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Thursday, January 12, 2006

LSU Tigers Still Peeved about '03 Split (Yes, it was a split)

Wow, who knew such a simple couple line post would cause so much pain in Baton Rouge. Sheesh. Check out the 9 page comment from the Tiger fan (under the Pete/Repeat post below).

Also, they get pretty testy about it on their own boards. Here is a link to a run on TigerDroppings.com (The Poop on LSU Sports) about the '03 title.

Hey, forget the '03 title talk for a sec -- TigerDroppings? Guys, it's really hard to take your complaints and rants seriously on site named after animal crap. What, was TigerTurds.org already taken?


Anonymous said...

Hey Michigan Fag,

You have two reasons to prop up the AP and USC.

First, the AP is your only claim to fame in 97. It was obvious to everyone else in the CFB world except the Michigan loving media that Nebraska would have waxed yo ass, with Turtle Wax no less.

Second, losing to what you call champ USC in 03 makes your embarrassment of a performance more palatable. Remember how yall lost to unranked Oregon that year, too? Man, the PAC 0 owns you.

Hope you had a great year! LOL, how many unranked teams beat you! 5 losses? LOL.


Benny Friedman said...

I hate to engage anonymous above, and possibly take him away from his banjo playing duties for Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty, but if you LSU fans don't agree with the rankings to determine at least one of the national champions, then you can't rip on Michigan for losing to unranked teams this year. Besides, they lost to the same number of unranked teams as LSU did: one. Why don't we ask how many non-bowl teams Michigan lost to. That would be zero. What about LSU? One.

Yost said...

Hey Anon,

No, we just thought, you know, with a war waging and half your state wiped out by a Hurricane, maybe their were better things in the world to spend $10,000 than putting up a billboard because the egos of guys who didn't even play in the game are somehow still bruised over a game from three years ago.

Hope the F-150 is running well.



BaggyPantsDevil said...

Yikes! That is some serious anger there. Wow! And no one here was even suggesting that LSU wasn't good that year, just that maybe it's time to get over that miscarriage of justice and horrible tragedy of only splitting a national championship.


Don't taunt LSU fans about the 2003 split national championship either.

IC said...

Hey LSU Hetero,

You miss the implicit and important point from my comment made in the Pete/Re-Pete post: that polls are useless in assessing which team is truly the best in college football.

I believe USC would have beaten LSU in '03 and Michigan would have beaten Nebraska in '97 had the teams met on the field. But these games were never played so we'll never know. I do know that I wouldn't spend $10,000 (or $1) for a billboard or 10 hours composing a creepy justification for why my team should be the undisputed champion.

Michigan's five loss season does leave a pretty lousy feeling with Wolverines fans. A very unfamiliar feeling. Michigan is an elite football program, which has lost five or more games in a season only twice in the last thirty-eight years. During that same time span, LSU has lost five or more games in a season fourteen times.

The next time the Tigers again lose five or more games in a season, college football fans around the country will shrug, because LSU is just another good football program.

Yost said...

Nice stats, IG.

Wangs said...

Fourteen 5-or more-loss seasons in the last 38 years? I'm surprised this guy hasn't jumped off a roof (they do have roofs in Louisiana, don't they) into the swamp, yet.

I can't imagine how horrible he must feel, rooting for such a mediocre team. His poor wife.

Benny Friedman said...

LSU fans, just enjoy your title. You had a great season in '03 and deserved to have at least a share of the MYTHICAL national championship. USC did too. Unfortunately, there's no playoff (sorry, Yost) so there are years where a split title is appropriate. '03 was one of those years. It doesn't take away from what LSU accomplished.
What does take away from it is wasting 10 grand on a stupid billboard to try to justify your team in the eyes of who, the blowhards at ESPN? Who cares about them? I don't let Stuart Scott and Chris Berman define me. I don't even watch those guys.
You have to admit, USC had a great run. Back to back titles, 34 wins in a row - that's incredible in this day and age. Best ever? Probably not, but pretty damn good. Plus, they're USC. There's a lot of glamour with that program. They're going to get a lot more publicity than they should even if they deserved a lot of it. Accept that. It doesn't take away from what your team did in 2003. Neither does saying USC shared the championship.

