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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Don't Feel Too Bad For FSU

Just finished watching the PSU/FSU game. Although they won, must question JoePa going for that final kick on, what was that, second down? After the kid had just missed two short ones? Uh...ok.

But good game and Bobby was very classy in the postgame interview on the field. I'll spare the old/how late the game ended jokes.

And while I'm sure 'Nole fans everywhere are down right now, they can't be too down with co-eds like those in the picture here going to school in Tallahassee. Sweet mother of pearl! I had seen these girls before and they showed them again tonight during the game. Trust me, it's not the same in A2. They even have their own website (yes, with more pictures) and will be gracing the pages of Playboy and Maxim in the coming months.

So, while you 'Nole fans also must face the sad fact of a 5 loss season just as we Wolverines do, don't expect a hell of a lot of sympathy from us.

Question for any 'Nole fans/students: Do these girls really go to school at Florida State? Or do they merely live in town there. Not that I'm complaining, just curious.

Final thought: Instead of those boring commercials each school airs during the games every Saturday, a much more, shall we say, persuasive recruiting tool would be to show the ABC footage of these girls with James Earl Jones doing a voice over saying something like, "Florida State. What more do you need to know?"


BaggyPantsDevil said...

I don’t think the voiceovers for these spots should come from alumni from other schools. That means it’s "The Michigan Difference"-- aka "space, bitches, space"—that gets James Earl Jones. That voice would make that ad—already the gold standard for university ads—something unsurpassable by human beings.

Florida State has to settle for Paul Gleason--"Dick" Vernon in 'The Breakfast Club' or Burt Reynolds. Come to think of it, Burt Reynolds' 'Smokey and the Bandit' laugh would actually sound pretty groovy at the end of a spot featuring the bare, wriggling midriffs of the FSU Cowgirls.

IC said...

"Florida State. What more do you need to know?"

Yost, if will be an outrage if FSU doesn't include this in their halftime ad next year. They should put it on their school seal.

Anonymous said...

I went to FSU some years ago and I can tell you the campus is just jam-packed with girls like that. Even better, the enrollment ratio is lopsidedly female which means even a schlub like me got to draft some really top-shelf talent.

God, I miss those school days.

Yost said...

LOL, Anon.

Anonymous said...

I am a girl who went to FSU, and trust me, the girls here are definitely HOT! The guys are pretty good eye candy, too, for all you other girls out there. Every time my brother would come visit me when I was a co-ed at FSU, his tongue would be hanging out all the time! The nice thing is that most of the guys and girls at FSU are super-friendly, too!

Yost said...

Dear Anonymous FSU girl,

I've never met you but allow me to speak for the entire M Zone staff in saying I already have a very favorable opinion of you.

First off, you're a girl reading a college football blog (score one point).

Second, by extention, I'm assuming that makes you a college football fan (score another point).

Third, since you yourself went to FSU, based on all things said and heard from friends there, there is a better than average chance that you're attractive (score another point).

Finally, you describe other FSU co-ed as "HOT!". In the interests of taste, I'm not going to surmise a "by extention" assumption here but let's just say, score another 5 points...Touchdown, FSU!

Guys, when are we doing a live blogging remote from Tallahassee again?

Anonymous said...

This is FSU girl again, and you are right on all points including how much I LOVE football.

You just made my day, yost! Come visit friendly Tallahassee any time.:)

P.S. I am a young, blonde Ph.D. ;-)

Yost said...

PhD, too? C'mon! Now you're just taunting us.

Why do I think that really means you're a trucker named Karl?

Ah, the cruel games of anonymous cyberspace.

Gabrielle said...

How'd you guess my name was Karl? :)))

Yost said...

No longer "Anon" I see. Well, if you are a dude, you've gone to a hell of a lot of trouble for the joke, lol.

Thanks for checking out our little site. We really appreciate it...especially from attractive, smart, college-football-loving FSU co-ed alums (which was our second choice for the name of this blog, by the way)!

Gabrielle said...

LOL, it was nice visiting you here. I hadn't intended to log in to my blogger.com account, but thought you'd appreciate a visit from Karl.

BTW, I found you through another site I belong to called warchant.com. A guy on the message forum there was saying how impressed he was with your blog, so I had to check it out!

Take care and keep smiling, guys! :)

Anonymous said...

I went to FSU. Not only do I know for a fact that these girls go there, but they're a dime a dozen. I'm not kidding. You go to the local Publix (dubbed Club Publix after being named as the 2nd best place in America to meet women by Playboy) and there is the most unbelievable eye candy you've ever seen. Girls wear bikinis to bars. They lay out topless at pools. I personally hooked up with a ton of girls with implants, it's become quite commonplace that any girl that has money (i.e. most girls there - daddy's little girls) get implants. Take a trip down there for the weekend & you'll see what I mean. Just go to Publix on Ocala, walk up to a group of hotties, say you're from out of towm and ask where you should party that night. Chances are they'll be very nice & tell you where they're going. You'll be in. FSU girls are without a doubt the best co-eds in the US.