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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hump Day in the Zone

UPDATE: When sending pictures for the M Zone All-Hotness Team mentioned below, please only send JPEGs or pictures embedded in the email itself. No zip files.

As shocking as it may seem, neither Maurice Clarett nor Marcus Vick (nor, surprisingly, any Seminoles) got in any trouble with the law in the last 24 hours. Thus, since we weren't forced to "stop the presses" (and fire up Photoshop) to run something on that, below is the promised, double secret probation picture revealing Lloyd's plan to turn things around against Tressel and Tosu in '06. So simple...and yet so brilliant. Like Michigan's offense.

Also today:
* Maurce Clarett 2006 Fiesta Bowl viewing party
* Onepeat? (Texas and Tiger fans will love it, SC fans will hate it)

And while we have your attention before you start scrolling down and looking for pictures instead of reading all this text bullsh*t (lazy bastards), in the coming days/weeks/slow days when the folks above don't get arrested again, we at the M Zone are working on a Hottest Co-eds in the Country post. Not for you, for us. It's winter and we went to Michigan. 'Nuff said.

Now, while there was debate within our ranks on whether to simply give the award to Florida State based on what we heard/saw after our FSU Cowgirls post below or the entire Texas Pom Squad, we here at the M Zone have instead decided that if we get enough picture submissions from you, our loyal readers, we're going to name our first M Zone All-Hotness Team.

Here are the rules (and they're pretty loose, like Wangs' mom):

Any pictures of co-eds submitted must be sporting something identifying their school and have either the words "M Zone" visible or something with a recent date (like a newspaper or TIME) so we know the co-eds are real and not from the Victoria's Secret catalog. Also, as much as this is going to piss off The King/Loef/What'shisnametoday?, no nudity. Yes, it pains me to type that, but we have some (very few) scruples here (again, very, very few).

Email pix to the address at the left. And if we don't get enough submissions, oh well. We tried. You just have to admire the stones to even try to pull this one off.

Finally, a sincere thank you for all the kind words regarding the posts we've been putting up lately. Glad folks enjoy the site (except for the Vick and Clarett families...and probably Jim Brown).


THE M Zone Staff


Wangs said...

I think it should be "Wangs's mom."

According to the Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition), the general rule for the possessive of proper nouns ending in "s" is "s's" as in Kansas's fumble, Texas's national title, Jones's reputation. (sec. 6.24).

The traditional exception to the general rule for forming the possessive are the names Jesus and Moses: "in Jesus' name" or "Moses' leadership." (sec. 6.26)

While I am honored that you chose to link me, Wangs, with these important historical figures, I think it will take a few more postings before my flock is as large as Jesus' or Moses'.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Well done Wangs. Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style" says the same thing.

Wangs said...

No nudity. I appreciate bright line rules. Easy to understand, easy to follow.

See-through or wet t-shirt, perfectly fine.