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Monday, January 16, 2006

For Your Reading Pleasure This Holiday Weekend

Couple of new things this weekend, most about the Onepeat.com drive.

* A Note to Our Readers
* An Open Letter to "Steve," the Onepeat site's founder
* Why Yost is Opposed - A slightly different take than Benny's position
* Hack Reporting - read about a Louisiana "newscast" interview with the mysterious "Steve" (must read for how not to report)
* Snopes.com weighs in on the SC Song Girl photo

Update: Check out the comments to this post between Yost and "Not Steve. We especially love how under the "Open Letter" post he claims he's not the guy who owns the site but in his first comment under this post, he says ESPN is about to do a story on Onepeat.com. Really? And how would he know this information if true? I guess we must have missed where they teased that upcoming story on SportsCenter tonight. Then in the next sentence he states that even the NY Times has asked for an interview. Really? Asked who? And again, how did he know this? Must've been front page news today. But, naturally, we all missed it."


Anonymous said...

ESPN is about to do a piece on http://www.onepeat.com

When the billboard is erected, there are going to be tons of interviewed. Even the New York Times has asked for an interview once this is said and done.

How's that for journalism!

Who cares who's doing it?

Obviously the people of Louisiana love this idea.

Yost said...

Who are you to speak for "the people of Louisiana?" This leads me to believe you're a UCLA fan. Oh, right, you're not Steve. Just some guy who checks our site 50x a day and leaves the Internet address.

Anonymous said...

The guys in the interview from Baton Rouge loved the idea. They definitely said the rst of LSU fans will love it. If you don't think LSU fans are behind this 100% go read some LSU message boards.

You think "Steve" has time for an insignificant blog? He's busy raising money, giving interviews, and updating the site.

Yost said...

Yeah, I'm sure between Onepeat.com (there, I did it for you) and running a Fortune 500 company, Steve is swamped. LOL!

Actually, I think the reason "Steve" is doing the whole thing is b/c he has too much time for things like this. I'm guessing Steve is in his mid 20s, still in the entry level job he got right out of college.

After leaving Westwood. Am I wrong?

Oh, wait. You wouldn't know. You're just some random guy.

Yost said...

P.S. Anon, please let me know when Steve007 is doing one of these interviews in which they actually use his name. I'd be interested to read it.

Dezzi13 said...

Woah... my name is "Steve"... I'm in my late 20's... still working a basic entry level job at a company I worked for out of college... left Los Angeles a year and a half ago...

But I'm no OnePeat Steve...

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm an LSU fan and I am absolutely sick of this whole One-Peat dilemma that has taken USC fans by storm. I got an email from my buddy in Colorado 2 weeks ago with the billboard and it had "Go Bruins" at the bottom. Classless. Then I get one saying "Geaux Tigers" at the bottom. Also classless. I don't care which fanbase started this, but it's ridiculous. I can understand why SC fans are upset, but guess what, the one-peat billboard is a scam. In fact, Mr. One-peat (whatever fan he is) has accomplished what he set out to do....that is to stir the emotions of many SC fans. My response: Don't let him. This guy is obviously trash and has nothing more important in his life, which is pathetic. I'm furious that LSU and the state of Louisiana is being dragged through the mud by fans on this site as well as fans on SC's board. But again, I can understand why.

Here's a little reality for everyone out there. Each program has our bad apples. It is so unfortunate that this minority is all other fans see, for it is only these trash-talking bad fans that sign up on other's boards to do so. Meanwhile, all the respectable and classy LSU/UCLA/TEXAS/Whoever get a bad rap.

I've emailed Mr. One-peat to ask him to stop this campaign, but I'm not naive enough to believe I will receive a response. I know what kind of a fan this guy is and at this point, I don't care. He is obviously an uneducated moron. If he is an LSU fan, then I will speak for the vast majority of us when I say we don't condone this or any anti-USC banter. Although USC and our fans may debate on who should have been crowned champion, we will never know because it should have been the two of us playing for the crystal ball. So please, before you demean our football program or make fun of us because we were raised in the south, realize that this is just as ignorant as Mr. One-peats ridiculous campaign.

