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Friday, January 06, 2006

Matt Leinart Pictures - I Was Wrong

If you recall, in my post last December 16th about the "controversial" Matt Leinart pictures, I said that the pissed off friend in the background of this photo was upset because Leinart wasn't into her. I said she was trying to run c-block and get her friend to go home. I said she was bitchy. I said a lot of things.

And I was wrong.

"The Blonde Grenade" isn't the bad guy here. She was looking out for her friend. She was doing the right thing. Because I now think I know what she was really saying to her friend:

"Don't slum it with this guy. You should hold out for for the best...

Vince F*cking Young!"

P.S. Yes, I know my photo editing skills blow. But you get the idea.


dave said...

I'm sure after tonights performance, Vince is having his way with both girls

Anonymous said...

leinert and bush should give vince their heisman's...better yet, those choades that vote on the heisman each year should just stick to selling used cars because it is clearly just a popularity contest and no longer has any meaning whatsoever.

Benny Friedman said...

Anon, the Heisman's been a load of crap since at least 1952 when "The Golden Boy" Paul Hornung won the award with a 2-8 Notre Dame team over the far more deserving, but much more under-publicized Johnny Majors of Tennessee.
And do I have to remind you of Gino Toretta, Chris Weinke, and Eric Crouch?
The Heisman, like all popularity contests such as MVP awards, Hall of Fame voting, the Oscars, and senior class president, are worthless and detract from society. Why people care about them is beyond me.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

LOL! Your mad skillz at PhotoShopping are just part of what makes that so funny.

I'm sure men all over Texas right now would willingly line up their daughters and wives to be impregnated by Vince Young to ensure a steady supply of Vince’s offspring to Texas football.

I wonder if all those Heisman voters are so sure about the “most outstanding college football player” now. I’m sure Vince Young coming in a distant second and then everyone acting like he was nuts to think he stood a chance just added to his motivation last night.

Wangs said...

Hornung, aka the Pete Rose of football except he's in both the college and NFL hall of fames, actually won the Heisman in 1956.

Majors was runner up.

There was also this other guy, Jim Brown, who had a strong case for the trophy his senior season in '56, too. He came in 6th in the voting!!!!!

Ron Kramer was 7th.

IC said...

This is hilarious. It looks like tBG just finished a sundae without using a spoon.

The King said...

The best part of this whole thing is we no longer have to listen to any of this totally inane bullshit from USC fans:

-We're the best team of all time (this, by the way, is a surefire way to lose the national Title game. Oklahoma was saying this last year, and before that, Miami was saying it in 2002)
-Reggie Bush is the best RB of all time - they actually said that during the game last night. I passed out from it, so I don't know how they backed it up...

surrounded in columbus said...

to pile on about the over hype on Bush/Leinart, was i the only viewer who thought the most impressive RB was LenDale White? Bush certainly has speed and moves, but if you were an NFL GM, wouldn't you want White running between the tackles 30 times a game instead?

Yost said...


Yeah, he was a bruiser. Wow! Very impressive. And from what he's saying, he'll be leaving for the NFL next year, too. Interesting to see how they reload in '06.

im lauf der zeit. said...

nice work...hook em!

ojdidntdoitlouholtzdid said...


Anonymous said...

Car Mechanic to tBG: "Looks like you blew a seal."

tBG: "No, I just had an ice cream cone."