfriends (and Wangs' mom who lets him live in the basement) that the steady stream of keyboard clacking and intense focus in front of our computers is actually for work purposes. As a result, we are once again able to show off our mad procrastination skills with M Zone masterpieces today such as:

* Vince Young: The Dude is Everywhere
* A Look Back: The Reason Michigan Lost the 2005 Rose Bowl (aka Jim Herrmann: Double Agent)
* The Devil Speaks: Guest Post by BaggyPantsDevil
* Good News from A2: Carr to Shake Up Staff
* Colons: Why We Use Them Instead of the Dash

And coming up in the days and weeks ahead here in the M Zone...

* Another entry showcasing The Very Best of the Worst Buckeye Sites on the Web
* Classiest Fans in the Country - We have our picks, let's hear what college football fans across America say
* Hottest Co-eds (While it seems FSU might run away with this one, again we turn to our readers to find out which school has the best looking co-eds)
* Any other shit we can think of while pretending to keep up the facade of our day jobs


Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

Good News, Michigan is once again ranked in football...11th in the first 2006 preseason ranking I have seen. (Go to http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=2281099) I'll latch on to anything to put last season behind us and look ahead (but note the brutal, but true comment about us in the rankings commentary...the answer to that question is 1999.)

surrounded in columbus said...

i'm w/ you and your positive outlook. no matter how bad the prior season was, i always look forward to the next one, - only 239 days until kick off!

but before we all too excited, you need to remember that pat forde is an idiot (nothing personal). he is very "flavor of the month" in his analysis.

for example, he has tOSU ranked #2. they have lose 7 starters off defense (w/ 2 more considering leaving early) and 3 off of their O (plus their place kicker). obviously, he hasn't thought about that or he might not be too quick to push them as a preseason favorite (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=forde_pat&id=2278027).

not sure which makes less sense- ranking us and our 5 loss team 11th, or ranking tOSU and their 10-12 returning starters #2?

i suppose pre season polls aren't worth much good except for starting arguments, but it does help pass the time for the next 230 days!?!?!

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I actually had some comments on Nebraska fans at the Alamo Bowl, I'll try to finish those ASAP.

I started my Odyssey to the Alamo Bowl post and now have three pages of ramblings about El Paso and the desolation of western Texas and haven’t even gotten to the game yet. I’ll cut it down so it can get posted at least before the 2006 season starts.

mayday said...

I think the one thing that seems obvious for next year is that the Big 10 has no bonafide national championship contenders. Aside from Texas, Miami, and LSU, I'm hard-pressed to name programs I really like for next year.

Yost said...

I think Tosu must be considered, especially with Troy Smith. Don't know who cupboard looks like for PSU.

surrounded in columbus said...

Et tu, Yoste?

before anyone else jumps on the Troy Smith bandwagon, go back and watch a tape of the tOSU- Tejas/PSU games.

Texas and PSU ran a contained blitz that closed off the running lanes and kept him in the pocket. he was 5/11 for 78 yds passing and 27 yds rushing againt the 'Horns and 13/25 (one pick) for 139 yds passing and 15 yds rushing against PSU.

they can't run between the tackles and if you are willing to blitz/go man to man, Troy Smith and that offense go nowhere. this doesn't mean WE'LL learn anything by watching the game film, but others will.

tOSU under sweater boy is always about defense, field position, and the kicking game. the years their defense hasn't been overwhelming (2001, 2004), they've been very underwhelming. next year, their defense is not likely to be good, let alone overwhelming.

you heard it here first- Heisman Trophy Candidate Troy Smith is going to end up like Heisman Trophy Candidate Ted Ginn Jr, who ended up like Heisman Trophy Candidate Justin Zwick who ended up like Heisman Trophy Candidate Maurice Clarett (at least on the field).

Yost said...

Sorry, SiC. Must have gotten caught up in the hype machine. Thanks for talking me down.

The King said...

I don't know about OSU. I think they're going to get it done next year. On the other hand, I think Penn State is headed straight back into the toilet. You heard it here first, from Mister Simpson:

PSU goes back to a losing record in 2006.

Yost said...

Now, is that Mr. Mister Simpson?

The King said...

Wait until I get married, Yost. Then me and my baby momma gonna be Mr. & Mrs. Mister Simpson.

Anonymous said...

I am coming to Michigan.


Jai Eugene

Only the Best Freakin' Corner in the Country According to Scout.com

CapBuck said...

First, apologies for those d!ck Buckeye fans in Columbus that throw eggs at cars with Michigan plates. Thats just dumb. A football rivalry should go no further than football, IMO.

Second, I agree that tOSU is going over-hyped at this point. The two juniors on defense who you said might leave are indeed leaving. That just goes to show you that media analysts get caught up in the sensationalist hype of offense and forget about defense. There's a lot of talent in the cupboard, but only games will tell if this next edition of the D can fly and hit like the current one.

Third, I have to *partially* disagree with your analysis of how to stop Troy Smith. While I don't know all that much about the strategies of football, and thus concede to your point on the attack that PSU and UT used against tOSU, I defer to another point. Troy Smith was rusty against the Longhorns and against the Nitany Lions. The suspension and lack of reps hurt his game. This may not account for his lackluster play in those two games, but we should at least acknowledge the possible (I say probable) relationship. Also, consider that Texas and PSU, ranked 1/3 post-season, had some pretty impressive defenses. Its not like just anybody can replicate how they attacked tOSU offense. I also don't find much credibility in the statement that tOSU can't run between the tackles. This is something they found success with as the season wore on, the line came togther, and Antonion Pittman developed as a tough runner. The line will be impressive next year, Pitt will be back and Chris Wells looks to bring some tough running to the table.

I say Bucks lose 2, maybe 3 games and end up 12-8 next year. Too hard to replace that D.

The biggest thing that is going to annoy UM fans about tOSU next year: Texas will be easier to beat w/o Vince Young. If the Bucks manage to beat UT in Austin, brace yourselves for a media love fest. But no matter how that game plays out, beating UT w/o Vince Young is nothing like beating UT w/ Vince Young.

Yost said...

12-8, Cap? Me thinks you mis-typed something.

Tosu will be tough next year. And if they beat UT, look out.

capBuck said...


I think the bucks with lost 2 or 3, most likely all of them early (plus I consider the last game of the year a toss-up every year no matter what).

With those 2 or 3 losses, I think they end up *ranked* somewhere between 8 and 12.

Sorry bout that.

skeetskeet said...

OSU beating Texas, with or without Vince Young, will not annoy me. It will make me jealous of a Big 11 program that plays real out-of-conference competition.