Anonymous said...

I'm an LSU fan and I will agree with what most of you have had to say. I would ask that you would first excuse the ignorant comments made by anonymous (every team has ignorant and obnoxious fans) and secondly remind yourselves how ignorant you are being when mentioning banjo playing or whatever cheap shot those wish throw at "us over yonder down here on the bayou."
There are many of us that are both competent enough to have an intelligent conversation about football and are grateful that our football team has been doing well over the last decade.
Although I have never posted before, I enjoy this site and look forward to other discussions.

Anonymous said...

(Still the same guy as above)

By the way, the vast majority of us are disgusted with whoever the guy is putting up this sign. With as much tragedy as we have been through recently, bull**** like that makes us truly sick that the money (if it really is for real) is being put to use in such a manner.

Wangs said...

WHEW, I was worried that LSU was The THE (see note below) of the South.

The THE (pronounced "tha Thee") is my new nickname for Tosu (also known as THE ohio state university" by Monday night football viewers).

This Jan. 12 anonymous blogger seems thoughtful and reasonable. Two characteristics one would never find in a Buckeye. Not sure how he found this site - but looking forward to his reports from the bayou.

Yost said...


We hear ya and agree. Hey, I have nothing against LSU. Always respected them (they were my video game team way back when, lol). I just couldn't believe some REALLY wanted to spend that coin on a billboard. It was HILARIOUS when it was sent to me as something making the Internet rounds a couple days ago. And made an interesting comment on all the 3-peat talk prior to this year's Rose Bowl.

But when I saw there was a site and the person was SERIOUSLY trying to do this, like you, it made me go, uh, really?

Thanks for checking out the site. We always appreciate the comments.

Benny Friedman said...

Anonymous LSU Guy,
I agree. That's why I'm embarassed that my twin, Denny Friedman, was able to hack onto Blogger using my name to make that uncalled for crack about the banjo and Ned Beatty...My apologies.
Thanks for the comments.

skeetskeet said...

I like LSU, but we have to quit talking about this. Blogs are just pimping the guy's google numbers and increasing his fundraising success. In the last couple of days he's almost tripled his haul, from less than $1000 to nearly $2500. Disturbing.

Anonymous said...

As posted in the other thread, LSU was both more meritorious and the legitimate champion. USC? Lost to as many unranked six loss teams as beat ranked teams. To say I use rankings to back my argument that is anti-ranking is a red herring. Rankings are normally close to accurate. They are a convenient way, therefore, to show that LSU played what was a real schedule while USC played NO ONE (Michigan sucked that year). I could say LSU beat X number of 9 win teams that had a SOS of such and such. You catch my drift.

Why is onepeat.com such a bad idea? The people of Louisiana need something like this, to lift the spirits of a state. You throw money at problems and usually you get no solutions. But here is an opportunity to provide hope for a community. It is an opportunity to remind the state that we are champions, and not a bunch of lawless losers as we were portrayed in the media.

We need something like this.

Those who say you shouldnt spend money on this spend money on the most trivial matters. A lunch out when a cheaper lunch could be made at home. A beer in a bar. A video game. Anything that isn't essential could be criticized as buying something when there are great needs in the world. Your computer could have saved how many lives in another country?

Texas fans are the major financial contributors to this cause.

Michigan sucks.


Wangs said...

On this billboard, are you also going to mention that you have had fourteen 5-OR MORE-loss seasons in the past 30 some years?

If you say something like:

LSU - 1/2 of a mythical national title 2 or 3 years ago, but 14 real losing seasons.

Then I'll give you some beer money.