To TrojanRuss and any other USC fans, please take this back to your message boards. Like you all, I love my school and love my state and am for one, sick of the B.S. that has been started because of one idiot and a few who jump on his bandwagon, and not the vast vast majority of LSU's fan base.

Yost said...

Anon (obviously not same Anon above),

Interesting that you first got that with "Go Bruins." Just another reason I believe a UCLA fan is trying to fan the flames behind all this.

But I don't think the state of Louisiana is being dragged through the mud. But Mr. Onepeat is trying to make it sound like he is the voice of Loiusiana and speaks for the state which is so laughable. Like he's doing it "for the people."

In my opinion, where this guy's crazy argument started to cross over and pull along other LSU fans who don't nec go along with the billboard idea (and so inflamed SC fans) is when he - and those LSU fans who agree - say that SC didn't win a National Title in '03. That is what riled Trojans up, I believe.

And rightfully so.

As I've said in the past, Trojan fans claiming a piece of the National title in '03 in NO WAY dimishishes what LSU did on the field that year. The Tigers also won A PIECE of the title.

It just seemed some (again, as you correctly state, the vocal minority), stoked by Capt. Onepeat, kept poking their finger in the face of SC fans like one's little brother in the backseat of a crosscountry car ride. And they don't seem to want to stop until SC puts "We won nothing in '03" on all their msg boards which is insane.

And you're also right in that he won't stop this due to your or anybody's plea. This is his proverbial 15 minutes and I think he intends to use it all up for this. Which wouldn't be so bad if he came clean about it and hid behind "doing it for the people of Louisiana" and other such BS.

Again, LSU is a great school with fantastic football tradtion. I wish Michigan Stadium were half as loud as everyone says Death Valley is on a Saturday night. And nobody disputes they won a piece of the National Title in '03. Just like 99% of college football fans across America also believe SC earned a share that year as well. And when one moron tries to say otherwise and incite others to join in, that's where - like I think you're pointing out - the bad blood has come from regarding this topic.

Thanks for your EXCELLENT comments. We appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain the 'Go Bruins' appeared several days after the first iteration of the site, once it was linked to by UCLA blog Bruins Nation (one of the first 'largeish' blogs to link to his site, I think -- and obviously a group emotionally conditioned to agree with the message).

I went over there when it was linked on BN, and don't recall any sort of 'Go Bruins' or even 'Hook 'em Horns,' simply the 'Geaux Tigers.'

Additionally, where is it written that you must be a fan of only one team? Perhaps he's a fan of both UCLA and LSU - it's not out of the realm of possibility (I know I was rooting for them to blow out Oklahoma to knock USC out of that AP #1 spot in 2003, I'll say that much =P). He's apparently living in Dallas, so the UT affiliation is unsurprising, and his first interview was with a Baton Rouge CBS affiliate which suggests he probably has connections in that region (even if he didn't go to school there, there are plenty of locals who have significant attachment to the team simply because of geographic proximity and a lack of other things to do).

But the fact that a UMich fan seems to be taking such offense to the whole situation and defending a Trojan title with vigor... DID YOU GO TO USC? OMGWTF HJ00 R TROJIE IN DISGUYS! U R PEET CAROL!

Just kidding, guys, but you can see how your whole "this must be a UCLA fan in disguise" could seem just a teensy bit 'conspiracy theory lover-esque.'

(Though I will say, looking through some of the other old posts, my opinion is that your blog is very solid - and if you are connected with USC, that means I must now immolate myself and then create a billboard about USC bloggers)



Yost said...


First off, great comments. I see what you mean - the nature of the guy's campaign is going to create the ol' "enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of alliances on this one.

And actually, no SC alums/affils for any of us that run the site. In fact, as fans of Michigan, a team that regularly seems to get spanked whenever it goes up against SC, I don't think any of our staff are big Trojan fans. Brings up too many painful memories of Rose Bowls past.

No, this dislike is strictly b/c something, in my opinion, smells fishy about this. The guy puts up 30 comments on our board - making sure to list the web address of Onepeat each time - yet claims he has nothing to do with the drive. Hell, Wangs, one of our members, doesn't post as much as this guy, lol.

