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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


On the heels of our take regarding the entire Onepeat.com debate, college football is about to be rocked again by the M Zone exclusive below.

As many of you probably already know, controversy struck last week at the Golden Globe awards after it was revealed Reese Witherspoon wore the same dress that had previously been worn by Kirsten Dunst to the Globes in 2003.

But this barrage of media misinformation really began when E!, Joan Rivers, Nancy O'Dell and USC all failed to mention that the dress had in fact been first worn by the LSU mascot to the Globes in 2002 (as well as in their game against Florida that same year). So how can either Witherspoon or Dunst have worn the dress first if LSU already did it in 2002? Yet the "Dress-peat" talk quickly got out of control.

We do not possess hatred for Witherspoon or Dunst. The media's constant "dress-peat" hype has simply gone too far. And we just want to set the record straight.

Thus, we are purchasing a classified ad in the LA TIMES and The Advocate in Baton Rouge because we want to see if people really will give money to anonymous people on the Internet for something as crazy as this.

Make donations to DresspeatBS *at* adelphia *dot* net via PayPal.com

All donations made via the PayPal link in excess of the ad costs will go to us here at the M Zone to spend on something else we think of for this site. What that is is none of your business. Just give us, people you've never met, your money.

Thank you in advance for your support of this worthy cause.

Also, if anybody could please send this to Richard Manship at WBRZ in Baton Rouge, we'd appreciate it. We hear he loves giving away thousands to anonymous people on the Internet (as well as covering them for his news outlets).

Geaux Reese!!!

Hook 'Em Kirsten!!!

Go Tigers!!!

Go Free Money to Anonymous People!!!


wells said...

I’ve greatly enjoyed watching this site trash, mock, and generally destroy every aspect of the onepeat.com website and its founder. Even as a Buckeye fan, I can admire your work over the past few weeks.

The one aspect of this website that has yet to receive any attention yet certainly warrants some is the legal road blocks they will most certainly run into.

To enlighten, and perhaps educate the founders of onepeat.com, their billboard will never last more than a day in LA. For one they fail to realize the words "LSU," "USC", and yes even "Texas" all fall under various different registered trademarks. Much to the chagrin of onepeat.com, people do own intellectual property.

These words are protected by various licensing organizations. In particular Texas and LSU are registered and protected under the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company www.clc.com). Texas also happens to be their #1 brand, so to think they would take this matter lightly would greatly underestimate this company’s willingness to do something with their day other than spider solitaire.

On the other side of the coin USC has its own trademark office (http://www.usc.edu/admin/trademarks/overview.html) that would handle potential violations such as this. To quote verbatim from their site "USC’s identifying marks
The name, seal, and other identifying marks of the university are registered trademarks."

Furthermore I would expect the CLC to also lay claim that the national championship trophies, fall under a legal "grey area" that could imply association with the Sugar, Orange, and Rose Bowls all of which are protected by the CLC.

This all boils down to one of two possibilities for onepeat.com

1. They are contacted by the CLC or USC trademark office, and are not allowed to make the billboard. Paypal money is returned, all onepeat.com merchandise is confiscated, and LSU degrees abroad double as redeemable food stamps.

2. The billboard goes up for a short time, it is taken down, with no return of funds. Or if there is no compliance, potential jail, and legal ramifications await the website and its founder.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. Dress-pete....You guys rock.

Anonymous said...

If USC were to sue, that would only make onepeat.com a bigger phenomenon. It would also show just how much ownage there is.

USC = Al Gore

Both won the peoples' vote but didn't win the competition under whose rules they agreed.

Anonymous said...

As an LSU fan, I must say that your article is pretty witty. "Why Mike the Tiger do you wear a skirt and incite critics the way you do." Not a good choice by whoever's in charge of our wardrobe. Funny stuff and keep it coming....you guys have daytime jobs, right?

and LSU fan

Yost said...


We do now. But if we keep putting this much time into a *&^% blog, well...

Anonymous said...

If USC were to sue, that would only make onepeat.com a bigger phenomenon. It would also show just how much ownage there is.

USC = Al Gore

Both won the peoples' vote but didn't win the competition under whose rules they agreed.
Sorry my delusional friend but the rules agreed to resulted in a split title according to the BCS itself on their website. It's on the history page.

But I suspect you'll keep your delusional claim alive with nothing behind it but hot air. Between you and the BCS, I think the BCS might have a better idea what was agreed to.
Oh yes. I know. The world is flat.

CapBuck said...

Dude, my high school physics teacher was minutes away from convincing me that the world was flat. This was a Kansas high school, of course, where they teach only pure science.