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Monday, January 02, 2006

Is anybody even shocked by this?

In case you haven't heard, former Buckeye Maurice Clarett is being sought by police for "allegedly" robbing two people at gunpoint outside a Columbus bar early Sunday.

Now, obviously anybody that resorts to this sort of thing isn't the brightest bulb, but didn't ol' Maurice think maybe he should have started his life of crime somewhere outside the city limits of Columbus where he's, you know, a tad less recognizable?

Wonder if Jim Brown is going to be around to help him now. Come to think of it, it's probably that friendship with Brown that led him down this path to begin with.

P.S. Guess money is tougher to come by when boosters aren't giving it to you, eh, Maurice?


Anonymous said...

Clarett's a moron, but it takes a lot of nerve for a Michigan fan to accuse an OSU player of accepting booster money. Ever hear of Chris Webber and the rest of the Fab Five?

Benny Friedman said...

Anon, check your sources. The only member of the "Fab Five" to have collected money was Weber. Plus, Michigan has totally acknowledged it and has forfeited any games Weber played in, has returned money recieved in tournaments during his time in Ann Arbor, and has hobbled the basketball program so badly that only this year are they showing signs of life. Is Tosu ready to do that for the games Clarrett played in? Don't hold your breath.
Besides this is the Michigan FOOTBALL forum. You can look long and hard for anyone of Clarrett's character playing for Michigan's football team.

Yost said...

You took the words out of my mouth, Benny.

DBuck said...

For the variety of offense that good ole Maurice committed, he received the appropriate punishment. I don't think tOSU needs to forfeit the games that Maurice played in. Troy Smith made a mistake, and he received his punishment, and tOSU likely lost its chance at a better chance of beating Texas this year. I am not shocked nor any tOSU fan that MC would do something so stupid. Just as Michigan has had some stupid fools play in athletics, so has tOSU. Remember the Michigan player who flashed somebody? MC was almost ready to sign a contract for NFL Europe that could have helped him a lot, but who knows what will happen to him now?

DBuck said...

If this isn't somebody with low character, I don't know what low character is then:

Michigan Football Player Faces Trial On Indecent Exposure Charges

POSTED: 5:29 pm PST February 9, 2005

Ann Arbor, MI -- Michigan's Larry Harrison, Jr. was ordered to stand trial on four felony charges of indecent exposure and sexual delinquency. Harrison entered a plea of not guilty.

The ruling on Wednesday came after several witnesses testified that Harrison exposed himself outside their houses. He was arrested in early December.

The defensive tackle started six games for the Wolverines last season.

Anonymous said...

i hear this in columbus all the time. it's called "Buckeye" math. you don't count the numbers you don't like. like did you know that carr's record against tOSU is 1-4, not 6-5, because they don't like to count the prior 6 seasons, just the last five? or that tOSU has the lead in the overall series during the last 50 games (because they don't like counting the first 50)??

same w/the arrest records. M's had roughly 4 to 6 guys get into legal trouble in the last 5 seasons. tOSU has had roughly 17 - 20 different arrests (some guys two or three times, so the count varies).

but do they ever count these up before they begin to run their mouths on the "character" issue? of course not. you mention one of their recent arrests, they fire back w/ a story about one of ours. funny thing is when you get thru about 5 stories, they change the subject because they've run out of michigan players to cite but you're only a third done!!

so, DBuck, do you really want to go story for story on this? you go dig up M's "bad" boys for the last 5 seasons, and we'll stack up their stories next to tOSU's? should we list them chronologically? or maybe by felony? or may be just count the ones that played this year?

and as for b-ball stories, the Dispatch has been carrying excellent coverage of the O'Brien lawsuit. seriously, who bribes a recruit by writing a check??


DBuck said...

Hello, there Anon. Notice I didn't try to compare the number of incidents in my post. If you'd like to have an intelligent conversation, then read what's in it before you decide to mouth off.

Anonymous said...

did in fact read your comments before mouthing off (intelligent conversation being a pretty subjective standard). seems like your point was you think MC was dealt w/ appropriately and that we had our own "bad" apple in harrison. was there some sort of other hidden meaning i missed?

and, i know that you didn't want to compare rap sheets between the teams. you wanted to mention harrison and cut off the discussion at that point, as if harrison's conduct somehow made the two programs comparable in their off the field problems.

however, i did want to compare the two programs and point out that they were far from comparable to each other. that's the nice thing about blogs- you get to mouth off about pretty much whatever you want to...

The King said...

If I had a dick as (allegedly) notable as Larry Harrison's, I'd show it to everybody in town too.

At Michigan, they teach us to be proudd of who we are.

Yost said...

Hey, Surrounded, you need to see if you can get "Surrounded" as your Blogger name instead of Anon. Such a good name (although I'm sure it's already taken)

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Doesn't this get Clarett his eligibility at Ohio State back?

And, I loved Jim Tressel's reaction: first, the caring coach comment of "it's sad" then the knee jerk Ohio State Athletic Department denial of "if it's even true."

Don't worry Tressel, you're not going to get in trouble for this.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

One more thing, Clarett ending up in jail will be as shocking as Michigan blowing a fourth quarter lead.

IC said...

"Doesn't this get Clarett his eligibility at Ohio State back?"

Great line, BPD.

Also, excellent analysis of Tressel's comments. He's a fantastic coach, but I suspect that underneath that pressed sweater vest and behind those understated frames is one slimy dude.

Yost said...


Yeah, that line was LOL!


Agreed. I mean, I read that Tressel has talked to Clarett 3 or 4 times in the last couple weeks. Really? Why? The guy tried to tear down your program. Hmmm

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The fact that Jim Tressel fields such good teams is just part of what is so irksome about him. He’s also done such a great job crafting his image of an earnest football coach that I might actually buy it if some of it rubbed off on Ohio State’s football program, his wayward players, or Ohio State fans. The fact that it doesn’t, leads me to believe that he’s a big phony. He may sound like Mr. Goody Two Shoes, but I suspect that he’s actually sold his soul to Satan—or maybe he shrewdly offered up Maurice Clarret’s soul instead—and sacrifices kittens on a bloody altar in his basement. There’s a dark side hidden beneath that innocent looking sweatervest.

Check here: http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/?p=978 for a hilarious character assessment of Tressel at EDSBS “Granny Mack vs. Cheatypants Sweatervest”

deuce2 said...

FYI - Mo C's psyche was so severely damaged by the Broncos' rejection that he has become depressed to the point that his ability to think clearly has been severely impaired.

As Mo C was only at the OSU for one year, it hardly fair to credit tOSU for any of his actions. Why don't they say former Warren Harding standout Mo C?

His alleged acceptance of gifts from a booster goes back to a family friend that "took care" of Mo throughout high school. His improper use of a car for an "extended test drive" was at least partially the car dealer's fault as the salesman he was dealing with went on a lengthy vacation at the time that he was supposed to return the car.

The above "facts" are in no way an attempt to justify Mo C's actions, just a reflection on how things get turned around and taken out of context.