Furthermore, this insistence that SC won nothing in 2003 is flat wrong to most college football fans, whether they're SC fans or not. Debate and smack talk are what make the game great, but "Steve's" crusade seems almost weird.

Finally, I obviously can't say for certain this is a Bruin connection to the site's founder. It's just a theory b/c "Steve" doesn't seem to want to share his school affiliation. And you'd think if he was an LSU alum, there would be nothing to hide. Hell, because it's, as he claims, what people in Louisiana want, you'd think he'd be shouting it from the rooftops. Why hide?

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

tiger64 said...

As "hopefully" a rational LSU fan, your comment about USC being poked in the face via this proposed billboard stirred me to respond here.

1. You and Wang are probably right - many of us are indeed uptight about this issue precisely because we had not won "The" NC in 45 years - which makes the achievement something quite special (I was around for the prior one in 1958 so I know how difficult it is - especially in a conference as balanced and difficult as the SEC.)

2. By mutual agreement of the NCAA/Conferences there is only ONE NC-- "The BCS NC". LSU won "the" NC in 2003. The AP Poll in that year was only ONE component of the voting system used to determine the two best teams in the nation for the NC Game. Call it what you will but the AP poll of the media is not the NC. If this is the case then ANY national poll must be regarded as having legitimate NC crowning rights. And that would be patently ridiculous since the BCS was agreed to be the determining system for the NC.

3. My own feeling is that any billboard rebuking the "three-peat" hype should be put up outside the HQ of ESPN, since ESPN was the root of all this media nonsense about the greatness of the "dynasty" of USC - a University that has INDEED had three great teams - but that has won only ONE national championship in the past three years. Of course USC fans also ran with this motto all the way to the last TD by Young -- as I am sure LSU or Michigan fans would have similarly done given the chance.

4. What LSU fans object to is the intentionally misleading reporting by ABC/ESPN/media generally awarding USC the 2003 NC and omitting mention of LSU's ownership of the NC title for that year. I believe it was Goebbels who said if you take the media and broadcast a lie and keep repeating it that eventually the lie will be accepted as the truth - well this is happening nationwide due to the overbearing PR campaign by ABC/ESPN to promote USC into the NC game this year. I suspect that after this recent media love-in with USC that most people in the United States do indeed believe that USC won the 2003 NC game. Is that fair to LSU and the players and fans of same? Was Michigan in the NC game in 2003? I dont think so - and if Michigan wasn't then USC wasn't either.

5.All the LSU nation wanted was a fair shake from ABC/ESPN. When the "reporting" of a re-peat and then a three-peat began many emails were sent to the media asking them to at least mention that the first year was an AP title and not the NC -- to no avail of course because from the beginning of the season the agenda had been set by ESPN to promote the three-peat distortion of the facts.

6. All the LSU nation wants is a fair reporting of the truth - there is only one 2003 National Champion - LSU.

7. Geaux Tigers in '06 -and good luck to the Wolverines.

Dezzi13 said...

I'm here to advocate that not only was there a split National Championship in 2003... but it was split 3, yes 3, ways!

Thank you Berryman rankings for crowning Oklahoma as their #1 ranked team AFTER they were beat by LSU! The website does not lie (and it was found on the official NCAA website)... take a look for yourself.

OU in '03 Baby!*

* as you will notice that the NCAA does not conduct a Division I-A championship in football... so BCS or not BCS winner, you technically can't claim being THE only national champ...

Anonymous said...

I'm an OU fan as well and I would have to agree with Tiger above. LSU won the BCS, beating us in 03'. I can understand the annoyance by LSU fans when ABC/ESPN went on this PR campaign promoting a 3-peat for USC. I'm sure that many fans around the nation were mislead to believe that LSU and OU didn't even play the championship game. I've met many LSU fans and in my experience are very good people. I just think Mr. One-peat is going about this all wrong. But reading what TIger wrote, I can understand where LSU fans are coming from. To run the 3-peat campaign for USC without any mention of LSU's share (and I rarely ever heard any mention) is not only misleading, but a slap in the face to these fans for what they have accomplished.

Great posts from everyone here and I look forward to more from this site. Also though, I don't think LSU and Louisiana are being dragged through the mud by One-peat. Any fan with half a brain will understand that this only represents a very small fraction of a fan base (whatever fan base it really is).

