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Monday, January 09, 2006

Gutz Trasferring to 1-AA Idaho State

In case you haven't already heard, Michigan's backup QB, Matt Gutierrez, is leaving A2 to play for Idaho State this fall.

I feel bad for the kid. He was all set to start in 2004, then the injury killed his season. When he got better, he just couldn't supplant Henne. And after the season Henne just had and he still couldn't get any PT, he obviously saw the writing on the wall.

Best of luck, Matt.

P. S. Do you guys think he got a fair shake?


IC said...

I agree.

He was considered one the top high school qbs in his class, so it must be disappointing that he was never able to make a significant contribution, especially after winning the job prior to the '04 season.

Hopefully he's healthy, will have a great year at Idaho St., and maybe get some consideration in the '06 NFL draft.

IC said...

He'd have to really make a great impression at ISU over the next few months to be considered for the '06 draft.

I should have written '07 NFL draft.

The King said...

Ian, no he wouldn't. Craig Ochs transferred from Colorado as a total wash-out and played one season for Montana and got drafted. He put up DECENT numbers there. The only difference is that Montana is a 1-AA powerhouse and Idaho State is not. BUT Gutz is better than Ochs. And Idaho State does play Idaho, so at least he'll have a chance to start against a (weak) 1-A team to show what he can do.

Also keep in mind Eric Kresser, who transferred from Florida to (at the time) 1-AA Marshall and got drafted. Then again, he was throwing to a dude named Randy Moss.

Point being, Gutz is a hidden talent, I really believe that, and it's not that it was unfair, it was just unfortunate how things played out for him at UM. He'll shine at Idaho State and get serious draft consideration. And if that doesn't pan out, I promise you he'll be able to walk on to an NFL roster.

Look at the Patriots' #3 QB, Matt Cassell. That dude never started a college game (and he got drafted).

The King said...

And another thing.

With Gutz gone, who is going to warm up all game long? If anyone has ever watched Gutz on the sideline, he throws like 500 passes over the course of the game. He NEVER stops.

I will Sam Keller had gone to Michigan like he was supposed to. I guess what I really wish is that Sam Keller was a man of honor.

Like his daddy.

skeetskeet said...

I really hate this. I hate going into next season with little faith in Henne's throwing technique or motivation and no viable backup. I hate that a program that started Pat Massey for two years couldn't give half a chance to a mobile quarterback who has never lost a game. I hate that Lloyd has run off two blue-chip QB recruits rather than expose the Golden Sidearming Child to honest competition.

I suspect Lloyd has stayed slavishly loyal to Henne because he has led 4th-quarter and overtime wins, and you can't teach that, and it's the single most important thing because You Win the Game at the End. God damn it.

rodyote said...

What happened with the Sam Keller thing, anyway?