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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For Your Perusal This Fine Monday

We at the M Zone have noticed a very interesting trend after 3+ months in the blogging business -- according to our tracking stats, we get 10 times more visitors during the typical weekday than we do on the weekend. And, most of those visits come during the workday hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. across the various time zones.

Now, I'm sure it's not because college football fans don't have access to the Internet come the weekend or in the evening. Rather, we think it points out that our readers are just like us: Weekends and evenings are for personal time. But blogging and screwing around on the Internet? Why do that during your time when it can be done on company time!

Well done, folks. Well done! We're impressed. We thought we were the only ones who expertly used the Great Suck Hole of Time known as the Internet to tie up company resources for our own enjoyment.

As such, we have come up with a couple pleasant diversions for your, ahem, "workday" this Monday:

* Vince Young - The Legend Grows (The M Zone tracks the Texas superstar's rise as it hits mythic proportions)
* The Devil Speaks - another guest column from Baggy Pants Devil as he explains that Texas winning the national title had nothing to do with Vince Young but had everything to do with the Michigan Wolverines
* Gutz to Transfer - M back-up QB going to Idaho State
* You Make the Call - we could have gone a couple different ways with the "Vince Young - The Legend Grows" post. Now Lloyd has burned a timeout to hopefully get blog officials to question our decision. Did the M Zone make the right call?
* Too Funny Not to Post - the first in an occasional series of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with college football...but was too damn funny not to post

And check back with us tomorrow - The M Zone has obtained secret photos showing just how far Lloyd Carr is willing to go to break his losing streak against the Buckeyes.

Ok, read up and pretend to get working before the boss peeks in your office.


The M Zone staff


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Michigan added its 12th game to its 2006 schedule and the Vanderbilt Coomodores are now Michigan's opponents for the 2 September season opener.

The Ball State--nice name, huh?--game is now set for 4 November.

skeetskeet said...

THANK GOD it's not another MAC team or an I-AA team. I know Vanderbilt is nothing tremendous, but at least this separates Michigan from the Auburns and KSUs of the world.