Boomer Sooner

Yost said...

Great stuff today, everybody. Agree or not (and I'm sorry, LSU fans, I think '03 was split), this is intelligent debate. However, I can see how Tiger fans would be pissed they're never mentioned as NC's in '03.

Beaker said...

This sure beats the heck out of 'your team sucks.'

look... ABC and ESPN are going to hype the heck out of anything that brings them money. Honestly, I was sick of the 'greatest team ever' nonsense that went with it. So i can understand the frustration.

Unfortunately there is no official national championship. not even the BCS. The BCS was designed specifically to bring the number one and number two teams together. It is ALLOWED by the NCAA but is not run by the NCAA. Until the NCAA gets involved and either creates a playoff or takes control of the whole BCS thing, there will never be an 'official' national championship.

Yost said...


Well said -- BCS is designed to pit #1 vs. #2. But it failed in 2003 when the #1 team - SC - was left out of the equation.

CapBuck said...


I would so rather be talking about Michigan football that this bore of a story. This is a non-story. It was two years ago!

Yes, LSU fans, I agree it was silly that the media hyped up the USC's chance to win a three-peat without a mention of the equally-credible LSU championship season. That media hype, however, does not change the fact that you won a championship. No one can change the facts of history, no one can take the NC away from LSU.

By the same token, LSU cannot change the facts and declare themselves unanimous champions. You can come up with any argument you want, but the final fact of the matter is that college football lives and dies by an imperfect system based on regional, not national, championships.

The system is better than it was before the BCS, but it is still imperfect. 2003 proved the flaws of the BCS. Just because the BCS came along does not change the fact that the AP has been awarding a national championship for decades. If all the conferences 'contracted' to a new player-of-the-year award, and promised to live by its results forever and ever cross their hearts blah lah dah, do you think the rest of the world would just stop listening to what the Downtown Athletic Club had to say about its little trophy?

Good Lordy Yost, I'm a friggin Buckeyes fan and I'm beggin you...Can we PLEASE talk about Michigan football...Or at least something in the Big Ten?

Yost said...

LOL, Cap! And you got actual sound on that LOL on my end.

Yeah, new topics starting this week (Tuesday, after the holiday).

TrojanRuss said...

tiger64, you wrote:

2. By mutual agreement of the NCAA/Conferences there is only ONE NC-- "The BCS NC". LSU won "the" NC in 2003. The AP Poll in that year was only ONE component of the voting system used to determine the two best teams in the nation for the NC Game. Call it what you will but the AP poll of the media is not the NC. If this is the case then ANY national poll must be regarded as having legitimate NC crowning rights. And that would be patently ridiculous since the BCS was agreed to be the determining system for the NC.

There is no such thing as the BCS NC. There is the AP national champion and the coaches poll national champion. The crystal ball is awarded to the winner of the coaches poll, which is why the coaches are contractually obligated to vote for the winner of the BCS championship game-- so ABC can televise the trophy ceremony immediately following the game.

As far as the components of the poll THAT year that determined who played for the national championship, the components were immediately changed after the season to ensure that the #1 ranked team in both polls would not be left out of the championship game.

Be that as it may, it doesn't change the fact that the Associated Press has been awarding a national champion since 1936 (14 years longer than the coaches poll has been awarding one), and they never agreed to automatically vote for the winner of the BCS title game like the coaches did, thus ensuring that there could be a shared national championship.

Get over yourselves already. I can understand the jealousy of not wanting to share a championship when you win one so infrequently, but for you to deny that USC also won the championship in 2003 is just stupid and shows that your program is an also-ran (by the way, Alabama hasn't seemed to have had difficulty winning NCs in the tough SEC). You don't see Michigan or Nebraska fans trying to claim that the other didn't win the championship in 1997.

And as for the media ignoring LSU's national championship, what the hell were they supposed to do? Everytime they said USC is going for a three-peat, were they supposed to interject that LSU also won a share of the title in 2003? For what? LSU winning in 2003 had nothing to do with this season, a season in which USC was on a great run, having won 34 games in a row. LSU? Not so much. But they were supposed to interject something about LSU every time they talked about USC? LIke I said, get over yourselves.

