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Sunday, January 01, 2006

If a tie is like kissing your sister, this is worse than tonguing your brother

As Baggy Pants Devil so appropriately put it, for Michigan fans, choosing sides in this year's Fiesta Bowl between Notre Dame and Tosu is like trying to decide who to root for in the Iran/Iraq War.

But, if someone had a gun to your head or, even worse, you had to fight Beano Cook for a place in line at a Vegas buffet, who would you cheer for?

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DBuck said...

I've heard the NDers are calling Jim Tressel-- Cheaty McSweatervest. As if that's not enough of a reason to root against them, AJ Hawk is dating Brady Quinn's sister. So you might as well root for AJ to knock the lights outta Brady Quinn and ride into the sunset with the girl. Go Bucks! Beat ND! and (whispering) Beat Michagain! :)

DBuck said...

Here's a few more reasons to root for the ol' tOSU. Read what good ol' Charlie Weis says down at the bottom of this interview:


Benny Friedman said...

I was going to post something about this. This didn't even take a second of thought for me. I'm pulling big time for ND on New Years...uh, January 2nd. Look, I always view the day when ND takes on Sparty as a day I know I'm going to be happy with the outcome since I know one of those teams is going to lose. But when you pile on my experiences in Columbus to the fact that Tosu has beaten us four out of five years and has bypassed us as the dominant team in the Big Ten, it's an easy decision. I figure ND is going to get major attention whether they win or not, but if Tosu ends up 10-2 by beeating ND that only helps them even more in their dominance.
I know, I should be more upset with Michigan for reliquishing the Big Ten dominance thing, and I am, but I think it helps Michigan more (or hurts them less) if Tosu goes down. At least it'll make me feel better.

The King said...

Notre Dame. No contest.

IC said...

I'll definitely be cheer, cheering for old Notre Dame.

The better question is, who would I root for in a contest between tOSU and Iran? Granted, taking hostages is worse than abusing fans, but Woody was more despicable than the Ayatollah. Trying to decide by each side's favorite sayings doesn't help, as "Death to America!" and "Fuck Michigan!" is a wash.

I'm thinking I'd go with Iran. A tOSU victory would boost Buckeye recruiting, whereas, even if Iran won, I don't see too many top high school players leaving home to spend their college years in Tehran.

Yost said...



DanDierdorf said...

OSU. I refuse to buy in to ND as long as they play that weak schedule. In 2007 they get both Army and Navy. If the Coast Guard Academy played football they would be on the ND schedule.

DBuck said...

I don't really think that F Michigan is the average tOSU fan's favorite saying. Perhaps Beat Michigan is more common. And as for the Ayatollah being better than Woody... that takes it a wee bit too far. Woody cared about his players and coached some great teams, a person that the "Death to America and Israel" Ayatollah could only dream to be.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I’m a little late on this, but I was hoping Notre Dame—as overrated as they are—pulled of the upset of Ohio State. I can’t say that I’m heartbroken that they lost, though.

Whatever emotions Michigan fans are experiencing at this year’s disappointing season, I doubt it compares to the wave of nausea Mr. Quinn must have felt last night knowing that the very guy who had recently sacked his son twice in the Fiesta Bowl was right then pounding his daughter into the mattress.

Benny Friedman said...

Baggy, that was hilarious. While it was funny to see the future Mrs. Hawk squirm every time her brother got sacked, I would have rather seen the face of Mr. Quinn thinking "That bastard future son in law of mine is ruining my son's draft status."

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Personally, I was rooting for an earthquake.

Anonymous said...

I like your thinking Chris. Can't stand Holier than thou U or the F*#keyes. I can stomach Charlie Wies, but Tressel is a scumbag and a pompous a$$hole