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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Maurice Clarett 2006 Fiesta Bowl Viewing Party

This link made me laugh...in a sad, thoughtful way.


Wangs said...

Obviously, a fake photo. The fakers forgot to put the most important word on the t-shirt -- "THE".

CapBuck said...

Lol, nice yost. I'll go ahead and call it fake, not because of the missing 'the' (come to think of it, i don't think i have a single osu shirt that has a 'the' on it), but instead because...

There is no way that kid could afford two guns (unless he stole them).

Anonymous said...

wangs - Please, if you are going to try to slam us, at least know something about what you are trying to slam us on.

It is "The Ohio State University" because that is the offical name of the school. If you do not say 'university' at the end, you should not say 'The' at the beginning.

So the 2 correct ways to say our name are;
The Ohio State University
Ohio State

Capbuck, I have several Ohio State shirts with "The" on it. But they are all non sports related shirts. Most of the sports jerseys do only say Ohio State.

CapBuck said...

Hey, look, Buckeye fans that don't get along. There's a first.

I guess its becuase I'm not a pure blood-didn't grow up in Ohio, went to 'another' college in Columbus.


Wangs said...

I'm impressed that there is a "rule" for using the "The" - if there is a big word at the end of the name the beginning must start with a small word. I wonder if some Ohio kids screw that rule up in grade school (or college) and say "A Ohio State University" or is it "An Ohio State University"?

Why don't the 'Nuts just shorten it to "The", like the Miami Univeristy playahs shorten their school to "The U".

You could say "The THE".

Benny Friedman said...

I like the THE. Maybe that should replace Tosu. Using the capitalized "The" might be the official name of the school, but it's grammatically sloppy at best.
Actually, The The was one of my favorite bands in the '80s.

Wangs said...

Prounced "thuh THEEE".

I like it to. Should it be "thuh THEE" when we type it? or "the THE"? Is it too inside baseball?

Do we need a blog guide? Maybe photo of a teams helmet with the name that we use for the school underneath it? e.g. the THE or Tosu; Pennsylvania State University; Spartie; etc.

CapBuck said...

My (limited) understanding of the "the" stuff is this:

1.) OSU is the land-grant institution of Ohio, and in some (fairly) logical manner that makes it the psuedo-official state school.

2.) It is fairly safe to assume that OSU is the flagship undergraduate and graduate insitution of Ohio.

3.) Years ago, the OSU public relations dept. decided that the official name of the school included 'The.' Thus, when media sources discussed the school it was considered standard practice to use 'the.' This is not at all dissimliar to a few years ago when Ohio University (the one in Athens, OH) decided to make the 'official' name of the school "Ohio." Just "Ohio." No 'The," no "University" just "Ohio." Oh, yeah, and no "just," either. If I am not mistaken, all these rules get complied somewhere, like in the AP Style book or something. I think I remember that from high school yearbook...In any case, these rules do not apply to Joe and Bob (and Sue, must be inclusive these days you know) when they are talking on the street or anywhere else outside of media situations. That did not get started until...

4.) I THINK that the whole "the" stuff took off when Chris Carter would refer to his school as The Ohio State University while he was in the NFL. He would emphasize the "the" and people would the chat about how proud he was to be a Buckeye, la la blah blah dah.

5.) At some point it got out of hand.

6.) As far as I know, the "the" is not supposed to be all caps, just the "T." Thus, "The Ohio State University."

7.) There are other examples of this silliness around college sports. The Kansas Jayhakws are 'officially' titled "The University of Kansas," while their initials are reffered to as "KU." This avoids confusion between the 'other' U-K combination, "Kentucky University" (UK). Also, the same problem exists between Tennessee and Texas. This is why you can't (usually) put a Texas fan and Tennessee fan in the same room and expect them to 'co-exist peacefully (Bush speak);' they just end up fighting over who the real "UT" is.

9.) (or 8 if you were actually keeping track at home) - wangs, funny stuff, made me laugh.

IC said...


Very informative and funny post.

You performed with such thorough precision and skill that I was starting to have flashbacks of Troy Smith on 11-19-05.

Wangs said...

Capbuck - thank you for the clarification. One follow up question. Since it is proper for me to say, "If my daughter attends the University of Michigan, I will be pleased" is it also correct to say "If my daughter went to the The Ohio State University, I would disown her?"

I think it should be "...the The Ohio State University..." since TOSU is the "official" name.

CapBuck said...


It is official to add the "The" to OSU, not to add a 'the' to 'TOSU.' I imagine that the only way to use the second 'the' (officially) would be to say something like "My daughter is going to (1)the school known as (2)The Ohio State University, and because she is going to college there is much rejoicing in the family but we will not be able to watch football together anymore."

However, the semantics are troubling and it could be said in a more smooth manner...

But the most important point, is that unless you are being quoted in a media source YOU at home DO NOT have ANY obligation WHATSOEVER to observe the AP rules of style for writing news articles/the official 'title' of the University. Just like I can refer to the University of Michigan as 'Michigan' around my friends and no UM public-relations police show up.

Wangs said...

It's settled then:

"Tom Brady. Michigan."

"Bernie Kosar. The U."

"Art Schlister. The The."

Yost said...

Wasn't "The The" some alternative band from the 80s?