TrojanRuss said...

Actually, I think it's really funny how LSU fans are totally up in arms of their treatment by the media. I predicted after the 2004 championship that after 2005, nobody would remember LSU shared a title. Don't blame USC that LSU's not relevant in football anymore. They shot their half a century wad and somehow think that everybody's supposed to remember them, like the media is supposed to reel off every day the entire list of national champions every time they talk about USC because we don't want to lead anybody into believing that USC is the only national champion that has ever existed. I guess that's what happens when you have a nothing program that hasn't done a whole lot and doesn't expect to do a lot any time soon zealously and jealously guarding it's twice a centennial half championship. lSU should just be happy they have the half because had the coaches been able to vote for whom they thought was the best team, USC walks home with an undisputed national championship. So instead of being grateful that they won an NC in the courtroom (ABC's contract with the coaches to vote for the winner of the BCS), they try to say they won it on the field, when everybody but the dumb computers knew Oklahoma had no business being in the championship game after getting waxed by four touchdowns.

Anonymous said...

Easy guys, this is a Michigan site so let's please stop talking about this. For the USC guys though just posting, you've taken some unclassy cheap shots at lsu's program, conduct in accord with mr. one-peats actions. I haven't heard any lsu fan degrading your program (which they could noting that you had many years of less-than-stellar performances.) You're having a great run, so there's no need to "show your asses" here.

It doesn't really matter though because the Big-10 is a superior conference to the Pac or Sec

Yost said...

Whoa there, Anon. Even though we are primarily a Michigan board, we welcome fans of all teams. That's why we post things on such a wide range of topics.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I didn't mean to come off as to angry, but one of my biggest pet peeves is for fans to degrade other's teams. Using their logic, a team's worth is measured in how many championship trophies you have won. Utterly ridiculous. Again, I didn't mean to come over as an ***, but going on a great run and winning 2 AP nat'l championships doesn't give anyone the right to bash another's program in the manner they have. In my humble opinion, they are beginning to mimic the attitudes of THE ohio state buckeyes. Rather annoying if you ask me.

USC Dynasty said...

I think what Russ is pointing out is that when you compare the two programs historically--USC and LSU--there IS no comparison. It's like comparing Michigan and Iowa. He merely points out that it is LSU fans who are continually degrading USC's program with this talk. Russ is just pointing out that LSU's program can't compare. It's historical fact.

Anonymous said...

WHAT????"By the same token, LSU cannot change the facts and declare themselves unanimous champions" UMMM the NCAA only recognizes ONE national champion, the BCS National Champion. Who is in the record books and who can show that they held the crystal ball in 2003? Not USC.USC and the media cannot change the fact that LSU was the only BCS National Champion. We will take our crystal ball while USC can take their AP trophy.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. The NCAA recognizes no national champion in football. Check your facts and get back to us.

Anonymous said...


Keep it up. A few comments about your theories:

(1) As to the Bruin connection, note that the site brags about being in four papers, including the esteemed Daily Bruin.

(2) As to the jokebook interview with WBRZ, note that the site brags that Richard Manship, President WBRZ and The Advocate (onepete says it's Baton Rouge's #1 paper (and they have a laughable story in that paper too)), offered to throw in the last $1k to reach $10k.

(3) Most importantly, a friend posted and asked if/when/how the site received approval to use the names of USC/LSU/UT to solicit money or on billboards/flyers and when the BCS, ADT, Waterford and the AFCA approved the use of their intellectual property (the crystal football) to solicit money, put up billboards or sell merchandise (check our the site's SWAG section). The friend then asked if the site would have another fund raiser to pay for attorneys. He apparently was banned 3 minutes later and his posts are gone.

It's going to be a long off season.

Yost said...


Thanks for the comments. Yeah, and check out the "story" in the Advocate (link on the site) which has the same President (according to Onepeat) as the TV station.

It's just unreal to me that alleged newspapers and news programs don't want to know the first thing about some guy taking money from folks and what his underlying motives might be. Even if they are legit, you'd think somebody would at least ask the questions. This is truly bizarre.